Our fellow colleagues must wake up

For this tragedy generated by these injections. As an MD, I can’t get used to the lack of humanism and morality of the majority of doctors. How can’t they see the dark reality forming under their eyes? How can’t they fight for their patients? How can they keep on recommending an untested genetic poison? We must have faith, courage and energy to keep on fighting. Thanks for bringing the truth.

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"The very high yield of post-vaccination autopsy should spur families and physicians to push for post-mortem exams so we can learn more on how this medical procedure is leading to such a large loss of human life."

With all due respect Dr. McCullough these murders should "spur families" to present themselves to the places where their loved ones were murdered and with murderous rage demand the murderers be charged or else... I've lost six friends and acquaintances to the Poison Prick. A seventh was murdered in a hospital because they refused to give her her inhaler to treat her asthma because they claimed she had COVID.


For the love of God and all that's holy wake up. When people are actively trying to kill you you don't blow them kisses. You can't negotiate with people that want you dead. You raise bloody hell at the pharmacy's and Walmarts and Walgreen's where these people where murdered. These are crime scenes. And should be treated as such.

My good friend Alan has a good friend Dr. Micheal from New York. One evening a few months back Alan set up a call with Dr. Micheal. Alan wanted to hear Dr. Micheal's response to my logical arguments against the Poison Prick. Despite my very convincing and scientifically sound principles regarding natural immunity, having already had the little man made bug and beat it with zinc, quercitin, VD3, aspirin and my budesonide inhaler, Dr. Micheal instead insisted I should take the Poison Prick. Dr. Micheal took a booster a few days after that conversation was dead from a heart attack within two weeks. Last night at my local AA meeting a young man stood at the podium and explained he's having a difficult time because his mother just had a stroke. I hear these types of stories almost daily. This one died unexpectedly. That one is having problems controlling their diabetes. Another one is now seeing an oncologist for breast cancer, in the breast on the side she was forced to take the Poison Prick for her job. Another one lost sight in one eye... On and on it goes.

I try to educate these people and they right me off as a loon. A "conspiracy theorist"". Then they end up in ICU for a week if they're lucky being told they "caught COVID"! They didn't "Catch" anything. It's in the needles!

It kills randomly and intermittently and It's going to go on killing people putting just enough time and space between the murderers and the murdered to create doubt in the minds of the surviving victims. This is what holds the pitch forks at bay. I confronted my pharmacy. I told them point blank if they continue to put this Poison in people's arms then your a murder and can't hide behind I was only following orders. But I'm not a doctor. If doctors en masse presented to these injection sites and raised holy hell, perhaps this would finally stop. What we're doing now, flapping our gums on podcast's and writing pieces on substacks hasn't stopped it. It's only emboldened them to continue by putting this Poison in the childhood vaccine schedule!

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Dec 4, 2022·edited Dec 4, 2022

Currently I have a cold. (Unja**ed). It’s been five days now. Last Dec when I had Omicron it was over in five days and moderate. Now the worst congestion has occurred tonight when stuffiness and drainage interrupted sleep persistently. I am 64 yo with no health issues & normal weight. What I am really wondering about is the govt sent free 4 tests w/swabs earlier this year. Not recalling the word out was don't use them bc of the “hydrogel” which is not good stuff and can go to the brain, I forgot and used one the night before out of curiosity if I had Covid. I’m wondering if that is why my cold symptoms are worse today? Also, wondering if there is a way to reverse the possible side effects from the hydrogel? Or even if it’s really true the hydrogel is dangerous? Really, I thought my cold was about over prior to using the test and now it seems worse.

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nothing to see right. just a coincidence. When will they wake up? Unfortunately many are but are afraid to say anything

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There is little question that if the Eds/CDC had the least interest in trying to understand these vaccine deaths they would have a fund to do forensic autopsy on these victims...BUT THEY DON’T. There is ZERO interest to explain these vaccine deaths...they do not want to know why kids and adults expire in front of our eyes or simply do not wake up!

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It would be interesting to know how many people in the area were vaccinated in this period, resulting in 25 deaths, and also how many other serious injuries, short of death, occurred.

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I’m so sorry about the loss of your friends. It’s difficult when you live in a communist country to defend and fix all the wrongs. Some people are trying, but it’s like trying to pull teeth. Until we have leadership interested in saving our country and fixing everything that’s broken, it’s going to be an uphill climb. I don’t like the fact that Ch-eye-na is producing our meds, first of all, because they are a communist country whose leaders have admitted their goal of ruling the world, and their quality control is worse than ours, and when I told the pharmacist I didn’t want any meds from China, I was basically dismissed and told they have no control, they get their meds from different manufacturers. Most of us don’t know what do do. Should I email my reps who are in bed with them? I don’t have the answers. In the meantime, we should keep fighting the good fight, never give up, and never surrender. Justice is coming, just not as quickly as we’d like.

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I ordered the test I got because I misread it and thought it was made in America - like that’s safer - and when I got it, I found out it was processed in CA but manufactured in Ch-eye-na, but our government, Ch-eye-na, what’s the difference. I feel like they’re working together. I am not trusting much when it comes to COVID, the jab, the testing, the swabs. Just read the N95 masks didn’t work, and I was so humiliated when I went to the doctors and had to wear a worthless Kleenex mask??? Very few were even wearing them in public anymore. Does the PCR test work or not? Better to be safe than sorry until we have the honest facts. We really have to be in it to win it since there’s so much fake info out there. We’ve all become master researchers. I love it! I do believe I missed my calling!

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The magnitude of this lie and deception is monumental!I would have never imagined that physicians would be complicit with the murdering and maiming of an untold number of Americans of all ages .Is the country totally lost???? Why isn't a leader organizing walks in every town demanding the government stop the public vaccination? Why have we become sheep going to the slaughter house?

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I am unclear from this report if the 15 cases who had another cause of death on the autopsy were studied for histological changes of myocarditis.

That would be important to know.

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It seems the good Dr. isn't aware that states enacted legislation just prior to the covidiot push that setup a state database of all individuals who got the vaccine so that they could perform "well checks" if they didn't respond in timely fashion.

Texas's version of that is here. Read it and weep. Its all engineered.




Sec.A418.301.AADEFINITIONS. In this subchapter:

(1)AA"Commission" means the Health and Human Services


(2)AA"Department" means the Department of State Health


(3)AA"Emergency assistance registry" means the

registry maintained by the division that provides local emergency

planners and emergency responders with additional information on

the needs of certain individuals in their communities.

(4)AA"First responder" means any federal, state, or

local personnel who may respond to a disaster, including:

(A)AApublic health and public safety personnel;

(B)AAcommissioned law enforcement personnel;

(C)AAfire protection personnel, including

volunteer firefighters;

(D)AAemergency medical services personnel,

including hospital emergency facility staff;

(E)AAa member of the National Guard; or

(F)AAa member of the Texas State Guard.

(5)AA"Medically fragile individual" means any

individual who, during a time of disaster or emergency, would be

particularly vulnerable because of a medical condition, including


(A)AAwith Alzheimer ’s disease and other related


(B)AAreceiving dialysis services;

(C)AAwho are diagnosed with a debilitating chronic


(D)AAwho are dependent on oxygen treatment; and

(E)AAwho have medical conditions that require

24-hour supervision from a skilled nurse.


The division shall develop a process for designating individuals

who are included in the emergency assistance registry as medically

fragile for the purposes of this chapter."

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Now I worry. The first Moderna shot was OK, just out of sorts for ~ 2 weeks. The second shot my arm was quite hot. Ah, the vaccine is working, I was told. Just to think in the process my heart might have been compromised. So far, so good a year later. YMMV?

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He said Freeman lobotomized 5,000 and it was done regularly and with little thought. I don’t doubt he feathers his cap, you can now even see a bit of that ego, but on the other hand, it was a barbaric treatment and his work to stop is very worthy of credit in my mind. Since I have family members with mental illness, it would be very sad to see them lobotomized even though they can be extremely difficult to deal with🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️!

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He will not give you a transfusion unless indicted, very unethical behavior.

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It feels weird 'liking'/'loving' this post. I love that you shared it. I hate that you, and we, have to.

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