God bless you Hero Whistleblower Dr. McCullough for risking everything to bring us the truth.

You & a few other Hero Whistleblowers saved me & most of my family & friends from taking the Covid depopulation injections❣️

I know you have been demonized by the Big Pharma/Medical Cabal for speaking the truth & saving many lives & please know millions of us are so grateful to you.

We pray that Fauci, Gates, Big Pharma & the Medical Cartel are held accountable, but if not in this life then God will judge them in the next!

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Yep. living in Germany i know how brain washed people are. if anyone sends me anything to read I just assume whatever the headline is the opposite is real.

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Take away pharma’s rights to call it a “vaccine”, and then they can be held liable. It is NOT a vaccine, in any way, and that can be proven by cases after the series

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Thank you for continuing to shine a light on the global crime of the century. One perpetrated by governments, around the world, in concert with each other.

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Just FYI.

A link to Andrew Bridgen’s speech in U.K. Parliament.


See how MPs scuttle away. They just don’t want to hear or debate.

The government spokesman just replied with ‘safe and effective’. Don’t they realise that by ignoring it all they make matters worse? Loss of trust in Public Health, politicians and vaccines.

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They try to genocide us Germans via offshoring jobs, propagandizing German men and women, mass immigration, inflation, poisoning of the environment, vaccines, and what have you.

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Based on WHO data that was published in March 2021 for the first 5 weeks of vaccines enrollment the mortality rate is 1: 10,000 and severe adverse events are 1:500.


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Mar 19, 2023·edited Mar 19, 2023

Here I will add that I've heard German doctors yelling on the phone at the people running the hotlines to register adverse reactions. "Do you think we have all day to try to figure out how to do this?!! Did you design it this way to make us not register adverse effects?!!"

Also will add that these side effects were well known by experts in the center of German medicine where German gov health policy institutions have their address. Largest employer in the city. They roll out the vaccine to every employee and student before it hits the public. Massive side effects in healthy young 20-somethings: Sinus Venous Thrombosis, uncontrollable immune reactions, myocarditis hospitalizations, deaths. So they'd put a halt to giving vaccines to people saying there were serious concerns: "Please stop emailing us to ask for your vaccines -- we are not sure if we will start them again and will let everyone know when we know how to proceed." But eventually they'd start again... There is no mystery in Germany, only manipulation from US etc. powers.

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Mar 19, 2023Liked by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

You are an exceptional writer, Mr. Leake, but you have outdone yourself. "neutered lapdogs"...ungewonliche, ausgezeichnet. Due to vax inj, I normally I feel like crap, struggle to tolerate living anothe/r day, and bemoan that I woke up, in contravention of my bedtime prayer. But not today. Today my spirit soars because "Minister Lauterbach acknowledges these injuries, says he is very sorry about them..." Not just sorry, VERY sorry. Well, what more could anyone ask for. This Dumkopf is not only mathematically challenged, as you point out. He insults us with a mindless oxymoron; "health authorities must QUICKLY recognize them as they SLOWLY get a clearer picture." Mein Gott in Himmel. If the 'health authorities' to whom Lauterbach refers are as cognitively impaired as he is, I suggest we airlift a massive shipment of Adderall aus Deutschland, retaining a copious supply fur die Vereinigen Staaten.

My heart breaks for 'Celine'.

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Thanks to John Leake for sharing this video, I am hopeful that more and more vaccine injured will come out and tell their truth. I believe every single story is important, and they will have huge impact.

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Guardian puff piece to cover up actor’s aggressive blood cancer. No mention of likely cause: mRNA vaccines.


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I believe the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine narrative is over. Gloves are off! We won the argument…we should be done with this nightmare, right?

There is more than enough evidence to convict without ANY reasonable doubt ALL involved of massive Treason which would…

1. STOP ALL Treason since many of these same psychopaths overlap across ALL other Treason theatres.

2. Allow prosecution of Treason to move forward

WHY has this not happened anywhere???

NO victory can happen in America without UNITY of the right people to do things that matter to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Find Gideon’s army of 300 men!

Keep up with serious writer Lex Greene, who writes for those who value Freedom. Lex’s contact info at end of his piece...



A Fierce Mother/grandmother Lion (of 6 and counting!

P.S. Divided…our house is falling!

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"As anyone who has seriously studied this disaster knows, the officially published “reported” cases are likely the tip of the iceberg, because our hospital systems have systematically denied that patients are suffering from severe vaccine side effects."

#Diabolical ☣

#AccountabilityNotAmnesty 💉☠💲💔

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I watched the German video; (able to read the translation provided in subtitles). Worth a listen actually.

This Lauterbach kept re-emphasizing that the German Gov't has a group considering "treatments" for BOTH LONG Covid19 and vaccine side effects and that the rate is ONLY 1:10,000. This diversion enable him to underplay of the importance of the signal. He also emphasized the benefit still outweighed the concern for negative side effects. He needs to be confronted with the REALITY on live TV.

It would be great to see that same news anchor get him back while pressing him with the actual rate of side effects(1:500 +, likely. 20x+ higher than he admitted) and to run some therapy and compensation figures past him "Live". . .

"It's going to cost xxx, hundred billion euros over the next 10 yrs . . ."

"that and inflation will bankrupt the German economy. . . yada, yada, . . ."

THAT would be a great interview for this lamphrey eel like creature.

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Thank you Dr McCullough for your continued work I’m praying the truth is revealed & those responsible held accountable. There needs to be a repeal of the 1986 national childhood vaccine injury act & big pharma’s financial influence on the CDC, FDA, NIH. They are all corrupted. Until we Americans speak out loud & in numbers this will all continue

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Mar 19, 2023·edited Mar 19, 2023

In case people here don't know it, Karl Lauterbach was a Harvard student in the early 90s. He very likely got into contact with the Rothshild family there via Amartya Kumar Sen (who himself is addtionally connected with Martha Nussbaum and Eva Colorni, the stepdaughter of Altiero Spinelli). Ever since, he had a great career and the media push him hard.

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