Dr. Fauci clearly has no fear of Senate investigations, or any other type of investigation. This does not seem rationale given the evidence that Dr. Fauci was deeply involved in the funding of the gain of function research associated with SARS COV-2 virus. No matter the amount of evidence or potential consequences to him, it does not phase in the least. So he is either a complete idiot, delusional or he knows something we do not. Could it be he is protected at the highest levels and knows he has nothing to fear?

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After all the carnage from COVID and now the vaccines...that this topic is 1 million times less pertinent to the blinded masses than a ticket to a Taylor Swift concert, is beyond dystopian.

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I doubt any of those involved fear they will be held accountable. Many have pointed out that these "experiments" were instigated (and apparently still on going) for the military. When it became too challenging to continue stateside they simply offshored it to China and the various black site hosting countries.

Without some International Tribunal (and we already know how screwed up those groups are), no US, deep state compromised, court would find any of these sociopaths guilty, without turning over far too many putrid swamp bogs.

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Believe I have a paper with the genetic sequence from 2013. Will share.

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1. The Nun Luger (Act) Obama visit Ukraine in 2004… Earth ChangesPrepare For Emergency

US Defense documents (2010): Biolab opens in Ukraine – Plans for the facility began in 2005 with Senator Obama who acknowledges seeing tubes containing anthrax and other dangerous bioweapons in presidential speech https://strangesounds.org/2022/03/us-defense-documents-2010-biolab-opens-in-ukraine-plans-for-the-facility-began-in-2005-with-senator-obama-who-acknowledges-seing-tubes-containing-anthrax-and-other-dangerous-bioweapons-in-preside.html - • - 2. Becker News

President Obama played a key role spearheading the United States’ securing of former Soviet-era bioweapons facilities and their conversion into biological threat reduction laboratories.

Newly uncovered reports and documents obtained by the National Pulse show that Obama played a role building a Ukraine-based biolab to handle ‘especially dangerous pathogens.’ One of the now-deleted reports shows that a laboratory was opened in Odessa, Ukraine under the Nunn-Lugar framework. The facility’s planning started in 2005 in coordination with then-senators Dick Lugar and Barack Obama.

“U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar applauded the opening of the Interim Central Reference Laboratory in Odessa, Ukraine, this week, announcing that it will be instrumental in researching dangerous pathogens used by bioterrorists,” BioPrep watch reported in the now-deleted post.

“The level-3 bio-safety lab, which is the first built under the expanded authority of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program, will be used to study anthrax, tularemia and Q fever as well as other dangerous pathogens,” the report added. https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/exposed-obama-played-key-role-in-taking-over-soviet-era-bioweapons-labs-in-ukraine/

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Thank you for the info. Now let’s see if anything comes of it, such as indictments and prosecutions of those involved and those who lied about it under oath. #NoAmnesty #NeverForget

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Yes. It is ludicrous that the topic is even still being debated.

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Would you please point out specifically in the paper where you see evidence of a virus?

As with all of the other modern papers, it simply states that "Wild-type SARS-CoV (Urbani), mouse-adapted SARS-CoV (MA15) and chimeric SARS-like CoVs" were added to the cell cultures. By omitting the most important detail of the entire project, the actual nature and source of the 'viruses' used, the paper is rendered meaningless.

Did they really use samples of isolated viruses, or were they simply ground up lung tissue from dead mice that were used in previous experiments? I'll wager it is the latter, as it always is.

Following the MA15 'virus' back to the referenced paper from 2006, the game is revealed.


Again in this paper, no mention of where the 'virus' comes from at the beginning, but what's clear is that what's called the 'virus' throughout the lab experiments is actually processed lung tissue from dead mice. No virus is isolated anywhere in this research either. And the dead mice lung tissue at the end of this paper becomes the MA15 sample to start the 2015 paper.

Regarding the "Construction of SARS-like chimeric viruses", again if you pay attention to the lab methods, what they're doing is creating franken-DNA in plasmids (using plasmids of unidentified nature and origin), putting the franken-plasmids in their designed-to-produce-exosomes cell culture, and the resulting exosomes are called a 'chimeric virus'. No virus is isolated and sequenced at any step of the experiments; only sequencing of blender juice from the entire contents of the cell cultures with myriad sources of DNA within.

And are you aware that EcoHealth Alliance is a CIA/DOD front, and Huff is US Army? So Huff wouldn't be telling you what you want to hear, after you've been taking the Wuhan bait for the past 3 years, right?

Maybe you missed it, but on January 28, 2020, the FBI held a big press conference with all of the corporate media reporting, where they publicized the link between Harvard and the Wuhan virology lab, via Dr. Leiber, painting a huge red sign saying "look at the Wuhan virology lab everyone". It couldn't have been more scripted to give the mob their target. This is the narrative that was planned from the beginning of the operation, because it generates maximum fear, and serves some political objectives as well.

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Malone. Patent Lies & Lawsuits: Controlled Opposition’S: So Robert Kennedy Jr. CHD “Robert Kennedy Jr. Is my Good Friend” Dr. Robert Malone, they have a lawsuit against W. Post slander, Mr. Malone on speaking circuit with CHD. # 1. “Big Pharma and Biotech Can Not 'Elect' to Be Above the Law, Despite What Experts Say”

When we trust someone, we believe what they say because we put our trust in the person and not in evidence or facts.

Karen Kingston

Oct 28

When an individual has a tremendous amount of credibility due to their impressive credentials and a ‘celebrity-like status,’ they automatically earn the public’s trust. Trust is an emotionally based belief, not an intellectually based belief. When we trust someone, we believe what they say because we put our trust in the person and not in evidence or facts.

The level of trust the public has in someone is based on the person’s credibility. The more credentials and celebrity status a person has, the more credibility they have and the more that person is trusted. This means they can say almost anything and not be questioned or criticized.

When we trust someone, not only do we believe what they say, we develop an emotional bond to them. Often, we view a trusted person as someone who is personally defending or protecting us. At a subconscious level, the emotional bond could be similar to the way a child trusts their mom or dad to protect and defend them.

This is (in part) why it is very difficult, if not impossible, for someone with little credibility to question or criticize someone with high credibility without being attacked or annihilated.

On October 27, 2022, Dr. Robert Malone published a Substack article entitled, mRNA Vaccines and EUA. In paragraph three (3) of the article, Dr. Malone claims, “All of the mRNA vaccine doses administered in the United States (to both citizens and military personnel) have been provided under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)…”

Dr. Malone continues to write that, “the firms (PFIZER/BioNTech) have elected to not manufacture, distribute, or market these licensed products in the United States.”

In the context of the pharma industry Dr. Malone’s written statements are considered false claims. In the context of American’s retaliatory legal rights and the EUA immunity that PFIZER/BioNTech want us to believe they still have, Dr. Malone’s written claims are deceptive.“ … https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/big-pharma-and-biotech-can-not-elect -•- # 2. “Robert Malone Sues the Breggins for $25 Million

by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin”

Originally posted on America Out Loud Nov 27, 2022 | Courts, Global, Media, Politics

At the ages of 71 and 86, Ginger and I are in the fight of our lives. In all our years of doing reform work, no individual and no group has ever been so intensively and persistently attacking us on a personal level as Dr. Robert Malone — starting ever since August 2022 when we criticized his concept of mass formation psychosis in depth without even mentioning his name.1

Dr. Robert W. Malone filed a lawsuit on October 30, 2022, against Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin, seeking damages for $25,350,000.00 or $25 million for short.

Why would Dr. Malone make his claim so large — over 25 million dollars? The effect of what he is doing should be obvious. It threatens us with financial ruin and ties up our energies. Does he want to make us too afraid and too exhausted to criticize his public policy theories and his numerous highly destructive attacks on leaders of the health freedom movement?

The defamation suit (meaning libel, and slander) was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia (Charlottesville Division). Service has been discussed between the lawyers for both sides and agreed to, but it has not been completed. The suit, already filed and ready to be unleashed, has had a suppressive impact on our planning and activities over the past two weeks.

Contrary to some rumors, we have never made “personal attacks” against him, and indeed the Complaint that is filed in court focuses on our scientific and public political disagreements with him. However, Malone’s defamation claims focus on our public policy differences. Much of it relates to opinions and analyses we already documented in our book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.

We have not defamed Malone. In our entire 110-plus combined years of reform work, no one has ever threatened us with a defamation suit, because we simply do not defame people.

Dr. Malone’s Unprecedented Attacks On Us, Exceeded Only by One, Decades Ago

Except for one occasion, we have never had to endure such personal attacks. Not even from the psychosurgeons in the 1970s whose lobotomy practices my international campaign closed down and whose research institute led by Harvard’s director of neurosurgery lost all its government funding.2 Not even from the electroshock company and their cabal that in 2018 was forced by my medical/legal report in a product case to inform the FDA and the medical world that shock treatment causes brain damage.3 Not even the U.S. government agency director who lost his job and his many other compromised colleagues whose eugenical, racist program Ginger and I forced to shut down. Their huge interagency program was about to be funded by Congress to do eugenical research on “inner-city children” from in the womb to adulthood to find biological and genetic causes for their alleged propensity for violence.

The One More Dangerous Set of Circumstances

The only other time in our lives that we have been so threatened was in the early 1990s. I had been approved as the single medical expert confirmed by a federal judge to review all the discovery from Eli Lilly regarding alleged harms from Prozac for a consortium of attorneys handling approximately 150 cases involving suicide, murder, and psychosis.

Of course, Eli Lilly, tried to discredit me in a myriad of ways, but the federal judge approved my credentials for appointment as the sole scientific expert for reviewing discovery, and the judge for the first trial would do the same. I was qualified to testify not only about psychiatric drugs but also about the corporate and FDA approval process. I was empowered by the courts to have access to all of Eli Lilly’s secret files about the development and marketing of Prozac, including all their clinical trials and all FDA correspondence.

What Near-Disaster Happened Next?

My position as the central scientific expert for all the dozens of lawsuits against Eli Lilly was not merely a threat to that one drug company. Multiple other companies had Prozac-like drugs, such as Zoloft and Paxil coming down the pipeline. Many financial interests had motives to do what happened next. In fact, we had many threats against our lives and contacted the FBI about one of them. We consulted with local police about wearing vests and carrying a gun, both of which we eventually decided not to do.

As we were getting nearer to my initial deposition against Eli Lilly. Everyone in our house became progressively sicker from week to week. I, Ginger and our daughter became chronically ill with exhaustion and with dry nagging upper respiratory infections. Multiple visits to physicians could find no cause. This went on, probably for a couple of months, until a plumber on a routine job was aghast to find that someone had entered our basement and removed the chimneys from the converted oil burner and the gas water heater, spilling fumes and particles into the house.“… https://breggin.com/article-detail/post_detail/Robert-Malone-Sues-the-Breggins-for-25-Million-Dollars

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You know I shared this many emails and years ago, then Martin sent it to me. I about killed myself trying to get it out.

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Dr David Martin (Totality of Evidense https://totalityofevidence.com/dr-david-martin/ ) is the founder and owner of the company M-CAM International which has provided research and corporate advisory services to over 160 countries and he has personally served as an advisor to the World Bank and many governments. Dr Martin first came to the attention of the world when he featured in the August 2020 documentary by Mikki Willis called Planandemic Indoctornation. More about Dr Martin HERE

Dave wrote his first classified briefing about bio-weapons corruption in 2001, and has been presenting lectures at bio-weapons conferences since then. He has been tracking Dr Anthony Fauci’s spending and notes that Fauci has authorised $191 billion in funds for the bio-weaponisation of viruses against humanity. In April 2021 he published the Fauci Dossier public document, 205 pages, 22 years of research for humanity to use and prosecute, and in November 2021 his presentation SLIDES contained the COVID profiteers. — The Fauci Dossier https://www.davidmartin.world/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/The_Fauci_COVID-19_Dossier.pdf

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This is a concise, sober "reveal" to everyone. I hope they'll read it. Please share it!

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This report is staggering in its content. It is as if someone found evidence that a group of American geographers and map makers gave the locations and essential local details of the military installations in Pearl Harbor, together with the positions of all vessels and gun emplacements, to the Imperial Japanese Navy prior to the attacks of Dec. 7,1941 .

We all know the history of our world after this fictional group of trained traitors did their obscene fictional treachery. After stabilization of our broken fleet and nation,in our fictional story,the Government would have rounded up the traitors,tried them after thoroughly investigating all their connections, and then executed them and their cooperating helpers.

That magnificent Government in

our fictional tale, (worthy of the use of a capital “G”), is, regrettably not that craven group of selfish narcissists and fools that we unfortunately have in our terrible reality, which governs us as if they were secretly cheering for the Japanese in our fictional tale, having taken payments from the Japanese government , in the storyline.

We now, and in the future, must act as did our brave men from 1941 and thereafter ,to a secure victory over diseases both from nature and those from the corrupt hands of evil, soulless men, who would design the death from Hell.And if this were in the fictional tale,the heroic Government would round up all the corrupt reporters and editors who refused to print the news that the Imperial Japanese Fleet was steaming at flank speed toward the Territory of Hawai’i,,due to their acceptance beforehand of gifts and money in abundance. This is in the storyline,of course, not in reality, I’m sure.

Remember December 7th. We have been attacked again, and many more nations in addition,have suffered,this time,not due to the Empire of the Rising Sun, but by the attack of the Chinese Communist Party, aided perhaps and possibly by the accursed soulless scientists who,years ago, began research to enhance death’s terrible course yet further and wider. The political and military threats from China , and Russia, are being “handled “ by the same people who are “handling”the Covid-19,20,...23..,pandemic. May God help us... Remember Pearl Harbor, December 7th.

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I noticed the paper says it was “corrected” two times; I haven’t seen that before and what exactly does that mean? Did they change the data or interpretation of it or what???

I tell people to look up the studies from the NIH itself contradicting what is being said, and they don’t believe me.

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Good simile about the pebbles on a lawn. Our assumption is that anything noteworthy wld be reported in the news so if nothing is being reported, that is taken as proof that there is nothing noteworthy going on. Not reporting the noteworthy phenomena prevents us from detecting the patterns that are there. We then believe that there are no patterns to detect. The big big hurdle is: Holding it thinkable that there could be any other reason for no reporting, than the absence of noteworthy items. That is unthinkable for most people. Due to a significant lack in knowledge about a host of things that one would need to be 'literate' on in our time: Knowledge about corporate structures. About economic structures and mechanisms. About human nature and psychological mechanisms. About the factual existence and the significant prevalence (lobbying bordering on and blending into) organized crime. About the factual existence and significant prevalence of crimes related to certain 'religions' and their structures such as Satan worship. About the fact that such crimes are not only condoned but called for by such 'religions'. About how such cults and certain personality structures interact. Not to mention basic biology and immunology so as to be able to assess the quality of arguments made by public health exponents. To be able to assess their disingenuousness or outright mendacity. Today, all of these competencies are required. But too few have them. And too few have the time, energy and resources to quickly get up to speed. They need assistance. The McCullough/Leake newsletter is one very useful tool. It has a very professional, moderate and constructive tone to it that makes it easily readable also for people who have so far been in very little contact with the disturbing facts that are discussed outside the legacy media (for the "skilled TV watchers"). The newsletter does not deter or frighten. That is very helpful. Thank you both!

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