Paul Marik MD was the best. I referred to his treatment protocols from spring of 2020.

I kept them printed at my desk, until I was fired for "non-vaccination" in October 2021, after treating people early, as outpatients, keeping them out of the hospital to the best of my ability.

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I consider Dr. Paul Marik a deeply cherished friend----although I've never met him. Thank you for keeping him in the forefront.

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What is happening to Dr. Marik, Dr. McC, so many other physicians, and the world’s population saddens me beyond my ability to express it. I have nothing but love, respect, and gratitude for those who continue to expose the truth despite the incredibly unjust consequences.

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Sadly there is unlikely to be any accountability. These midterm elections were “rigged” - whether by outright cheating or all of the subversive propaganda and indoctrination.

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The global coverup & whitewashing of crimes against these brave , compassionate, caring doctors & against humanity itself --was the tipping point for me in proclaiming the truth to all who might listen . Far too many people had died directly as a result of the suppression of early treatment. I knew far too much about Ivermectin to allow them and the truths they proclaimed to be drowned underneath the tsunami of lies being thrown at them and at this drug .

Billy Davis DVM

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Dr. Paul Marik is a hero and should be heralded as a national treasure.

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This is what happens when a country loses its moral center.

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I begged my housemate not to take third jab.

He lied and went and got it.

I saw band aid of the Kool Aide jab.


Week ago he crashed car and lost job.

He denies continuing cognitive decline and hacksxxxine injury, and scamdemic viruganda narrative ruined his life.

Few days later he is on wrong side of railing on GG, saved by bridge patrol.

Now he is home and helpless.

Thanks to modeRNA for destroying his life, and so many countless others, with their patented death inject

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Mistakes this precise are not mistakes.

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Hospital admin execs are recruited from hell.

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The egregious persecution of people trying to do the right thing is worldwide. For more about what happened to the FLCCC doctors (including Dr. Marik), see Dr. Pierre Kory's Substack: https://pierrekory.substack.com/.

The CHDTV (Children's Health Defense TV) website is also filled with reports of crimes committed against those who speak up. Check out https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/

So much censorship, suppression, and lies in medicine, politics, every aspect of life. I'm so grateful for truthtellers such as Children's Health Defense (https://childrenshealthdefense.org/), The Epoch Times (https://www.theepochtimes.com/), America Out Loud (https://www.americaoutloud.com/), Truth for Health Foundation (https://www.truthforhealth.org/), FLCCC (https://covid19criticalcare.com/), Substack's many authors (https://substack.com), and others for letting the truth escape. Still so few people know or are willing to seek out truth for themselves.

Many say the truth is winning. I'm not so sure.

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This practice across North America of silencing physicians who stray from the company line is outrageous and extremely dangerous! We collectively owe a great deal of gratitude to all of you who stood up for your patients at huge personal cost! Thank you is to small, but THANK YOU!!

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I have been intending since last January to treat this coming January 24 as Paul Marik Day. I have watched his testimony a dozen times and it never loses its gravity.

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This is nothing short of the return of the Dark Ages. What's next? We've already got the witch hunts. I guess next comes burning people at the stake!

The modern practice of mass human sacrifice is happening behind closed doors in places called hospital ICUs instead of on stone altars in front of pagan temples, and it is done with I.V.s with Remdesivir instead of knives. But its victims are just as dead. Maybe the only real difference is that nobody is cutting out their hearts and eating them or drinking their blood (because the current crop of high priests don't want to consume the SARS-CoV-2 virus?! ).

Absolutely outrageous! After we defeat this evil, the writers of the history books will have some very negative things to say about this whole horrific episode and the perpetrators! I sincerely hope that there will be chapters thoroughly covering how the psychos that did, and are doing, this get brought to justice. REAL justuce!

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These folks are not going to stop. While we are busy still debating the vaccines and the lies of the past three years….they are moving ahead to their next chapter.

As Dr. MCCullough wrote….they will not stop until there is a needle in every arm….there is some truth to this, IMO. The agenda is largely about control…both of individuals and of the collective masses. Individuals are supposed to irrationally fear disease and surrender rights and critical thinking to experts of the government persuasion. And humanity is supposed to fear the decline and demise of Mother Earth’s health…which will be used as a means to control our activities, habits, and lifestyles. And they are going to claim that only technology can save us.

Read it and weep….


The push was and remains to further consolidate power in the WHO and UN on the way to a Nee World Order and the 4th Industrial Revolution…

(remember those amendments that Biden recommended giving the WHO power over us in the event the WHO declares a global health emergency? Thankfully, African nations protested and that effort was stopped)

Well, obviously there is more than one way to skin a cat. Quite frankly, our elected officials are inept and part of the problem when it comes to fighting the corruption largely brought to us by the Davos ilk/fin/tech elite.

The biopharmaceutical industrial complex figures prominently in the plans of the WEF and their vision for the future. Think transhumanism. These folks have essentially declared humans as hackable animals. They hide behind the efforts to advance science and medicine to cure ideas. However, what they are most interested is understanding better how our physiology works on all levels so that they can play God.

And based on my research they began laying the plans around implementing their plans and pursuing their goals over a decade ago. I believe that a critical time/research was in 2010 and their push began in earnest. And as best I can tell, certain key people were positioned and out in place to ensure control of the current narrative relative to COVID and Climate change.

Have a look at what year the current CEO of the AMA was hired? And have a look at what the AMA focuses on and how climate change is now a big concern relative to practicing medicine?!?!

Take a look at the current head of the NIEHS….when did he go to work for NIEHS? He became the director in 2020 (after being placed as the Acting Director in Oct 2019…right before the pandemic hit). Look at what his role was prior to being the Director from June 2020 forward. This fellow also has an interesting resume that I find fascinating relative to other connections I have researched/tracked/traced.

And then there is the Lancet….what role do these medical journals play and how are they influenced?

Isn’t it interesting that Gates’ IHME (known to work closely with the WHO) gives out an award on a yearly basis….the Roux prize. It is one of the largest awards given in public health. It is to recognize and encourage innovations in global disease burden research.

Well, Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet—-interestingly, was the recipient of the 2019 Roux Prize of $100,000.


P.S. John Leake….I sent you an e-mail by yahoo. I have more research/connections to share. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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