(Apologies if this appears more than once. The first two times I posted it, with a tick on the Notes option, and nothing happened.)

Research such as this is subject to a variety of confounders which can be hard to eliminate.

A more robust approach, at least for 65 year olds - who are widely regarded as more at risk of hospitalisation and death than younger people - is to survey hospitalisation and death by age, in years, and see how this varies with a strong rise in percentage of the population who take the flu vaccine each year.

Anderson et al. 2020, Annals of Internal Medicine https://sci-hub.se/10.7326/M19-3075 report that in England and Wales, over multiple flu seasons, there was no discernible change in the rate of hospitalisation and death, which rises with each year of age, around age 65 when the proportion of people who accept the flu vaccine rises from 27% to 57%. I discuss this and other research which backs this up in two articles, the first of which is https://nutritionmatters.substack.com/p/influenza-vaccines-do-not-reduce .

This is perfectly good research. The fact that the public - and surely most doctors - are not informed about this while at the same time are being cajoled and encouraged earnestly to accept this vaccine every year, shows that the multi-billion dollar flu vaccine is corrupt.

The flu vaccine is perhaps the least controversial of all vaccines. So why should we trust what the supposed experts tell us about any vaccine, without us first researching the matter assiduously to make sure all their statements accord with the best research?

Neither influenza nor COVID-19 would spread very much at any time of year if everyone had the 50 ng/mL 25-hydroxyvitamin D their immune system needs. Without proper vitamin D3 supplementation, most people have only 1/10 to 1/2 of this, so their innate and adaptive immune responses to cancer cells, bacteria, fungi and viruses is crippled. Please see all the research linked to and discussed at: https://vitamindstopscovid.info/00-evi/ .

This section: https://vitamindstopscovid.info/00-evi/#sjw-updated-ratios provides body-weight ratio amounts of vitamin D3 per day which will attain at least 50 ng/mL 125 nmol/L for people of all ages, bodyweights and degrees of obesity. This requires higher ratios for those suffering from obesity. These are from Prof. Sunil Wimalawansa's 2021 article in Nutrients:

"Rapidly Increasing Serum 25(OH)D Boosts the Immune System, against Infections - Sepsis and COVID-19": https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/14/14/2997 .

For 70 kg 154 lb body weight, without obesity, the amount to take, on average, per day is 0.125 milligrams. This is also known as "5000 IU". This is a gram every 22 years - and pharma grade vitamin D costs about USD$2.50 a gram ex-factory.

There is very little vitamin D3 in food, fortified or not. ~297 nanometre ultraviolet-B from sunlight or artificial sources can produce quite a lot of vitamin D3 in skin (white - not so much in brown or black skin), but this is not available to most people all year round, and always damages DNA, so raising the risk of skin cancer.

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May 12, 2023·edited May 13, 2023

I never got a flu shot until I got a job at the Cleveland Clinic. My boss would yell from her office at those who balked. They had shot stations on carts setup throughout the campus. Once they tried putting holographic stickers on our badges to indicate compliance. It was, from my perspective, horrifying.

Many of my colleagues didn’t like being told they had to take these shots but in 13 years I only knew one person that successfully refused. Ironically enough I actually got the flu despite all the shots. Tested positive for influenza A. Couldn’t remember the time before when I caught the flu it was so long ago. Everyone at CCF just shrugged, it happens, you won’t get as sick, blah-blah-blah.

After I retired I said, thank God nobody can force me to take shots anymore. Little did I know the pandemic was just a few years away. I did not take the covid vaccine. But I did stock up on IVM. So when I finally caught Delta 1-1/2 years ago I survived. Haven’t had so much as a cold since.

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I’m 53 and have never taken a flu shot. I believe I had the flu maybe twice in my life, the last time was 24 years ago when I couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days.

My wife, much to my chagrin, takes our kids to get the shot on an annual basis. They have both come home with the flu several times, yet I have never become ill. I have barely had the sniffles since that bout in ‘99.

Fast forward to Covid. I remain unvaccinated, even with heavy pressure from my wife and in-laws, primarily due to my brother in law being an MD who works for one of the bio-tech pharma firms (I thought I may be heading for divorce over my refusal). Well, we all ended up getting Covid during the first Omicron wave. My vaccinated wife had it the worst of all of us, with symptoms (nasal/chest congestion, fever) lasting for almost a month. Mine was fairly short lived, 2 days of minor muscle aches and chest congestion with intermittent fatigue for about two weeks after. Never had a fever.

A year later, we both got it again though we didn’t know it since my wife initially tested negative after a few days of congestion. I developed slight congestion and thought it was just a fall allergy until my parents visited us for a brief hour or so. 3 days later they called and said they had tested positive for Covid (it was their first time having it to our knowledge). So, I took a home test and sure enough was positive. Not sure if I’ll be taking any vaccine again.

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Despite the fact that what little effectiveness they offer is demonstrably short-lived and they are non-sterilizing, in my opinion there are essentially two reasons to avoid the covid shots.

#1) It is well documented they have damaged and killed some people and the others have no idea of their long-term health ramifications.

#2) Compliance supports nefarious ideologues and robber barons who openly conspire to eliminate our precious hard won personal sovereignty, liberty, and freedom over a virus that affects the old and infirm, but overall elicits a 99.8% survival rate.

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I am glad you are doing well. I am a "semi-retired" MD. Reading your story made me think again about something I have been saying since day 1 of the covid madness: Before 2020, all of those episodes you describe in your family would have just been "flu-like syndromes". Bad or not so bad, everyone stay home, take fluids, Tylenol if fever, and treat whatever symptoms. Sooner or later, it would be gone... no one cared to know which virus caused it. No tests. Now, anyone gets a cough and they start running for a covid test... Again, I am not arguing with you... it is just an observation about how people have changed the way they respond to a viral respiratory infection. Repeat that I am glad that you are fine.

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Thank you and I agree with you on the respiratory illness part(and for the most part, testing ). I was amazed that the conventional wisdom in the beginning seemed to be to avoid early treatment since nothing worked anyway, or so they said. Normally, I would not have tested but my father in-law almost passed away (he was 82 at the time) from Covid in October 2020 so my wife is a little more cautious, even though he’s now had it twice since then with no issues. During his first bout that almost killed him, He was given the instructions to just go home and rest and if trouble breathing then come back. He ended up in the ICU and almost had to go on a ventilator (he elected not to as he knew the outcomes were not good) before they tried convalescent plasma (from someone who had recovered from Covid). After the administration of the plasma, he was improving within 12 hours, out of the ICU within 48 hours and went home from the hospital 3 days after leaving the ICU. Pretty much a miracle, especially in those days

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Agree with all. I am not a virus denier but I am mighty suspicious of the way protocols were handled, or not handled as the case may be. This was a well thought out plan that restricted proper treatments and monetized improper ones. Throughout the entire pandemic it felt like we were being led around by the nose by elites that did not have humanity’s best interests at heart.

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May 12, 2023·edited May 14, 2023

Egg-zactly. Speaking of the flu I find it suspicious in the extreme that we are expected to believe that masking and distancing virtually eliminated influenza worldwide instantly the second lockdowns happened.

Plausibility requires one to presume the entire world’s populations complied en-masse at exactly the same time. In my world that’s quite improbable.

Personally I think the flu never left but was simply overshadowed by PCR testing. You don’t find what you’re not looking for.

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Of course, as pointed out by Robin Whittle before me, any observational study is prone to have biases. I am not so worried about confounders, since they did multivariate (Cox) analysis, which should adjust for identified potential confounders. But an important bias (that cannot be erased with statistical analysis) is that non-vaccinated individuals are more likely to be tested for influenza; therefore, the incidences may have been underestimated in the vaccinated. Even so, the estimated efficacy (for infection) was a mere 53% (1-HR), which is very poor, in my opinion. To me, vaccinating people against influenza has never made much sense.

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It’s why we need a true free market in healthcare, so we can make informed individual choices. The fluShot got mandated for healthcare workers through Obamacare. Turns out it was a trial balloon for Covid to take our freedoms away

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I am no fan of Obama or Obamacare but in my little corner of the world all the hospitals were mandating flu shots for employees long before Obama came on the scene. I never thought they made sense. The campus I worked at employed 20,000 people who all got told to take the shots. I used to say what about the unvaxxed patients? Visitors? Contractors? Sales Reps? Fell on deaf ears. There was always something creepy and nonsensical about making injections conditional to employment. Very Orwellian in my view.

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With Obamacare, the government tied reimbursement to fluShot. That’s why there was such a big push. The Covid vaccine scam model was set

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On that score I was expecting them to make covid vaccination a condition of all government compensation programs. Unemployment, Social Security, Disability, you name it. I’m actually surprised it never went that far.

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This whole calamity in the area of vaccines is on the back of one man. One man only.


It was his Senate vote of NO that prevented Trump & the Republicans at that point in time to scrap OBamacare and to start fresh on redoing a clearly manipulated medical program filled to the brim with fraud.


Trump tried. Sold out by the Uni-Party.

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Just more money making for big pharma!

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If it was only about money I’d almost be relieved. Almost.

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I've never taken the flu shot, and never will.

Over the years most of the people I know who regularly take the flu shot inevitably came down with the flu. What's the point? Profits for Pharma seems to be the only point.

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Most things that are believed as fact in the medical world are just that, 'BELIEFS', until you analyse the data and evidence!

Working as a private clinician for over 3 decades, I observed patients 'unvaccinated vs vaccinated', and would have guessed that maybe 30% got a benefit (less symptoms, etc), 40% no difference and 30% worse symptoms...but this was a guess and completely WRONG. When I looked into the data, I found almost NIL clinical benefit...another 'sacred cow' of medicine that was all 'smoke and mirrors'. 3 large Cochrane Reviews completed the past 2 decades, all show the same lack of efficacy, with the most recent 2018 analysis below:



"...review in 2018 that included 52 clinical trials of over 80,000 people assessing the safety and effectiveness of influenza vaccines...presented findings from 25 studies comparing inactivated parenteral influenza vaccine against placebo or do-nothing control groups as the most relevant to

decision-making. The studies were conducted over single influenza seasons in North America, South America, and Europe between 1969 and 2009..."

"...Inactivated influenza vaccines probably reduce influenza in healthy adults from 2.3% without vaccination to 0.9% (risk ratio (RR) 0.41, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.36 to 0.47; 71,221 participants; moderate-certainty evidence), and they probably reduce ILI from 21.5% to 18.1%

(RR 0.84, 95% CI 0.75 to 0.95; 25,795 participants; moderate-certainty evidence..."

"...vaccination may lead to a small reduction in the risk of hospitalisation in healthy adults, from 14.7% to 14.1%..."

"...Healthy adults who receive inactivated parenteral influenza vaccine rather than no vaccine probably experience less influenza, from just over 2% to just under 1% (moderate-certainty evidence)...".

Also given:".... Fifteen included RCTs were industry funded (29%)..." the results may even be much worse.

As for over 65yr olds the data is not much better.

See: https://www.cochrane.org/CD004876/ARI_vaccines-preventing-seasonal-influenza-and-its-complications-people-aged-65-or-older

"...Older adults receiving the influenza vaccine may have a lower risk of influenza (from 6% to 2.4%), and probably have a lower risk of ILI compared with those who do not receive a vaccination over the course of a single influenza season (from 6% to 3.5%)..."

Conclusion: Another money laundering operation from Big Pharma.

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Sadly, most of the good folks at FLCCC have spent their entire lives being Democrats/liberals and were being red-pilled over covid ... until RFK Jr. decided to run for president.

They cannot throw away their lifetime beliefs in the righteousness of D and the concomitant belief in the inherent wrongness of R.

No one at FLCCC will be doing any investigating.

Go back and find Dr. Pierre Kory's insulting column in which he expressed his stunned amazement in talking to a few conservatives that we are not all toothless and backward Jed Clampett-style family members ready to beat him to death with a Bible on our way to the backyard outhouse.

I used to be a liberal. A liberal journalist, in fact. It is almost impossible to take off the blue blinders and see the real world; admitting you were wrong your entire life is very hard to do.

I did it, but I had to change careers and find an entirely new group of friends. Big life changes.

I appreciate FLCCC's information on IVM and HCQ but they still seem focused on covid as if it really is a life-threatening illness for everyone. Very naive and disappointing.

After Kory's insulting opinion piece on conservatives, I canceled my subscription to his substack. My money talks.

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100% agreement on Kory's snake in the grass mindset.

I quit reading him also. I find him condescending and a true liberal underneath his public facade. HE IS DANGEROUS !

I have also seen Dr. McCullough in some of his Substack articles trying to appease his liberal friends in FLCCA as of late.

Dr. Alexander seems to be the most consistent and the best fighter for our rights.

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I’ve been complaining for a while now that a lot of the usual dissenters have made a name for themselves chasing the mRNA vampire but so far none have even come close to driving a stake through its heart. At this late date one wonders, why?

Personally I see it as Dr Frankenstein syndrome. We’ve got Malone out there garnering a huge following cautioning us about his creation. But he’s at loath to kill it.

Clearly, no matter how many are made to suffer he presumes the monster can be tamed and ultimately used for good.

The rest of the clown show are all talk, too. They make a living off Substack and appear on podcasts like Dark Horse beating a dead horse. All are excellent writers and speakers. None are worth a shit at producing, promoting or formulating an end-game.

All except perhaps, Jonathan Couey, PhD whom never gets invited to appear on popular podcasts or media of any kind. It’s all a game.

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I would be interested in reading Dr. Kory’s insulting column regarding the Right. Do you know where I can find it? I realize that politics, unfortunately, had to be brought into the pandemic, as it happened under the watch of 2 different administrations. WE know which one did the most long-term damage. If what you’re saying is true, the FLCCC is beholden to D and that RFK will get their support, I would be disappointed should DeSantis throw his hat in and be dismissed because he isn’t the correct party. Don’t get me wrong, I like RFK, but (in my opinion) we need a true leader who not only has great policies but follows through with them. He is well spoken and down to earth, along with being socially conservative. Our country needs conservatism more than ever, as the other side has taken us further away from American values. I guess my hope for the FLCCC is that should RFK not become the nominee, they will throw their support behind DeSantis, should he become our nominee. Are they able to vote R, after all that’s happened under the D’s, if the R is what’s best for our country? My hopes are that people will do their research regarding the policies of the candidates and if they’re sound, do what’s best…regardless of the D or the R. Thanks DTT.

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SD, I am looking for that post from Kory but I got so mad at him I deleted the newsletter. if I find it, I will post the link here for you.

As for politicians, especially after RFK Jr.'s insistence that he will not under any circumstances share a ticket with Orange Man, I'm reminded of JFK saying: "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country."

Et tu, RFK Jr.?

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May 12, 2023·edited May 12, 2023

I too, have a ton of nutraceuticals that I take religiously for Long Covid…with mixed results. The unfortunate (but alas, inevitable) byproduct of the recommended supplements has caused the costs to increase exponentially…as every company wants a piece of the economic proverbial pie. Ivermectin might once have been cheap but each compound pharmacy in the US I have found charge well over $200 for 30 capsules. Our homeopathic companies are taking just as much advantage of us monetarily now as big Pharma was. I understand supply and demand and the need to be profitable but now that the FLCCC’s protocols have become popular, prices for EVERYTHING recommended have sky rocketed. I’ve had to pick and choose the most important ones as I can’t afford to pay $70 for Resvertrol monthly, $30 for a Probiotic (and many, many more). I also research each supplement with Consumer Labs online for their fully tested recommendations, as to not waste money on products that may not contain the proper amounts claimed on their bottles. HBOT costs me $170/weekly as well. I naively thought the homeopathic industry was going to be more interested in healing than making as much money as possible, while possible. It’s all about the money, regardless of which side it’s coming from. No such thing as a free lunch! Oh! Was able to locate Ivermectin in India for a third of the cost . Took several weeks to arrive and when the company didn’t get the product to me by the date promised, they shipped me an identical order for free.

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I agree with your sentiments; see my post above, a reply to Gordon Groves.

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I had covid 15 months ago, and I had a tough time getting over it: aching joints, fatigue, trouble focusing on tasks. My blood work came back with indicators for some serious auto-immune diseases, but I came across a great website and a free pdf download last year that I've been using to investigate various supplements and self-treat, with varying degrees of success. (Visit greenmedinfo.com -- they sell a lot of their own products but I buy locally and use the free info they offer.)

For me, using different neutraceuticals on a rotating basis seems to work -- but I need to do more research. I don't trust much of anyone any longer, but my blood work no longer shows inflammation galore, so yippee.

I'm non-GMO, and IVM and HCQ didn't do squat for me personally before or when I had "wu-flu." I felt I got ripped off trying to buy both products, and they don't work for everyone! And don't get me started on the scam of the telehealth docs who raked in buckets of ducats from fearful folks like myself and others.

I agree 100 percent with SD below that the formerly inexpensive supplements everyone is touting are now more expensive every day, and I'm sure they will cost more tomorrow.

While Kory, Malone and the rest are all selling books (all written poorly!), I am being more selective about what information I believe, and I am doing my own research now rather than trusting the "new experts."

I recommend you download greenmedinfo's free pdf ("Nature's Pharmacy") and search for your particular symptoms and their various recommended treatments. Then do more searching online and in your local library before you decide on your own treatment plan.

Another stacker I like to read is veryvirology (Adam Gaertner) who has some unconventional ideas about treating illness, including cancer. Good luck to you.

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