Anyone that rules out the vaccine as a contributing factor to this incident without examining the patient is a bad, evil, horrible, sick, demented person that should crawl back under the rock from whence they emerged. Especially educated people. And yet more especially so, medically educated people.

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Dr. McCullough has spoken about the issue of an adrenaline rush with the vax/spike protein, for some time, which does explain why we see so many people, whether athletes, runners, joggers, band members, etc., etc., who are doing activities where adrenaline would be preset, having such inquires. Frankly, athletic organizations must start inquiring about this and having proper tests done. And stop demanding that their players get vaxxed. Just thinking…..it will be interesting how this issue impacts the military……

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This was very educational, thanks!

The hit look hard but clean and not unusual in technique or force.

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As a fairly experienced cardiovascular nurse, I want to point out two things that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

1st - I’m very curious as to what occurred immediately following defibrillation. In a straightforward v-fib arrest without significant underlying anatomical or physiological pathology, it seems to me that a single (at the most a few) defibrillator shocks should have been adequate to restore both a perfuming heart rhythm as well as spontaneous breathing. The fact that this didn’t seem to happen, lends me to think that this was more than just a simple blow to the chest. Now perhaps if defibrillation was delayed and there was significant hypoxia and acidosis present, defibrillation would have been less effective. But I cannot get away from the fact that this should have been an easy rhythm to rescue (if it was due only to the hit).

2nd- it seems to me that another potential cause of cardiac arrest and then failure to restore spontaneous respirations following defibrillation, could be an embolic event triggered by the hit. The sudden dislodging of a clot that then traveled to a large pulmonary vessel could easily fit what was observed.

Just thoughts.

Lots of prayers for him and his family!!

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Unfortunately there will be more and more incidents over time and there will no longer be plausible deniability.

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A physician named Haddock states that it is terrible, horrible, unscientific projection for another doctor to include subclinical vaccine induced myocarditis in the differential diagnosis of athlete sudden cardiac arrest. His statement betrays utter contempt for both science and a physician's duty to his patients.

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it's tragic that something like this could happen to a young man in his prime. It's ridiculous not to consider the vaxx as a potential cause, because IF IT IS, the manufacturer (Pfizer/Moderna), the person making the vaxx mandatory for football players (everyone really) and the Government MUST be held accountable. (and yes, this should apply to everyone in the entire world) I can't imagine what his mother is going through.

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This is so sad, let us all pray for Damar for a speedy recovery.

This is so frightening. My friend recently (December 2022) felt chest pain while he was driving. He had to pull over to catch his breath…he went to the hospital and they found blood clots near the heart & they performed heart surgery to fix several clots, 1 were 100% blocked…he’s healthy, he goes to the gym everyday, he eats healthy, he don’t drink or smoke. This suddenly happened… 2021 he took the jabs, after the jabs I noticed when we played sports (Cricket) together, he has no stamina, he’s breathing heavily & has to wait a few minutes to catch his breath. 7 years of playing sports (Cricket) together I’ve never seen him like this. He was very athletic, he’s in his early 40’s. Several of my teammates are having the same issues with their stamina, they cannot run up & down the pitch for long periods or often. They are lacking breathing.

Seven of my family members died suddenly after taking the jabs. All were in good health & NEVER had COVID-19…I know of many of my coworkers families who died suddenly after taking the jabs, 2 paralyzed from the waist down, 2 died of blood clotting all over the body (after hospitalization & blood thinner). In December 2022, my Cousin suddenly died, 47 yrs old. I’m not vaccinated, my wife kids are not vaccinated… we both worked thru the pandemic as essential workers like many people did, we did not get sick. All my workers never got Covid as we all worked thru it. I thank god for keeping us safe & healthy… I did my research, we took our supplements daily & exercise & eat as healthy as possible to stay safe. But almost everyone of my coworker caught Covid AFTER THE JABS & 1 was so badly injured from the jabs. He got fired because he couldn’t wake up to go to work.

Why is it Fauci & the Big PharMa & their goons not held responsible for all these innocent lives taken away from their families?

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You might want to include soccer and rugby into your evidences. Rugby barley uses protective equipment. If it's going to happen from one body pummeling another body, rugby's where you'll find your proof.

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I would hate to be an un-vaxxed patient of the irrational, over the top Chris Haddock. He might limit his vitriol to online comments but it's not hard to imagine him thinking these same hate filled thoughts about one of his own patients who defied his recommendations to get jabbed up. Because of course, Chris fancies himself the Almighty MD..... There is not a *single* physician whom I work with that hasn't encouraged and in some cases - chased down - their patients to get their Covid jabs and unbelievably - it goes on to this day. There also has not been a *single* physician who has recognized the very obvious vax injuries that so many of their patients have clearly suffered. I have reviewed hundreds of charts since the mRNA jabs were rolled out and despite the fact that I have observed obvious adverse events from these jabs - over and over and over...again - I have seen only *one* chart where the patient's recent vaccination (the day he was admitted to the hospital) status was documented as a potential contributor to his heart attack and *myocarditis* - it was his 3rd jab. That courageous soul was a cardiac Resident - and I made sure to keep note of his name for potential cardiac care. On the front of each patient electronic medical record - there is a vaccination tab - of course it only refers to the Covid "vax" and if a patient is either unvaccinated (very rarely seen) or "overdue for booster dose" - the words are in bold red and the tab is highlighted in pink - so no one can miss it. To be unvaxxed or out of compliance with the endless, killer shots is to be marked - literally - with Scarlet letters. Healthcare is a hellhole filled with obnoxious, arrogant, malfeasant MD's who chose not to do their own research but even more unbelievable to me - as an RN - is that they never even questioned the bizarre roll out of these "vaccines". The vast majority of physicians are lacking even the most basic common sense. Peter McCullough - runs circles around each and everyone.

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I played football thru university. McCullough writes " I saw blunt neck and chest trauma."

I guess from a doctor's perspective. But from where I stood on the field, about every other play has about a dozen "blunt traumas!"

But it is true: I have NEVER seen this on the field, ever, anywhere, though I assume it has happened. Otherwise, the game would not being played. My guess is that the fasco-Marxist Deep State doesn't want to alarm the hoi polloi in flyover country, so they give these types saline, like Let's Go Brandon. BUT, it is very important that we don't rush to judgment on this, as this will play right into the hands of the vile, disgusting leftist Deep State types. Y'know, the ones who have sold their souls for mammon.... the same ones who couldn't directly look their loved ones in the eyes at a Christmas they don't believe in, because there is actually no real human there... only, as CS Lewis wrote about in The Great Divorce, **shells** of people.

Meanwhile, check out Alex Berenson (former NYT Science writer, until his intellectual honesty forced him to leave) https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/update-on-the-damar-hamlin-piece/, writing " striking 2021 paper in the European Heart Journal reporting on two cases in which rugby players suffered severe heart rhythm disturbances following blunt chest trauma. In both cases the men had histories of myocarditis which appeared to have caused or worsened the arrhythmias. In the second case, the myocarditis was undiagnosed; the player died.:

See also https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/ for more athlete deaths - 1616 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 1114 of Them Dead, Since COVID Injection

Chuck Hughes is the only NFL player to ever die in a NFL game, 1971. Daryl Stingley was paralyzed by a dirty hit from Jack Tatum not too long after that. I started university on a football scholarship, and have played with or against a number of guys who made the pros (including the brother of the guy who backed up recently dead from the shot and all around nice guy Franco Harris among others). I have watched football for over 50 years, and never, ever seen anything like this.

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Jan 3·edited Jan 3

I've been watching NFL football for ~50 years. Seen many thousands of collisions over that time with one or both players being hit in their chest at least as hard as the event last night. This is first time I've seen the "victim" of that hit pop up, stand for 1 or 2 seconds, and then collapse (with a heart attack) ... not to mention a 24-year-old.

This event reminds me of that man who won the NCAA women's race. Given my youth spent in sports -- watching Title 9 come through for women -- I can easily see the unfairness of that. My peers who hate sports and never played them can see that unfairness, but can't see why or how that unfairness is more important to the unfairness of not letting trans people participate.

Those sports-hating peers who look at the event last night would not be able to put it in context of 50 years of such hits ... none of which ended like last night.

So they would look at it, hear the corrupt CC-only diagnosis, and say: "Yeah, probably."

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The video is not available unless signed into YouTube. Here is a link to the video on Rumble.


Is physician Chris Haddock saying that anyone that considers the vaccine as a possible contributing factor to this heart condition a horrible person? If yes, this does not seem rationale. Should all causes be reviewed before ruling out a possible cause? Is heart damage from the vaccine not a possible cause (contributing factor)?

Quote: "Those trying to tie this to vaccine status to project their unscientific beliefs are terrible, horrible people."

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Why are those who offer a speculative diagnosis (that implicates a C19 jab-aided injury) considered “horrible, terrible people,” while those who just as speculatively insist the contrary not?

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If he survives, he will eventually have a diagnostic cardiac MRI done. If it demonstrates myocarditis or scarring, wouldn't that be prima facie evidence of a post-vaccine injury due to his age and gender susceptibility? If he doesn't survive, an autopsy could show myocarditis and spike proteins without nucleocapsid proteins in his myocardium.

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I played 6 years of football collectively in junior high and high school and never once was this condition mentioned, it never happened, we were encouraged to hit as hard as possible and were chastised and sidelined if we didn't, and not once during those six years did I see occurrences anything like this happen. Worst things that happened were concussions, joint damage and sprains.

I never saw anyone randomly collapse in a game or practice (practice was much harder), summer football Temps were in the upper 90s low 100s and humid as a marsupial pouch and still, not once in six years did I ever see this happen.

We were teen agers beating the god loving shit out of each other and we loved it and every single last one of us survived.

I also watched football on the weekends, college and NFL, while winter wrapped its cold hug on the outdoors, inside the fire was going and meals were cooking and football was on and not once ever did the family watching a game go "oh no, what just happened?" Sure, from time to time there was a stretcher rolled out because someone leveled an awesome massive deck across the bow of another players chest, but you would see that guy back on the sideline the next quarter, not fucking intubated.

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