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The use of military units on American soil, against civilians, is not off-limits.

It's authorized by statute and by public and secret Presidential executive orders and directives.

2006/10/17 - Congress and President Bush passed NDAA/John Warner Defense Authorization Act for FY2007 - PL 109-364, 120 Stat. 2095. Section 1076 amended 1807 Insurrection Act, (10 USC 333, renumbered as 10 USC 253), providing exemptions to 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, to expand the authority of federal government to deploy US military on American soil against American citizens during “natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident, or other condition in any State or possession of the United States.” Repealed in NDAA for FY2008. Passed again in NDAA for FY2012.

2008/01/28 - Congress and President Bush passed National Defense Authorization Act for FY2008. PL 110-181, 122 Stat. 325. Section 1068 repealed 2007 amendments to Insurrection Act which had expanded exemptions to 1878 Posse Comitatus Act limits on US Presidents’ power to deploy the military domestically. Amendments passed again in NDAA for FY2012, again giving President power to deploy military domestically.

2011/12/31 - Congress and President Obama passed National Defense Authorization Act for FY2012 - PL 112-81, 125 Stat. 1298. Section 1021 codified authority for US President to order military arrest and indefinite detention of American civilians without charge or trial under 10 USC 801 et seq. (Uniform Code of Military Justice), to the extent the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, passed under the 1973 War Powers Act, (50 U.S. Code § 1541) is construed as putting the United States in a permanent state of war (Global War on Terror) and the national emergency first declared by President Bush in 2001 is extended. It has been extended, every year since.

2016/12/23 - Congress and President Obama passed National Defense Authorization Act for FY2017. PL 114-328, 130 Stat. 2509. Established DOD Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) and Director of DSCA, with authority to coordinate and synchronize US military with foreign military forces, and conduct domestic military campaigns in violation of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act. Codified at [10 USC 382].

2017/01/23 - Department of Homeland Security published Biological Incident Annex to the Response and Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plans. At p. 70, stated that 10 USC 382 “permits Department of Defense to provide support to the Department of Justice under certain circumstances in emergency situations involving Weapons of Mass Destruction, including biological weapons and materials.”

Presidential Executive Orders on globalized, militarized public health/population control frameworks, bioweapons development, Artificial Intelligence and Presidential authorization for foreign troops to control American civilians on US soil:

13674 (Obama, 2014); 13732 (Obama, 2016); 13747 (Obama, 2016); 13859 (Trump, 2019); 13887 (Trump, 2019); and 13961 (Trump, 2020).

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This is the logical result of the Progressive ideology. Their goal for the last 100+ years has been to separate administration and politics. Now we have an unelected 4th branch of government in the bureaucracy and functions as legislator (making regulations), executive (enforcing regulations), and judiciary (fining violators). We haven’t had a constitutional republic for several decades.

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The founders made it clear they understood that the constitution they crafted would be useful only for a moral people driven by a religious faith foundation.

This notion that individual leaders like Obama are responsible for our demise misses seeing the reality that it is directly a result of loss of the faith that produced the virtue and character that made the nation great. We are no longer one nation under God.

It was Obama who said we are no longer a Christian nation. Sadly he was right as evidenced by culture that has abandoned Biblical standards for sexuality.

The rise of ommunism is a manifestation of atheism. Our only hope is a spiritual revival. A great awakening of faith.

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Dr McCullough, I also have been having these reflections for many years now. Thanks for everything you do and share!

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Excellent article, although I suspect this ‘coup’ has been going on for quite some time (perhaps since governmental powers that be actually assassinated a president that they didn’t like). It would appear that the election of Donald Trump spurred these ‘oligarchs’ into action; that the fact that an election result could be so uncontrolled that someone who was slated to win could actually lose, meant that whatever the ‘plan’ was, to finally assume total control over a population, needed to be ratcheted up, and put into high gear. It is noteworthy that all of this has come to a head in less than 2 years of a Biden ‘presidency’. If there is any silver lining to this cloud, it is that the uncontrolled speed of the plan to destroy the US, is beginning to awaken the sleeping masses.

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My slowly evolving take on the current situation is similar. It is a different and darker country.

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I'd like to add to that the Obamas. But, they are all controlled by their puppetmasters. The rockefellers come to mind. Read WIlliam Engdahl's articles, books, and watch his videos. It's all very telling. Here's just one piece: http://www.williamengdahl.com/englishNEO26Mar2017.php

Since many are aware of all of this, how do we come out ahead?

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Not just the USA that resembles the end of Rome! We in Europe are no longer listened to by our elected representatives. The EU is an elite club. The UK government is merely a front for the financiers. We, the people, are merely tax payers to fund their power grabs and other fancies.

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Many of us have been having similar thoughts, because it's quite evident that our existence as a Republic is in many major aspects a farce. I would put the critical inflection point at the Kennedy assassination, not the invasion of Iraq. In a broader sense, we can argue that the conclusion of the War Between the States is when the current trajectory away from democratic republican governance began.

It's good that our military is sill not deployed against us in the homeland, but as you noted, there are disturbing movements in that direction. But IMO a more critical difference between us and the Roman republic is our system of Federalism, which remains alive despite the inroads gained by the oligarchs at the federal level. Federalism is thriving in some states, and being slowly resuscitated in others. It is perhaps our greatest hope with respect to the political aspect of our fall and potential recovery.

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The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the beginning of the end of our Constitutional Republic in 'modern' times, imo. Central banks - the First and Second - were eliminated by wiser folk who tolerated much less corruption whereas for the last 110 years, we've not only tolerated our own slavery but we've been blind to it......as we take part in wars for profit (oh the millions of deaths of innocents we supported!) for the bankers.

The question is: with half our population embracing the jab and masks and oblivious to the coming global tyranny (and hateful of us who try to make them aware), can we, the other half, rescue our republic (and the world?) from Big Pharma AND the central banks at the same time.

I do NOT see those in power relinquishing that power, EVER, since they control the levers of all western governments, the military, and the intelligence services (as well as the 'vaccine/death' factories!).....and they've got all the money to buy anyone off or to pay for the necessary execution.

I'd say we are only now realizing that we are overwhelmed and bound in a totalitarian state that is rapidly revealing itself shamelessly.

Our human species is no longer free but is now being transformed into a herd of livestock for the elite to control and manage as any other livestock.

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That the DOD holds “final authority” over the injection program of the citizens of the United States indeed reflects an invasion of home soil by our military.

Rome has fallen.

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The human age (block of time) was designed to last as long as needed to complete HIS PLAN.

No nation in this human block of time will last, as we know it into the next age.

Hard for American Patriots to accept even with HIStorical examples.

Jonah, Jerimiah, Eziekiel and many others loved their lands.

Nations that refuse HIS instruction end badly.

Readers can choose to stop looking to man or man's religions for answers. Start studying for yourselves. Careful who you listen to or join with. Many are false teachers just as political leaders often prove to be. Deception is their SOP. This too was warned about. To all The GOoD, Onward --->

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There is no question that J-6 was a Deep State Oligarch coup. America is no longer a Constitutional democratic Republic. Maybe we haven’t really been since 1913. But it is blindingly obvious now, especially with the revelations of the Twitter files and the creation of government and adjacent surveillance of domestic enemies of the Oligarchy, as well as the obviousness of vote fraud across the land. Sorry to have to say it, but: Kiss your ass goodbye America.

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Exceptional explication of current state of affairs. Crystallized my trepidation.

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The New Constitution - Living War Crimes


[The above documentary drawn from the findings of Sacha Latypova & Katherine Watt - in this discussion https://www.bitchute.com/video/qCEGQhrfqaM1/]

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Yes. Echos my thoughts as well.

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