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Many Covid-infected Washington blue and red elites secretly were treated with Ivermectin.

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AMEN, John. As I wrote in my “Letter to Alex Berenson on World Ivermectin Day” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-alex-berenson-on-world) last year:

“The failure to recommend ivermectin is not a side story, as you suggested in your debate with Dr. Kory. It is THE story, Alex. Because with ivermectin, every injection, every death, every injury, every infringement on our rights in the name of ‘saving’ us from COVID wouldn’t have happened. Indeed, it would have made for a very boring story.”

I previously covered the ivermectin disinformation campaign during the FDA’s “y’all” propaganda blitz in October 2021:

• “Letter to a Scientifically-Minded Friend” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-scientifically-minded)

Peter and John, I wanted to alert you to the poem I published to launch the new year:

• “Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem)

It was inspired by a conversation with Mike Yeadon and our growing concern about the use of terms like “bungling,” “mistakes,” and “incompetence”—even by well-meaning people in the medical freedom movement.

I feel it is absolutely vital that we get the message out to the people in our community to avoid using the exculpatory language the perpetrators are planting in the public consciousness to deflect guilt.

I would be profoundly grateful, Peter, if you would use your voice to share this poem and warn people about falling into the trap of allowing the philanthropaths (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams), tyrants, colluders, and propagandists to frame the messaging.

Thank you both for your ceaseless efforts on behalf of truth, freedom, and humanity, and here’s to making 2023 the Year of Accountability!

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Kissimmee, FL Press Conference: Your Story Counts — The Untold Atrocities of COVID-19

October 13, 2022




ERIN: Hi, My name is Erin [inaudible]*. I am mom of nine children and 11 grandchildren.

Sept 20, '21 my son Daniel was under a doctor's care at home. He was being treated for pneumonia. The doctor had warned them not to go to the hospital. People were not coming out. But at the time the doctor had prescribed him Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and the pharmacy could not fill the script, or would not.

It would be several days or weeks before they could get it. His wife and inlaws took the Ivermectin and recovered, and we knew many more who did.

They had no choice to call the paramedics, his oxygen had dropped below 70. He was struggling to breathe.

I got on the next flight to Kentucky. My son and his wife Chrissandra were well aware of the protocols of the hospital and verbalized they would not take Remdesivir treatment or any ventilation treatment. They were strongly against it and made that very clear.

Once Daniel was admitted, they did not let his wife into the hospital with him. After a period of time his wife was able to go back in but for 30 minutes a day. Not into his room. Standing outside his room to pray over it.

After a period of time I was allowed in there and the same restrictions, and the times were very restrictive for me but I was only allowed outside.

We received a frantic phone call, they had to vent my son. He was struggling to breathe. After speaking with the doctor we knew the percentages of people that walk out of the hospital, that don't walk out of the hospital after being vented. And we told them that. And he said, well, your son has no chance to live right now, so at least give him that. We said no. We are on our way.

When we get there, Daniel is vented. Again, against his will.

I asked the doctor to read me the list of medications my son was on. I was shocked to hear that Remdesivir was on the list. I immediately told him to take my son off and to please refer to the records that him and his wife signed regarding the medication when admitted.

No Remdesivir, the doctor promised me he would.

Daniel's wife Chrissandra followed up with the doctor about this subject and she was lied to, and lied at the actions taken.

He stated that he was following protocol. I asked him, what about Ivermectin? Through tears. He responded to me with the statement: I know it works, I have used it, but my hands are tied. And I would have to go to the administration to speak with them.

I was screaming at them. I had a lawyer on my phone. I had my phone up, I've got my lawyer on my phone, which I did. And—

I am going to the administration immediately, here is his script.

At that moment a kidney specialist joined us outside his room. He was one of the doctors that was treating my son. He said, I'm very sorry, it's too late. We stood in disbelief and questioned, what are you even talking about? He said that Daniel's kidneys were shutting down, a side-effect of using Remdesivir.

That was when I found out that my son was on the hospital CDC protocol, totally against his will. And within minutes, they ran out of his room, screaming, all hands on deck!

My heart was crushed, I was confused. Daniel was one of seven people that coded in front of us in one evening.

The nurse ran out and asked me, Do you want to come in and watch us resuscitate your son? The same nurse that would not allow me near my son. I said to her, we have been here for 10 days and you have not let me near my son. Now you want me to come into the room and watch you resuscitate him? How dare you.

I was standing in the hallway looking through the door and just praying. It was his bare feet I was able to see from my vantage point and I prayed into them with every intention. My baby boy was so close. I could sense him breathing, his body rising and falling. I traveled over 700 miles only to come against an evil no parent should have to face. A hospital, a place of healing, became a prison. And I was one moment away from being forcibly removed from that hospital for just wanting to be with my baby.

All I felt was helpless standing outside that door, barred from entering the room where my child was laying 10 feet from me. They physically won't let me near him. This is criminal! All's I wanted to do was touch Daniel, to let him hear my voice, to soothe his spirit and speak life into him. God's holy word. To treat him with Ivermectin because I knew that it worked, to restore this young man's glorious God frequency!

To be denied the opportunity to be healed was pure evil. Everyone who knew and was part of this is complicit. And you are responsible, they are so responsible, for every murder.

This time it was my precious boy. It could be anyone, easily anyone that's listening to this story right now.

Daniel was a light in this world. He walked in faith, he loved his family passionately. My husband and I gave Daniel God's inheritance and legacy and in turn, Daniel gave it to his children. And in the end God wins. But the torture of this journey is a heavy burden. With all of my heart I know where my son is and we will be together again.

The inhumane treatment of patients and families has got to come to an end!

The Ivermectin was being withheld from people. People were being sent away from the hospital until they were so so sick that they had no recourse but CDC Protocol.

The patients are alone, scared, having no family to advocate next to them, to protect their rights.

What is truly going on?

When we went to the hospital to pick over a thousand pages of medical records, the medical lady who handed us the big box of papers printed them out, you know, have to pay per page, handed them to us, said, "These are free. And I do not work at this hospital, I am only subbing in today. I need you to take my cell number." She said, "For anything, please take this, please do something about this. They are killing people here."

Our medical rights are being taken away. We couldn't stay with him and state his wishes. We couldn't make the choices we had the right to make for him. And how dare they take that from us.

In closing, I'm so grateful for the continued stand of support for my family and friends, [inaudible] words are inadequate, all of my friends who I see here today. I am thankful for our governor who fights for families and fought to make sure that your family will not be dying in Florida alone.**

In a million years I could not have thought that this would be my son. I was fully informed, and it was still happening to me and my family. I hope that by sharing my story that it will encourage you to share yours.

Research these things!

Learn the truth and fight for it!

Our rights as Americans are being taken away.

And I will end in scripture. Psalm 34:18: The Lord is close to the broken-hearted. And saves those who are crushed in spirit.

And I am so thankful that I do not walk alone. Thank you.



# # #


*I have not yet been able to verify the spelling of her last name.

**On April 6, 2022 Governor of Florida Ron DeSantos signed the No Patient Left Alone State Bill 988 that guarantees visitation rights of patients and their families. See


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Tragically and unbelievably to offer Ivermectin would be in direct conflict with The Agenda ..

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I am so embarrassed to live in Buffalo NY where Millard Fillmore Suburban which is one of the highest regarded hospitals in the area, was the focus of two chapters in your book. They were blocking against a court order to dispense life saving medication. I have lost all confidence in the local medical profession and looking forward to being a Floridian

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Ivermectin worked for literally every single person I know who took it - many at high risk so thank you doc for your intellectual courage. Your bravery saved many.

We know the problem is our corrupt system. We know the solutions are transparency in these systems, decentralization of power, and human collaboration.

We just need to organize better as problem solvers to fix this.

Let's start with mindset. We started a free book club for problem solvers like yourself and many of your readers. Let's all think the problems out together. The first book we are reading is ironically MINDSET by Dweck.


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Dr. McCullough, Thank you for your ongoing work that is so critical in these times. Keep fighting the good fight and standing firm with truth.

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Sadly, and criminally, Ivermectin became almost impossible to find after the American Board of Pharmacy prohibited pharmacists from dispensing it for treating Covid. It was pulled from insurance company formularies and was back ordered at the pharmacies. A drug that cost about $15-20 for 20 tablets was now selling for $100 for a box of 20. This is criminal maleficence and, maybe grounds for negligent homicide since the intent was to block its use when there was clear evidence of benefit. All of these lies, and regulatory bullying need to be made known to the public, and the guilty need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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I had severe covid pneumonia in November 2021. I had three trips to ER; they really didn’t help me, and one ER doctor was just downright rude. After day 15 and getting worse, I contacted my functional medicine doctor who immediately ordered an Ivermectin prescription. I was 50 PERCENT better within 24 hours after one dose. He told me later that I most likely would have died had I not received the Ivermectin. But, some still are skeptical even after hearing my story.

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From the censored and shadow-banned April 20, 2022 press conference in which Minnesota Representative Glenn Gruenhagen Introduces HF2348 - A resolution to create a COVID-19 vaccine bill of rights.



PATTI CARROLL*: Next up I'd like to introduce Mark Bishofsky. Mark was a talented and respected frontline care worker who witnessed workplace practices that ended up changing his life. Thanks for being here, Mark.


MARK BISHOFSKY: Thank you, Patti. So yeah I've written up some stuff to say but I do want to add also that I am myself vaccine injured. I was injured by a tetanus vaccine in 2014 and I deal with the symptoms of that daily, and long story short, I'm lucky to be alive. One of my children was injured by an MMR vaccine and we deal with that, my wife and I deal with that every single day.

And I think we need to also acknowledge that to just blindly trust these pharmaceutical companies is an exercise in some kind of craziness because you need not look any further than the drugs Bextra,* Vioxx** or Johnson & Johnson's baby powder.*** Pfizer was fined 2.3 billion dollars in 2007, it's the largest fine ever handed out by the Department of Justice, for lying, bribing, and manipulating data. And we also need to acknowledge that sometimes the FDA, the CDC and these big pharmaceutical companies can be seen as maybe one entity if not just a revolving door. So to just, to just trust them and their data is not something I am going to do.

So yeah again I've been a respiratory therapist for 23 years. I have an advanced skill set, I've worked with all age groups and all critical care settings, including medical transport. I loved my job. I loved taking care of patients and collaborating with doctors to figure out how to best take care of these patients.

But that all ended with the covid pandemic.

It used to be OK to ask questions in the hospital. But it is no longer OK to do that. I worked through the pandemic up until October of last year and what I witnessed was mind-boggling.

Early intubation, the use of remdesivir. Even after the World Health Organization recommended not using remdesivir, in the lack of effort to try anything other than the failed, deadly protocol made absolutely no sense to me. I tried to get Ivermectin for my patients that were asking for it as an alternative treatment, but it was never given. I asked for hydroxychloroquine. I tried to give to give my patients something as safe and effective and inexpensive as just Vitamin D, completely harmless to try, but they wouldn't give it.

I even presented research showing that these interventions were effective.

I pushed to get my patients noninvasive ventilation rather than having them be intubated. I held the hands and tried to advocate for patients who were not allowed to have family members by their side to advocate for them. I held some of those hands until those patients took their very last breath because I refused to let them die alone.

I worked through the pandemic before there was a vaccine, and I did that without proper protective equipment. And I did it because I wanted to help people.

Once there was a vaccine, I was no longer good enough. I could have submitted for a religious exemption but I decided I could no longer be a part of the system that was leaving its patients to die without proper care, without attempting anything other than the failed protocol.

Ivermectin is not horse paste. Ivermectin is a Nobel prize-winning human drug. And to ignore it, to ignore an inexpensive, potentially effective, low-risk medication, but to use a medication like remdesivir which is extremely expensive and probably dangerous, just blows my mind.

The doctors I used to work with, I had an impeccable relationship with them. But once I started to question anything, they would no longer talk to me. I was ostracized. The mood in the hospital became very dark, not just with me but with everyone.

The medical system is no longer what it used to be. I gave up a career that I loved. And I am not the only one. And if anybody is wondering why there is a shortage of healthcare workers, look no further than vaccine mandates. Hospitals are short-staffed during a pandemic because of a silly mandate for a vaccine that is proving to be much less effective than advertised.

The last point I want to bring up is something that I noticed in August of 2021. For the last 10 years working at the hospital I was working at, July and August were always very, very slow. This was the time of the year where you would kick back, take a vacation, take a deep breath after going through the busy season. But in 2021, July and August were extremely busy. In fact we were taking patients in a suburban hospital all the way from Bemidji** because every single hospital in the metro was full this past July and August. And it was not covid. There were almost zero cases of covid. What changed? What changed last year that made these hospitals full all the time now? What could it have possibly have been? To ask myself and to want to ask these doctors, could this be a vaccine injury? These clots, this bleeding? You could not do it. You absolutely could not debate science in these hospitals anymore. That is what I experienced. And if I would have asked those questions I would have been ostracized even worse.

And I will leave you with this. I resigned in September. In my last day of work I asked the doctor what his thoughts were, regarding giving young men the vaccine who are at a higher risk of getting myocarditis from the vaccine than they are for even being hospitalized from covid. And he said to me, I don't have the bandwidth. He would not engage me on that question. But within two hours, I was walked out of the hospital by my director and by security and they wouldn't even tell me why. In the end they told me I was going rogue.

So to ask a doctor what his thoughts are about the vaccine in these young men getting myocarditis is going rogue.

What is happening in this country and in this world is insane. And people, please, need to wake up.

Thank you.



# # #


*Patti Carroll is Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Council, Minnesota.

*Bextra was a drug sold by Pfizer for which in 2009 the US Department of Justice imposed a 2.3 billion dollar fine, the largest settlement for healthcare fraud. The details are on the U.S. department of Justice website at this link:


**Vioxx was a painkiller that for many people resulted in fatal or serious heart damage. A thorough timeline of the Vioxx story can be found at this link:

https://www.npr.org/2007/11/10/5470430/timeline-the-rise-and-fall-of-vioxx. Of note, in 2007 when Merck's 4.85 billion dollar settlement was the largest settlement ever.

***Johnson & Johnson's baby powder contained asbestos, a known carcinogen.

See also the US Department of Justice Press Release November 4, 2013, "Johnson & Johnson to Pay More Than $2.2 Billion to Resolve Criminal and Civil Investigations"


**Bemidji is a town in Minnesota approximately 220 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

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"Shame on" them? Seriously is that all they get?!?!

"Shame on you" is what you say to a mischievous child caught licking the icing off a birthday cake before the party starts.

The hospitals KILLED patients by the treatments they gave to collect the financial incentives: $39,000 for each ventilator, a few thousand more to administer I.V. bags of remdesivir, $13,000 for each Covid admission (all it takes is a positive PCR test and admission).

And they KILLED by the ivermectin they refused to administer.

Most scandalous of all the financial incentives, as explained elsewhere by Dr. Paul Marik -- is the 20% New Drug Bonus financial incentive to be collected by the hospital if they gave remdesivir ... And HOW is the New Drug Bonus calculated? ... So, whatever the patient's total hospital bill was ... say the bill was $200,000 ... then the hospital gets a 20% New Drug Bonus of $40,000 ... $300,000 fetches a $60,000 New Drug Bonus, etc. ... absolutely criminal ... it is financially incentivized murder.

Pleeeease tell me you're not starting to favor granting amnesty to these profiteering killers?

Punishments for financially-incentivized mass murder/iatrogenocide of hundreds of thousands needs to be much more severe than "shame on you."

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And the WHO and the CDC continue to cover-up the benefit of ivermectin in India and elsewhere when used early...early!! But the FDA has little interest in approving drugs that work over experimental known lethal and disabling “vaccine”....evidence of complicity in such untoward effects for sure. And the pharmacy still think they can play God....always protected by the Dem political mafia.

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Watching the health authorities, media, and pharmaceutical companies try to bury effective treatments was what made me realize that we were not dealing with incompetence. We were in deep trouble. Thank you for fighting for truth and medical freedom!

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I'm Japanese and can't read the details of US law, but I remember reading an article that said "Emergency USA Authorization = EUA activation is limited only when there is no other treatment". .

does anyone know?

If it is true, I think it is natural that ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc. were attacked by CDC and NIH, which are organizations under HHS. Otherwise pseudo-mRNA injection could not be used. Of course, there would have been strong support from spies who had gotten into the CDC and FDA due to the revolving door personnel.

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I think the most horrible truth of the entire Covid Catastrophe is the behavior of nurses, doctors, and hospital administrators who were willing to murder patients for money.

Of course there are the brave individuals, doctors and nurses, who stood against this wickedness, but so tragically way, way, too few, and I literally have not heard of one hospital administrator, (I'm sure they exist, I just don't know of them,) who had the Courage to Face Covid-19 with integrity.

If we cannot become a moral, compassionate and honest nation again, we are doomed to complete destruction.

This is true in our financial structures, our medical system, our academic world, our political and governmental actions, and inside our media as well.

Lack of common human decency, intellectual honesty, the absolute void of governmental competence coupled with zero levels of media integrity and their total failure to discern and report on factual information as opposed to spouting propaganda created by very nefarious forces inside our own nation is killing and disabling millions of Americans, destroying our economy, and creating a catastrophe for the next generations.

We have been subjected to terrorism emanating from our government and applied through media. The rule of these wicked forces must end, now.

Disease and war and debt and environmental destruction and human enslavement are all too profitable. We need to pull the teeth of these monstrosities NOW.

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I’m unvaxxed and got sick about 12 days ago on Dec 22nd. I had zero energy, my body hurt and my chest hurt. I basically lost my appetite, but what I did eat started to taste very weird and then I completely lost my sense of smell. I started ivermectin 10 days ago. Within an hour I started to feel better. I won’t lie...I was pretty bad for many days and even now have less energy and a dry cough, but everyday I took IVM (7 days) I felt better. I also took HCL. Not sure how I feel about it. I started to get weird, paranoid thoughts. But I feel great about ivermectin.

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