"Appear to be protected by childhood smallpox vaccination"?

NOT. Why is this so complicated to understand? Our bodies protect us when we eat well, drink clean water, wash regularly, handle environmental toxins effectively, and care for each other as ourselves.

Vaccines harm too many, to even consider them as a benefit.

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The Most Heavily Vaccinated People And Those

Injured The Most - Are Still Wearing Masks.

Enjoy This Moment. It Is Yours.

Because They Are The Same Fucked-Up Morons

That Wanted To Force Inject You; To Quarantine You; To Fire You; And To Deny You Medical Care. They Still Do.

So Tell Them - To Their Faces:

“Don’t Get Sick - Because You Won’t Get Better”

You Owe Yourself That.

They Are Not Getting Better. Make Them Hear It.

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Covid 19:

19 Standard Deviations From Reality.

Where ...

Dying Suddenly Is Just Another Name For:

Peer Reviewing The Data.


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>"...without any prior randomized trials demonstrating safety or efficacy in humans."

Who needs trials anymore? Just test it out on the public! And anyway, if it was released under "emergency declaration" then there's no liability, So instead of "humanized mice" let's just use "humanized humans"!

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Like the old pill popping commercials..."take two and call me in the morning"! We'll take it from there.

Except now the difference is not waking up at all in any morning is permanent.

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