If she is not careful, Canada may send her to a re-education camp. Isn’t that what they just did to Jordan Petersen?

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Thank you for all you guys do. I know this whole situation has not been what any of us would have chosen, with all the attendant sacrifices, losses and persecution. Please know that millions of people around the world are deeply grateful to you for what you have stood firm for, and stepped up to hold the line for truth and freedom. May God bless you in all ways.

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So glad you and Laura-Lynn connected. Two brave and good truth tellers. I follow both of you and it helps keep me sane!

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Thank you Laura-Lynn and Dr. McCullough....keep up the great work your are doing.

The truth about COVID shots will eventually come out. Again THANK YOU!!

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Another important element to expose the harmful and life-threatening biochemical demonstration product and all the lying people around it. Great work :-) Team McCullough

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Peter and all,

Aren’t we Americans way past talking about censorship…and many of us onto SOLUTIONS?

It would be great for all health professionals to keep repeating this message…especially since they could not unite to stop 4 years of BIOTERRORISM…

DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING LABELLED A VACCINE…until the entire gross poison/murder mess is addressed properly and all involved are heavily punished!

For now ALL AMERICANS…focus on the MOST important 2024 issue of ELECTION INTEGRITY!

Is there any other HIGHEST priority in 2024 to fix without fixing free, fair, lawful and transparent elections???

The Lex Greene piece should give all persons GREAT HOPE that the 2024 ELECTION INTEGRITY CROWD will be able to establish free, fair, lawful and transparent elections…a necessity to clean up all the other messes!

Lex Greene lays out our GREAT odds of winning…


Spread this piece all over our mostly RED, repeat RED country!

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"Damn the Torpedoes, full steam ahead." Take THEM down!

Dear People, THEY will be gone forever soon unless they sincerely repent.

No excuse to tolerate dEvil stupidity for longer than it takes to catch the players.

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Great interview, Laura-Lynn! Unfortunately there were several gaps in the written transcript during Dr. McCullough's time on screen. Perhaps those experiencing difficulty hearing the video might like to see the text restored?

BEGIN 1st OMISSION, [0:03] to [0:49]

0:30 Dr. McCullough: nothing was accomplished, they were asking about social distancing. And as we pieced things together from the works of Peter Breggin, Robert F. Kennedy and now, Rand Paul, what we understand is that Fauci was actually part of the collaboration to create SARS-CoV-2. [0:49]

END 1st OMISSION (46 seconds)

BEGIN 2nd OMISSION [2:58] to [3:10]

Dr. McCullough: That's the first area. The second area is it causes ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, Guillain-Barre syndrome, small fiber neuropathy, blindness, hearing loss, seizures. The third area, proven, the vaccines cause [3:10]

END OF 2nd OMISSION (12 seconds)

BEGIN 3rd OMISSION from [3:11] to [3:14]

Dr. McCullough: This is what Marjorie Taylor Greene was most concerned about

END 3rd OMISSION (3 seconds)

BEGIN 4th OMISSION from [8:29] to [8:49]

[8:29] Laura-Lynn: And when you were speaking about Dr. Anthony Fauci, if I could just return to that, he seems to be getting off scott free. Why is he so protected? He obviously has some sort of power or maybe it's money. But this man

END 4th OMISSION, [8:49] (20 seconds)

BEGIN 5th OMISSION from [12:24] to [12:41]

[12:24] Dr. Peter McCullough: myocarditis. So I want everyone to understand, we don't think messenger RNA are ever going to be safe. It's a very dangerous platform. We should have a global call to halt all messenger RNA development, and I think we should have a global call [12:41]

END 5th OMISSION (17 seconds)

BEGIN 6th OMISSION from [13:10] to [13:31]

13:10 Dr. McCullough: to create something that could get the entire world sick, and hold that as a power chip, and then, and also be on the heels of that with a vaccine. The World Economic Forum has, for the last several months, been promoting the concept of Disease X. WEF and Gates Foundation formed CEPI

END 6th OMISSION [13:31] (21 seconds)

BEGIN 7th OMISSION from [16:32] to [16:51]

[16:32] Dr. McCullough: even up to 12 months, but the spike protein is the problem. It accumulates in the body, the human body can't get rid of it itself. Isn't it interesting, that, in a sense, it's been provided for us in nature, Nattokinase, Bromelain and Curcumin, and we can increase the doses from there. [16:51]

END 7th OMISSION, (19 seconds)

BEGIN 8th OMISSION, [17:42] to [18:00]

Dr. McCullough: placebo-controlled trials, but I can tell you, the Biden Administration and HHS, they've spend a billion dollars on Long Covid. They've come up with nothing. We're four years into this, and I can tell you, I basically told America and the world I'm taking matters into my own hands, and I think we've come up with a real winner.

END 8th OMISSION, (18 seconds)

156 seconds, or 2 minutes, 6 seconds

The entire interview ran for 1108 seconds, total

there were a total of 156 seconds missing

So 14% of the audio was missing from the written transcript (assuming I didn't make a math error).

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