The more doctors start loudly speaking out, the greater the opportunity for this information to get to the masses. Bravo to all the courageous docs.

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Who cares what he or any ‘expert’ thinks if they went ahead and took these injections. There were red flags popping up every 5 minutes in 2020 that this crap was not necessary and not fit for human consumption. There were a millon questions about the mRNAs before the rollout but no satisfactory answers. People like yeadon , bhakdi and wodarg had speculated about potential harms but this info was suppressed and ignored.

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The scope of damage from this campaign is going to be a real hard reality for many people to accept. 2023 is going to be a year like we have never seen. I've never wanted to be so wrong about anything in my life.

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The researchers at that UK University should be CHARGED with gross negligence and whatever else associated with covering up their results that the vaccine increased cardiac events. They were afraid to lose their funding. Disgusting.

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Nov 16, 2022·edited Nov 16, 2022

"Leading" is rather misleading

Malhotra pontificated at a public meeting in London (@ £10 a pop) on Monday 14/11/22

we're still waiting for contrition....

Anna de Buisseret, ex-army, lawyer: https://t.me/AnnadeBuisseretUKLawyer/5267

Abi Roberts walked out of the meeting having given him a piece of her mind!



AM at the APPG


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My grandpa just died of congestive heart failure. He lived a very active life, considering he was getting ready to go on his daily walk when he collapsed. I 100% believe it was vaccine related as he got all shots + boosters.

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Thank you for this post. Exposes one of the biggest hypocrites of the scamdemic in the UK.

Shame it took the death of his own father to expose the killer jabs.

As a major & in very public view, he was one of the leading cheer leaders for the death shots.

Despite his Damascene conversion.

His name will remain on the list of the GUILTY.

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Dr. Malhotra is a great addition to our lines. He is every bit as charismatic as Dr. McCullough.

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I have friends who have had the vax and boosters.

Getting to the point , how can someone reverse the bad side effects of the vaccines.


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Thank you for sharing the video. I noticed it has been updated (according to the link you provided in the Substack).

NEW link:

“Until Proven Otherwise”— Featuring Cardiologists Dr. Peter McCullough + Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation Published November 4, 2022

* https://rumble.com/v1rl1kk-until-proven-otherwise-featuring-cardiologists-dr.-peter-mccullough-dr.-ase.html

OLD link provided in this article:

“Until Proven Otherwise” —Two of the Top Cardiologists in the World

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation Published November 3, 2022

* https://rumble.com/v1rcdjm-until-proven-otherwise-two-of-the-top-cardiologists-in-the-world.html?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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I want to share this on Twitter but I worry about being censored or attacked. What do you all think?

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Thank you Corageous Discourse, Dr McCullogh, Dr. Malhotra and every leading specialist, doctor, nurse, journalist who has spoken out since the beginning.

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The Oxford AstraZeneca viral vector DNA 'vaccine' is being given a get out of jail free card here. It too has resulted in recipients developing very serious heart and circulation problems. It's not JUST the mRNA vaccines. AZ was just as bad, if not worse.

"The myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) has been reported so far with the mRNA CoViD vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), however, the MHRA’s adverse event report lists many cases of myocarditis, suggesting a strong signal for both AstraZeneca (viral vector) and Prizer (mRNA) CoViD vaccines [8]. The MHRA adverse event report including data up until 2nd June 2021 listed 31 cases of myocarditis (1 fatal) with AstraZeneca and 34 cases with Pfizer. Moreover, there were 55 cases of pericarditis (inflammation of the membrane around the heart) with AstraZeneca and 26 cases (1 fatal) with Pfizer. In addition, there were 330 myocardial infarctions (55 fatal) with AstraZeneca and 123 with Pfizer (24 fatal) [8]."


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God bless & protect all our Hero Whistleblowers. 🙏🏼

Praying more will become as brave & that so many come forward with the truth that we can stop our governments & the UN & WEF from taking away our Medical Freedom, lying to us, using us as their Guinea pigs & possibly planned depopulation!?!


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"The Covid mRNA vaccine has likely... (Key word in the whole post, "likely")

See how they qualify there unsubstantiated hypothesis in the very first sentence, in writing this is called a tease to keep the reader, reading. They really don't know, have no scientific or medical proof, but they are speculating it's the primary cause.

It sells a lot a subscriptions and keeps the you coming back or attracting new followers, but answers no question to the biological, genetic, or organic cause and effect other than rate to ratio statistics of the mRNA toxic genetic cell therapy.

As a society who took this at the whim of the government and big pharm, we want answers, not unqualified speculation.

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