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I have no interest in being a wet blanket but sometimes I feel like I am. Nothing will happen, or not much. Why do I think that?

I reference the second Iraq War. Totally unquestionable at the time. But then little by little the cracks show and more and more people know what many already knew.

Then you had pressure relief valves in the media, Jon Stewart and crew but also the soapbox dwelling entity known as Keith Olbermann. Democracy Now, at the time, was also playing this role.

Today Tucker plays that role while Olbermann's prodigy takes the State line.

But nothing happened and we all know it was a pack of lies. And what is even more incredulous is the very political side that was against that invasion has more interest in spreading war because of Russia's invasion than prosecuting the lying warmongers at home.

One giant illegal blatant war and no accountability. W Bush is giving speeches and making drawings, Condi Rice is a professor, Dick Cheney is chewing through his 7th or 8th heart while his daughter enjoys a weird political career, Rumsfeld is dead after enjoying a peaceful retirement after bringing the world aspartame, torture and death.

Even a young gitmo lawyer is currently poised to be a front runner in '24 in Ron DeSantis.

Words will be said, best intentions reaffirmed and nothing will happen.

The crime is too large. This always happens when the crime is too large.

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Good to hear Germany is finally coming to its senses. Too little, too late. Smh.

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I’d send this to my my lib sister who lives in Palo Alto , plays in the orchestra and teaches art boys and girls club. She’ll never read this, she’s a masker

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In Canada they hack away at Jordan Peterson. What will happen there?

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such a tragedy! personally i was stunned to see major arts organizations willingly fall in line and act as enforcement arms of bad public health policy. i was pushed from my 40 year position as Costume Director of the Spoleto Arts Festival in charleston, sc over a vaccine mandate. and not in NY or CA! there were no mandates here. people could go into any restaurant, store or theater without showing papers. but admission to this one particular set of concerts, operas and dance required 2 shots, a booster after 5 months, masks and photo ID- something you couldn't ask of a person voting in a national election without being tarred as a racist.

i also got criticized for using the Holocaust comparison which i think is completely apt.

similar things happened to russian artists when they were asked- no demanded- to renounce their allegiance to the home country over a proxy war in Ukraine.

artists were always supposed to be rebels, free spirits, critical thinkers. that all seems to have gone. safety is now the main concern which i can only believe will cause a loss in the quality of the arts. obviously in casting out and killing Mr. Mickisch, the arts have already suffered a terrible blow.

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This poor man. What a shame.

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What a horrible story. The minute anyone references Nazi Germany, the progression of events leading to the Holocaust, people’s hair goes on fire.

The collective guilt and shame flashing red lights go off.

Their behavior is akin to what they are being accused of.

It’s hard to stomach this world.

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I think this lawfare Harmacide is as heartbreaking and awful as the medical Harmacide.

Most important point you make re freedom to speak and be wrong, the thing usually overlooked.

Sad they go after musicians rather than nourish and treasure us, to everyone's tragic loss

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Thank you for sharing this news and also this essay again. What strange and dark times we have been living through. I am especially saddened that Stefan Mickisch is not here now, for we need magnificent music, and we need those who so love it, always, ever.

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Here is the Welt article in english. The original is behind a paywall. http://igor.chudov.com/tmp/Die-Welt.pdf

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"To be sure, some emergency powers may be justified by a true emergency, but it must be carefully defined." Since early on in the COVID scam I've stated that right-minded politicians must be already preparing legislation to drastically restrict and limit emergency powers and outlined many of the points made by the author. The starting point must be a narrow redefinition of what constitutes an emergency. A true emergency is presently occurring and not a prediction of what might happen at some future point. It must be physically evident to all. I t must be so overwhelming that individuals or local organizations cannot handle it. And it must have a defined and measurable end. While early on in a true emergency a single governmental unit may be in charge, not long afterwards the oversight must reside with entities closer to the people, such as the legislature.

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Herr Mickisch was one of millions of people who were the victims of " Corona Fascism ". Like Mickisch, many took their own lives because they too were shut out of society by the policies of these fascists but their fate wasn't publicized as with this musical genius because they were common, ordinary people who had faith in the experts they thought had their best interest at heart. But in reality, these people they trusted had their own best self interests at heart and

like the Nazi's, created the mental environment that ended the lives of so many people around the world. I consider it a crime similar to that of the Nazi's by standing the Jews in front of open graves and shooting them in the head, ending their innocent lives. For this and other crimes against humanity, the German nation paid a drastic price. The modern day "Corona Fascists " must pay a price for their crimes against humanity, for the spirits of those they eliminated demand it.

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They published it behind a paywall, like everything everybody should know about, though. I hope the archived link will spread a lot.

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We haven't begun to tally the enormity of the loss we have sustained by this heinous attack on humanity, begun as a bioweapon unleashed supposedly from a China lab (who knows if that is even the bottom of it) that caused an insane response of forced vaxxing with a dangerous injection, lockdowns and masking. Policies harshly imposed on almost every nation of the world. This musician that committed suicide Stefan Mickisch seems like a beautiful soul, an innocent; he can stand as a symbol of all the good and wonderful that is our civilization, crushed by an orchestrated criminal enterprise.

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Excellent points about free speech.

Although covidian believers will say that information which disagrees with government health statements is dangerous to health and must be censored,

Followers of science and medicine not money and fame know that science is not always “settled” even when it seems so). These more scientific doctors, pharmacists and other professionals (1) need to educate non medical people that

discussion, speech and further research, including when it disagrees with government or common theory or belief, is essential to new discoveries and correcting what was erroneously believed; (2)

Remind that experimental medicine is not anything other than experimental, even if there are preliminarily positive appearing results.

Some doctors, pharmacists and other professionals have done this and face loss of careers. Patients have lost healing physicians in exchange for compliant, prescribing physicians.

The lack of transparency and deception by government (including politicians, military and intelligence), commercial pharma, and complicit media, regarding effectiveness and actual and potential harm choked off scientific discourse. Trained medical and other scientific professionals could see that things did not add up, even if they did not have full disclosure yet. Doctors in the trenches of the battle zone came up with effective measures with what was at hand, as they were taught to. Their discoveries were quashed as were the people themselves. Lockdown of discussion contributed to the information chaos.

Doctors and other scientists have a duty. Doctors, pharmacists and other professionals who locked down their medical curiosity and did not quietly check effective alternatives to the government’s refuse to treat directive (doctors were directed to not treat unless hospitalized) committed criminal malpractice. Homicides happened on your watch.

Doctors, pharmacists and other professionals who relied/rely on “I was just following orders” has cooperated in the mass homicide of hundreds of thousands, not unlike the Mỹ Lai massacre. The blood of every one of your patients who died is on your hands, whether they were treated by you or not. You did not reach out to them, who were also to stay home until they could not breathe.

Every person who knew or should have known (especially those with medical or lab knowledge, or people with a “mic”) that the disease or symptoms could be mitigated with early multi-faceted treatment is responsible for massive homicides.

Every person who knew or should have known that the EUA vaccines do not work as were not vaccines, and/or that they brought significant risk of injury is complicit in the massive homicides. This responsibility is not only for past deaths and injuries but past but also for skyrocketing all-cause mortality deaths and injuries.

It is your responsibility to make reparations and to heal those harmed, of your patients, community, and country.

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I did not hear about Mickisch. This reminds me of a similar case of an artist in Germany (juggler and performer Cotton McAloon). His partner, a dancer, spoke about his suicide at an anti-corona-measures demonstration in Berlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmbVBJxiSA0

There are doubtless many such cases. Last fall I met a musician randomly in Zürich who confessed to me that he almost committed suicide because of the lockdowns and restrictions.

It’s a miracle we didn’t lose him and many more. I think it is in small performance venues the world over that a healing process is taking place. Many people didn’t realize what they gave up nor why they gave it up so easily, and are sort of re-discovering their own humanity.

It’s a shame we lost the ones we did and leaves a permanent blemish on all the performance venues and production companies and event organizers who did not resist the covid restrictions. Which is basically all of the establishment. It’s disappointing actually that any of them are still in business-- I would have rather seen them fail, because they laid down and failed to offer any product/service for 2 years (and failed to offer performers ongoing work), just because the government told them to and worse yet in many cases bought their obedience and silence with “relief money.”

Like she says in the video above: Korruptionsgeld.

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