Amazing. And our corrupt CDC used propaganda to tell people it was "horse paste". Crimes against humanity. Thank you Dr. McCullough!

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Dec 1, 2022·edited Dec 1, 2022

Yes, and the CDC's PR idiots were all soooooo happy among themselves . . .

self congratulatory with their Twitter talk: "Seriously, y'all. Stop it"


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Wonderful. If only the hospitalized patients had had it.

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safe and effective

2 of the 3 reasons they banned it

(3 because it is dirt cheap)

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I know when both my wife and I had suspected SARS-Cov-2 a couple of years ago, the combo of HCQ & IVM turned us around in a matter of a couple of days. Since I have emphysema (mild), it was a big help. It is absolutely criminal what was done to demonize the use of these early treatment protocols and those responsible need to pay their price. #NoAmnesty

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Excellent study. not only is Ivermectin a powerful preventative measure, it can obviously be a life-saving treatment for the acutely ill. gimme some horse paste please. lol.

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Help please. Could Ivermectin help with low 02 levels caused by lung fibrosis? My husband, a first responder at World Trade Center on 9/11, is in the hospital with interstitial lung disease that suddenly became way worse over the last 2 weeks. Fluid in his lungs. On high levels of oxygen.

had 2 hits of Pfizer March 2021 and covid in April 2022.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi, so sorry to hear about your brave husband and I fear the same people behind 911 are behind the covid scam. I wish the very best for the both of you. Mr Mccollugh or a college can be contacted here.

Dr. Peter McCullough– The Wellness Company -


In regard to who is behind things it takes a deep dive but if you study it, it all starts to add up. There is a very brave Jewish man Ron Unz who is a theorical physicist who has put his considerable intellect to understanding who is behind so much of the evil in the world. He has created an incredible series he calls American Pravda (pravda means truth) that turns so much of what we have been taught or indoctrinated with that it can be hard to take in.

Who is Ron Unz https://www.unz.com/masthead/

911 Essay https://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-911-conspiracy-theories/

Who and Why https://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-oddities-of-the-jewish-religion/

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Well, I decided to go on to your Ron Unz site, and in doing so, get on to this link: https://www.unz.com/aanglin/jews-celebrate-tim-pool-for-promoting-debunked-conspiracy-theories-about-jews-not-having-power/

Is this seriously what you are promoting???

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You are obviously trying to obfuscate things and divert attention away from the power of Mr. Unz's essays by playing the antisemitic card, this in Israel is called Hasbara and they have a small army involved in this and I have to assume you are directly or indirectly involved in this as you don't use your name and to have picked one of the most virulent essays to try and tarnish the site. I have to ask what are you afraid of people finding, something like the truth.

As the foreign minister Mr Lavrov said recently

"The most antisemitic people I know are Jews" and this is what I have found in men like Ron Unz,Gilad Atzman, Norm Finkelstein and other Jews that contribute to his site.

In regard to ANDREW ANGLINs essay you need be aware that Mr Unz says he is appalled by some of the things others say on his site, but wants others to have the "right to say them or free speech". That being said the examples he sites shows the power the Jews wield in the world even if he doesn't present it in the most intellectual way.

Take Care

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My husband vaxxed - ended up with covid any way and was critically ill from it with “Covid viral pneumonia!” They refused him Ivermectin because he also developed blood clots “VITT” Vaccine-induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia with deep vein Thrombosis that started in his upper thigh in his femoral artery and extended all the way down to his ankle, they said the Ivermectin would interfere with any blood thinners which would prevent him from getting the full dose of blood thinner because of the Ivermectin. He was on Eliquis blood thinner and they were adamant that Ivermectin could/would interfere with him getting the full dose of Eliquis. He passed away this year 01/2022 while still critically ill from blood clots to his lung any way! My question is “Can Ivermectin interfere with patients getting a full dose of blood thinners?”

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I’m so sorry for your loss, Bessie. Devastating.

Apparently with oral Coumadin, ivermectin potentiates it’s effect.

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That EUA was too important. Couldn't have treatment available and the EUA for the "vaccine." Insanity.

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Dec 1, 2022·edited Dec 1, 2022

" . . . pulling together circulating red blood cells into long chains and clumps in a process called hemagglutination"

. . . perhaps a high fallutin way of saying: RBC coagulation found with a one minute blood smear.

same thing?? rouleaux. . . https://openeducationalberta.ca/mlsci/chapter/abnormal-rbc-morphology-rouleaux/

OR, this is something altogether different?

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Dr McCullough you are amazing and strong as the system tries to break the soul of your spirit.

I have a question : where can we go with the shedding theory and or vax passage ? Are there

therapeutics I.e. Ivermectin to take prophylactically? Anything else?

We must prevail

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