I’m vaccine injured and have been taking it for 18 months. For me it had a very dramatic effect. I’m convinced I wasn’t yet another Died Suddenly story because of it. I now have normal d-dimer, crp results. Although my EKG is still significantly different than it was pre-vaccination. I’m guessing that will never go back to normal.

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Natto contains vitamin K2. Vitamins D3, K2 and magnesium are a big deal in atherosclerosis prevention. As I understand it, K2 activates osteocalcin helping calcium deposition in bone and acts on matrix GLP to prevent deposition of calcium in arteries. (or something very much like that- if memory serves). I'm not quite sure how to put this together with the nattokinase, but these all seem to me to be important parts to consider in this important matter.

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As does the magic of a Horse De-wormer within the beauty of Natures gift to humanity, Ivermectin.

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I have serious vaccine injury and have been taking Natto-Serra for nearly six months and haven't noticed anything getting better. But maybe it's meant to effect benefits on a scale too subtle for my discernment.

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Dear Dr McCullough. Thank you for continuing to practice medicine (when so many of your colleages sadly stopped around 3 years ago).

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Hopefully some pill form is available because I have found natto to be one of the world's least edible foods. I could get descriptive but I won't.

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Please weigh in on the nano-technology / hydrogel controversy. It seems that hydrogel is appearing in the unvaccinated, and needs EDTA IV therapy to be broken down. I may be summarizing this wrong, but I haven't seen any claims about this addressed by yourself or others such as Dr. Malone. Could you explain if you have seen any weird structures in blood of vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals is showing structures using dark field microscopy? In Dr. Ana's argument, nattokinase can be used to help against micro clotting, but won't address / fix these structures. It appears that unvaccinated individuals will develop nano scale structures after simply being around vaccinated people.


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We still do not know what is the complete recipe of the DOD produced shot poisons, right?

There is more than enough evidence to convict without ANY reasonable doubt ALL involved of massive Treason which would…

1. STOP ALL Treason since many of these same psychopaths overlap across ALL other Treason theatres.

2. Allow prosecution of Treason to move forward

WHY has this not happened anywhere???

NO victory can happen in America without UNITY of the right people to do things that matter to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Find Gideon’s army of 300 men!

Keep up with serious writer Lex Greene, who writes for those who value Freedom. Lex’s contact info at end of his piece...



A Fierce Mother/grandmother Lion (of 6 and counting!

P.S. Divided…our house is falling!

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I didn't get the shot, but I read this article about natto and decided to add it to my daily diet. I now make my own natto at home (lots of YouTube videos on the subject).

What I discovered is that not only will bacillus subtilis ferment steamed soybeans, but it also acts on whole milk. When added to yogurt strains (I used Aldi's Organic Greek yogurt) you get the creamy consistency of the store bought yogurt, but also some of the stringiness that you see when stirring soybean natto. No off-putting flavors or odors.

Nothing scientific here, just try it!

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don't be sorry. It doesn't resolve the issue of mass extermination by the medical profession globally.

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