I'm 60 plus and very active- and dare I say, reasonably fit. My friends, fellow participants in my activities, are dropping like flies- previously strong, healthy older people suddenly coming down with a health collapse- often serious enough to have them leave the sport they love, to join the ranks of the "I used to (insert activity)" brigade and disabling old age.

When news is heard of this- I feel it's insensitive for me to point out my previous conversations about the jab- but at the same time, feel I'm being stopped from speaking out by politeness.

I think I might have found a way round- today, in conversation of yet another conversation about someone's health collapse and why it happened- I commented that "the only thing we can be 100% sure of was that it wasn't caused by the covid jabs"- to my surprise, instead of the usual denials and mocking- one previous jab fanatic replied " don't even go there"- suggesting, at least, that they are being to suspect an elephant in the room.

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Yes i agree BabsieP...it is still quite a banned topic. Those of us who chose not to take the "death jab" have to be careful not to offend any friends we still have left. I am still slightly stung by people who didn't want to sit near me or invite me to their gatherings because I was not "vaccinated"....So glad I stuck to my plan. But I was confident from the beginning because I was supported by giants like Dolores Cahill, Dr. McCullough Sucharit Bhakdi and Mike Yeadon....brave heroes all....who have been publicly eviscerated for their courage and honesty.

I love and revere these strong and valiant "truthers"....who had so much more to lose than I did by taking a stand for truth and saving peoples' lives....

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Someone we know developed OCD, but it was attributed to postpartum depression. Seemed like the taking of the jab was pretty close in time to the rather sudden development of the OCD.

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My daughter has neurological issues from the rabies series - she has twitches that are so violent they wake her up at night and have been documented on sleep studies.

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Is there anyway you could share a link of a dozen (or more) studies from highly regarded individuals or institutions, indicating problems arising from the COVID vaccines?

I do not ask this out of skepticism about the studies. Instead it would provide a valuable resourse for those who swear by the vax.

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Three things... 1) why did it take TWO YEARS to publish.

2) this was a neurological study and on page 13 they dismissed myocarditis totally yet as a neurological study they didn't even look at it. Maybe they need to go back to the data base and see just how many of those people ended up WITH myocarditis ?!!!

3) They say this is REASSURING to the continued use of covid vaccines.

Someone needs to give them a brain transplant.

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Peter and all,

Thank you for all you are doing to stand up for humanity!

We the People are being attacked on a thousand fronts everyday!

It is great that doctors like you and other scientists are trying to right all the public health wrongs that have happened the last 3 years BUT…

There are MANY wrongs that must be righted in America (COVID, election, border messes, etc) and serious address of this 1 critical issue MUST happen BEFORE we have serious wins on all the other corruption fronts…Constitutional NATURAL BORN CITIZEN DEFINITION!

All serious patriotic citizens must learn about this because it will be critically important in the near future…


Writer, Lex Greene and I belong to the only strategic AMERICA FIRST organization in America…


Nothing else is more important than getting this NATURAL BORN CITIZEN issue right because of all the illegals pouring into our wide open borders and…because of unconstitutional GOP presidential candidates who do NOT fulfill 1 of 3 requirements to be president. You MUST be a natural born citizen to be president or VP!

Good always wins over evil…only if you UNITE and do something!

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W.H.O open to liability per STOPTHEWHO and other freedom websites.

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I'm curious... When it's known that neurotoxins from at least 2 deadly snakes,as well as snails, spiders and others are among the ingredients used in the jabs, why are neurologic adverse events surprise? Indeed, why are we not surprised there are far more of them?

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A little allegory might have some effect.

Do the Right Thing —

(How to... or maybe how NOT to) A Short Allegory on red-pilling.


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I am taking Plavix 75mg daily and 81mg aspirin. Can I safely take your spike detox supplements?

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