Well done, Aly! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

The New Zealand government has been one of the most tyrannical, fascist and suppressive in the world with respect to free flow of information about covid and their mRNA products. They also implemented one of the most draconian set of restrictions, mandates and lockdowns in the world.

Their disinformation campaigns and silencing of dissent by doctors have been among the worst in the world.

I commend Aly and all NZ doctors who have spoken out.

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Thank you for bringing Aly to my attention. I checked out her music and discovered a very powerful song called "Little White Crosses." It hasn't had a lot of views, so I thought I could help spread the word by doing a reaction to it. (Link to the original song is in the description) This may not last long on YouTube so I will also post it on my Rumble channel.


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"But now elections bring new hope..."

Right. Does anyone think that elections are the way out of this mess? Is it not obvious that it isn't who votes that matters, it's who's in charge of the count..

Here in Commiefornia, these corrupt weasel parasites have been fraudulently overseeing, altering the outcome of elections, the will of the majority, for decades.

"Democracy is like two wolves and one sheep voting on what is for dinner". And the wolves are the ones building, installing, operating, and counting the vote machines.

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Seems the US is the only former colony that enjoys free speech unlike our friend in Canada, NZ and AU. So odd that the UK allows more citizen freedom while rulers in other places became tyrants. Apparently seniors and the young didn't really object to their governments "keeping them safe". Wonder how they feel now as truth arrives?

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Thank you for this interview with Aly!

No "free" human being should ever have been subjected to this mandated injection or threatened with their livelihood. I am amazed by Ally's strength and fortitude, yet she resonates the most natural reaction any discerning mother bear would have. She also loves her country and her country's people. We are reminded here to NEVER forget what happened as she sets the groundwork and proof of what happened to the world. A factual case study that would surely wake humanity up to great empathy and a trip back to normal healthcare. "One would think."

Can't thank you both enough for the work you're doing 🙏🏻

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