Once you get them isolated and separated, then it’ll be OK to harvest their organs and draw that unvaccinated blood. 🥴

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I deeply appreciate this update. Thank you Bobbi Ann Cox for being a true Medical Truth Warrior. Thanks also to you John Leake ...

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Newsom is slightly more tyrannical than Hochul, with Whitmer and Pritzker only a hair behind. Almost too close to call between these 4 thoroughly corrupt, anti/Constitution politicians.

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I told my husband if things don't change, we must leave New York. I'm working on my DNP, Ill teach somewhere else. I have get out of New York.

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Thank you, Bobby Anne Cox, another ordinary American doing extraordinary work.

They are not going to stop. The WEF agenda is bought and paid for and if it means killing the people executing it, they will do so.

Fine. Let the Hochuls of the world get hoisted on their own Herd Culling Petard. (I feel terrible for their kids.) But keep you eye on where this is all coming from.

The Biomedical Security Model for Fascism is the ballgame.

Thank you Atty. Cox and others.

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This is beyond comprehension of any reasonable person, beyond Satanism or an insane cult, and an outright statement of her totalitarian nature.

Yes in those same camps, anyone they don't like can be silentky and secretly executed, and the murder invisible as just another CoVid statistic.

She MUST be charged, put on trial with charges Treason, Torture Accomplice to mass murder, govt outright malfeasance and preferably executed with lethal injection .

I suspect she must be related to Gates, Schwab, Bourla, Fauci and Biden.

Yes they are coming to kill millions of innocent New Yorkers and more including their babies.

We are at War and the enemy is stealth,super rich, an expert liar, likely a politician or person of influence, wants eugenics and depopulation, enjoys harming and hurting and causing pain and is a PSYCHOPATH.

Hello I am from the Govt and I am here to KILL YOU.

You either surrender or FIGHT . Your life and that of billions depends on your choice.

Canadian and NATO Veteran

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Don't get tested.

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So, concentration camps in New York. I wonder how many other states will do this. After all, we locked up the Japanese Americans in WW2, so why not the unvaxed now? Who needs a Constitution or Bill Of Rights when it's an "emergency".

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Evil is evident all over tyrant Hochul's face.

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Thank you for following up on this.

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Mar 15·edited Mar 15

The only thing more contemptible than Gov Hochul's behavior is the fact that while this appeal was pending, my fellow New Yorkers re-elected Gov Hochul and AG James. And by the way, the language of this regulation does not exempt the vaccinated; they can be incarcerated too.

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Kathy "Jabs for Jesus" Hochul. Total psycho.

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In 6AD Khazarians called themselves "ashkeNAZI" tribe, by 12AD when they got into banking, they didn't call themselves NAZI's so much

Some where up until WW2 'nazi' was only something you would see in tracts on zionism in the late 1800's funded by Rothschild ( london banking and heirs to 12AD ashkeNAZI )

In the 1920's the Nazi's aka Bush-Bankers, Schiff-Loeb Family, Rockefellers all under Rothschild selection brought young aspiring, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao to power by education and training.

Out of the Gate Hitler considered himself 'nazi' his grandmother is said to be ashkeNAZI descedent.

In 1933 Hitler shipped all of the Nazi-Jews to then Palestine to start the new Israel;

Then during WW2 the Nazi's got a bad name;

Now in NY & Calif you have Schiff in Calif who is direct descendant of family that brought Stalin to power and killed 30 million people in Ukraine, aka Russians under the Bolshevik thinking;

Mao in Shanghai was trained Bolshevism at "Harvard Univ" as Rockefeller built a Harvard-Univ in Shanghai in 1920's, why they were teaching 'bolshevism' is perplexing, but so what;

The long point I'm trying to get to is that somehow "NAZIS" have given themselves a bad name, but everywhere they go in history, the end up getting murdered and ran of town because of the stupid shit they do;

It's fairly clear out US-Constitution protects the people from asshole GOV, but the problem is that only assholes do the law enforcement;

Today we have the children of the 1920's who brought the biggest 'historical assholes' once again grooming the next generation of assholes, who knew?

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Well, there is quite a competition for ‘worst tyrant in America’, but Hochul is certainly in the running.

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Mar 16·edited Mar 16

As a physician who has provided expert witness testimony for suits against COVID overreach since 2020, I can attest this is 100% consistent with New York State's legal approach:

1. Stall for time -- string it out as long as possible

2. Appeal, appeal, appeal, always at the last possible minute

3. Throw every procedural and technical monkey wrench possible in the works

4. Beware: Use every possible influence - including undue influence - on the judiciary

In short, anything but allow the merits to be argued - because they ALWAYS lose when that occurs.

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I called her office. I do regularly, to state for the record that she is an accomplice to fascism. She's detestable.

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