As a veteran of bio pharmaceutical R&D, I understand the principles and practices of what’s sometimes called “rational drug design”, which is distinguished from the earliest examples of pharmaceuticals, often extracted natural products.

All medicines that aren’t natural products are designed, made and tested by humans. There is nothing in such a medical product that wasn’t chosen to be there.

Each element of the preparation has a purpose and nothing is there by chance.

Looking at these injections with the eye of someone experienced in the design process and also trained in mechanistic toxicology means I might have an almost uniquely fortunate set of skills and knowledge in answering this question:

“What was the designer of this product thinking & intending to happen, based on the choices that have evidently been made?”

I regret to say that I am certain that the intention was to injure, maim and kill recipients & also to reduce fertility of survivors.

One “mistake” might be tolerated by some, but it shouldn’t be. As Peter rightly observes here, causing the body to manufacture a non-self protein will, axiomatically, lead to our immune system attacking & killing every cell that takes part in this deathly pathway.

It doesn’t end there. Why pick spike protein? Any part of the alleged pathogen would suffice to raise an immune response (though any foreign protein will trigger fatal attacks on every cell responding to the “vaccine”). Picking spike made things worse, because analogous proteins are biologically active and toxic to blood, nerves and other tissues. This was well known.

Formulating these mRNA based products in lipid nano particles is particularly offensive.

Our cells object to foreign genetic material entering our cells, for reasons I hope are obvious. Cellular defences can be fooled if the genetic material is disguised & that’s what LNP does. It assists the product to travel everywhere in the body, including the heart, brain, developing foetus etc.

But I was stunned to learn that a 2012 review of these macromolecular carriers shared a property & that was that they all accumulate in the ovaries.

Anyone who thinks it’s unfortunate that they chose LNP surprises me.

Now recall they were desperate to jab pregnant women and even children. How many babies in utero were killed? How many girls & women will later realise they’re infertile?

Now notice that where the basic technology was shared, every important design decision was also shared. There are no important differences between Pfizer / BioNTech & Moderna’s “vaccine”, only dose.

I have been a team member or leader of dozens of teams engaged in directed research seeking clinical drug candidates.

I know with certainty that “Mistakes Were Not Made”. These design decisions were all deliberate. I haven’t any doubt about that. It’s in my testimony to all audiences including for the law.

Please don’t accept any more of these intentionally toxic products.

Also, it’s very important that, frightening though this realisation is, we must use it to wake up more people in order to oppose the thoroughly malign, I would say diabolical, plans of those who planned this.

Best wishes

Dr Mike Yeadon

Peter, please would you consider pinning this comment? Thanks.

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This is damn scary stuff! The paragraph this is in: ". . . To date, there are no published studies on the biodistribution, cellular uptake, endosomal escape . . . " etc.

Quite creeped me out!

It is no exaggeration to say that this bioweapon attack on humanity is the most egregious Crime Against Humanity ever committed!!!!

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The world owes a debt of gratitude to scientists such as Dr Yeadon and Dr McCullough for their efforts to educate all of us about these poisonous products. These men will be remembered for their amazing contributions to society.

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What is so unbelievably sad is how many people in every country who have no idea what has been done to them and worse they never even thought to ask any questions and quickly lined up and are still lining up. Also, there are so many medical professionals that are either just as blind or know what is going on and sit silent while their patients go to slaughter. It's as if so many people all over the world are in some sort of trance. So many have lost their moral compass. There is no explanation in my mind for this other than a diabolical author not of this world who is orchestrating this.

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How did we get here?

Murray Rothbard (1926-1995)

Aside from other sound arguments against enforced morality (e.g., that no action not freely chosen can be considered ‘moral’), it is surely grotesque to entrust the function of guardian of the public morality to the most extensive criminal (and hence the most immoral) group in society — the State.

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One of the first things I thought might happen as a result of mRNA technology as a vaccine is that exposing the "foreign antigen" on the surface of our cells was bound to result in novel autoimmune syndromes. After reading a review article on the state of mRNA "vaccination" and the various issue with it (its inherently inflammatory properties, the need to use pseudouridine to prolong its duration in the host) I decided it was much too dangerous to try, so neither I nor my husband took the inoculations, nor will we ever take any mRNA "vaccine" in the future.

We have known that our immune system isn't perfectly accurate in its response to antigens which is why we develop autoimmune diseases. Using a technology that presents foreign antigens on the surface of our cells was always a risk. And presenting or causing to be created a toxic protein was a very poor choice.

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Living in a society of no moral authority. Where did our morality go?

George Reisman (in 2003)

There are now so few restraints on the government in the economic realm, and because few businessmen know anything of moral and political philosophy beyond the doctrines of pragmatism, relativism, and assorted brands of statism that they may have absorbed in today’s so-called educational system, the line is easily crossed between bribes that are mere extortion money, paid to avoid being harmed by the government, and bribes that are paid to use the government’s apparatus of compulsion and coercion, as Mises called it, in one’s own favor–for example, to gain government subsidies or to harm one’s competitors, by such means as instigating antitrust proceedings or other regulatory actions against them. Thus, a heavily interventionist economy necessarily seethes with corruption and immorality.

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Restore legitimate legal liability. Where is the justification for the incestuous relationship between the UniParty courtesans and the soulless, Big Pharma blanket liability-criminality?

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"If synthetic mRNA cannot be broken down by the human body, there were be no way to shut off potentially dangerous antigens . . . "

there WERE be?

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Peter and all,

Thank you for your continuing great work educating Americans, presenting solid TRUTHS before it is too late to ‘cut the snake off at the head!’

We ALL want the global psychopaths prosecuted, right?

HOW? Unity!

WHY? This is what your enemy fears most!

Is it past time for ALL patriotic Americans to have UNITY in a serious Freedom Movement to support these 2 critical issues necessary for America’s survival….



2. DEPRIVATION OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW statute…ALL our rights were crushed the past 3 years, right?

Do you know your rights? If not, then you have NO rights!


Aren’t these 2 critical issues highest priority to get right for America AND future generations!

Good always wins over evil…ONLY if you UNITE and do something!

P.S. I pray for ALL brave persons like you Peter, Mike Yeadon and others AND Gideon’s Army of 300 (Judges) everyday!

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I read your courageous discourse daily. Thanks you for your hard work to inform me. I also would like your opinion on taking a flu injection this year. I am a retired RN and am having doubts about the flu injections. I unfortunately took 2 Covid injections in 2021 . Regreating this ever since. Thank you, carolcady@comcast.net

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will the base spike detox protect us from this???

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What reliable statistics are available for sudden collapse / death from before during after covid. Autopsy data? Attribution ?

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