There must be many of these...

How can ANY Pediatrician continue to inject children with poison as they do?


When will this end?

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And instead of stopping these poisonous injections, Big Pharma is working to make more variants so they can keep shooting people with their death jabs. How much more obvious can it become. I saw a therapist yesterday who had a mask on like the rest of the dumb therapists in there, and she said it was because Covid, the flu and RSV were back and they needed protection. Then she told me she'd had 5 Covid jabs and I said, "Okay, then I really don't want to be around you," and I got up and left.

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Interestingly, the proportion of patients who report postural orthostatic tachycardia is higher among those with breakthrough infection:



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Oh, and by the way, in the PT place I went to yesterday morning...there were tons of young people in there, and they were all being treated for strokes. My neighbor's son said he talked to a nurse about the young people when he took his mother for stroke rehab, and he told the nurse he knew the reason. The nurse said she couldn't voice her opinion, but she was probably thinking the same thing he was. A good 20 young people were in there for stroke rehab...

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How do we find cardiologists who are “awake”? One of my young adult sons went to a cardiologist after having chest pains about a month after his second jab (he did not ask for my opinion before doing so 😢). She dismissed the suggestion that the pain could be vaccine-related and thanked him for getting vaccinated. With my mask on, she couldn’t see my jaw drop.

The following was suggested by Steve Kirsch — is it the right kind of diagnostic?


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what ever happened to the Hippocratic oath, ethics, morality? Cowardice because your ‘oath’ is to money paid to doctors for subscriptions, and threats of ‘dismissal’ ..?.. ALL THINGS YOU AND THE GLOBAL DOCTORS OF ETHICAL AND MORALS HAVE FACED since coming out for TRUTH and INTEGRITY and LIFE. ✨🛐✨

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