I live next door in Carmel and wish I could have attended... I'm gathering as much info as I can hoping to one day find out how a small group of people in this area easily saw through

the lies as they were trotted out, and knew that the more adamant officials were that we follow their absurd rules, the more likely they knew they were lying, and would be proven wrong, but they'd continue lying, and would continue being believed by almost all.

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I so wish I could get a video of Dr. McCullough speaking at a public meeting like this with questions from the audience of not only healthcare professionals, but also lay people, particularly seniors. I know Dr. McCullough can’t be everywhere (even though it seems almost like he is). I wish I could arrange a showing of such a video at the senior center in my community. I live in a retirement home and my fellow residents just couldn’t wait to get their latest booster, as well as the RSV and flu vaccines, all encouraged by our health center here. So it might bring wrath upon me if I tried to show such a video on campus here. I wish I could protect my fellow residents from the next round of shots whenever that might be.

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I am astonished and grateful for your energy and commitment. You are everywhere at once! Bless also the Barnards to the "cause" of medical freedom and sanity who brought you there. I am sure they will suffer blowback from the mindless boobs. Thank you thank you!!

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“Onerous insurance regulations, electronic medical records, discriminatory reimbursement all effectively drove doctors out of private practices into employed positions now readied to accept marching orders.”

Peter, I think your observation here perhaps answers best the bewildering silence of our practitioners.

Without the capture of our doctors into an insurance run and directed system, this entire Covid scam would have been a failure, it would have been like herding cats.

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The reason for the disgraceful medical response is much simpler than you related, Peter. In May 2020 I read Inglesby et al., "Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza" doi: 10.1089/bsp.2006.4.366 so I knew what a viral pandemic response should look like.

The actual response was exactly the opposite of what should have happened.

I followed the events very closely and am able to analyze results for myself. By Jan. 2021, it was obvious that the Covid-19 infection fatality rate was low. These data were widely available. Physicians and nurses had no reason to panic. Likely, very meany of them didn't.

I found and read the April 2020 CDC revised guidance for reporting cause-of-death. They inverted past practice and elevated Covid-19 to ultimate cause of death even with pre-existing comorbidities -- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) was their example of choice.

The CDC, in short, instructed physicians to lie about Covid-19 as cause of death, sowing panic in the public. The CDC also admitted that 94% of all Covid-pronounced fatalities had an average of *four* comorbidities. So, the CDC falsely inflated the Covid fatality rate 20-fold.

The Feds paid hospitals for every covid patient, which amounted to a bribe to misdiagnose.

The mRNA jabs did not meet the definition of vaccine. Doctors and nurses would know that.

The mRNA jabs were experimental. Doctors and nurses would know that, too.

Mandating experimental injections violates Nuremberg laws. Doctors and nurses would know that, too.

Suppressing drug treatment violates every medical ethic. Doctors and nurses would know that, too.

All of that was obvious. By December 2021, I wrote a long analysis to Stanford University, making the legal and medical case for medical malfeasance. They ignored it. But the point is, the case could be made that everything about the response could not be more wrong.

So, your list of reasons doesn't seem credible. More likely is it that medical practitioners were simultaneously bribed and coerced by the overwhelming power of the Feds.

In that event, 90% of them succumbed to government money and government threat.

A large crime was committed here. The CDC and other executive agencies must have had a plan because thir response was immediate and immediately and consistently exactly wrong. They deliberately sowed panic, suppressed treatment, and spread lies.

The central question is: who ordered that criminal response? And who were the conscious agents?

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Thanks for the immunity conservative from California, Ronald Reagan, immunity from prosecution that is...

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Dr Peter Quotes..."Additionally, there were decades of progressive corporatization of medicine. Onerous insurance regulations, electronic medical records, discriminatory reimbursement all effectively ((drove doctors out of private practices into employed positions)) now readied to accept marching orders." !! Wow...now they got control! (You the unvaccinated are killing people! )

The best things in "LIFE" come to those who wait!! They wanted you "DEAD"! Still Do!

Since when has a "Conglomeration" ever been great for America? Never does it take long before the greed/rust/corruption/integrity of management gets rampant as scurvy.

Doctors no longer "practice medicine"! Guardrails of .GOV do not allow the knowledge to exist

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I also live next door in Carmel and wish I could have attended this event. Having just moved into the area I am hoping to find a primary physician who has seen through all the lies in medicine today and practices medicine as it should be like Dr. McCullough.

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Hospitals definitely profited from Covid cases, though. It's a shock that so many promoted false diagnoses in return for payments. Pfizer and Moderna profited from the mRNA jabs. And probably kicked back some of that money to the FDA or NIH.

It's hard for me to think of physicians and nurses as unthinking believers. Some might be doctrinaire rule-followers, but it seems more likely to me that most who complied in promoting or accepting mandated injections did so out of fear for their jobs. Let's recall, too, that it was physicians who filled out cause of death certificates. They must have been aware they were signing a professional lie.

Honestly, given the gravity of it all, I don't understand why physicians at any one hospital did not organize and refuse to betray their profession, themselves, and their patients. Certainly, the Frontline Doctors did so.

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Good to know, thanks.

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Dear Dr. McCullough, This is the most concise, accurate explanation I have read. THANK YOU!

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New Book: Controligarchs - Exposing the Billionaire Class, their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life................................................................


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More on the Rockefeller Foundation "Lockstep" Scenario of 2010 ...



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Apparently this is not a joke:


I pray it is...how many people and doctors were canceled for standing up and speaking the truth.

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Found it

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