Is it possible to send Dr. Mccullough an email? i am curious to know his thoughts on a commercial I saw last night sponsored by Moderna. In this commercial it states “covid-19 is still the 5th largest cause of death in the US behind cancer and heart disease.”. Of course it is suggesting to get a covid shot. I wonder how such a thing can go on without opposition. Covid-19 doesn’t even exist any longer. Wouldn’t it be a false claim to call the covid disease that exists today Covid-19? In one of his recent articles Dr. Mccullough alluded to this idea himself. Then to suggest Covid is still the 5th biggest cause of death seems on the face to be difficult to accept. Either way i couldn’t help but, shake my head watching and listening to this commercial. We are living in a world where very bad thinking is accepted as authority.

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God bless Dr. McCullough and the courageous FEW.

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No confidence in the sold out bureaucrats, the sold out medical establishment, the Big Pharma death machine (how about you hide the evidence for 75 years with FDA approval) or their unsafe, untested, ineffective, experimental injections. No confidence indeed.

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I had estimated that as many as 20% of the population might get the fall shot, since the powers-that-be were pushing the idea of getting them along with the flu shot. I am heartened to see that it’s only about 1/10 of that! It should be zero, as it shouldn’t even be available, for all the documented harms as well as the recent finding that what went into everyone’s arms was not what they tested in the trials.

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Looking forward to Dr. McCullough coming to Alberta, Canada so that Canadians can actually hear the truth about the jabs Trudeau et al have been trying to jam down our throats for 3+ years...time to FLUSH THE TURD and his WEF led shitshow in the House of Commons.

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Greetings to fellow Dr. McCullough fans ! While the info' revealed in the video above is worthwhile, I believe there is a better video for those who wish to share a truly representative testament of what Dr McCullough's message is:

Share the 9/16/23 appearance of Dr. M. as he addressed the European Parliament ! ....Powerful stuff ! 🫣🧐🤔😳😵‍💫

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Thank you for all you are doing to stand up for humanity as We the People are being attacked on a thousand fronts everyday!

There are MANY wrongs that must be righted in America (COVID, election, border messes, etc) and serious address of this 1 critical issue MUST happen BEFORE we have serious wins on all the other corruption fronts…Constitutional NATURAL BORN CITIZEN DEFINITION!

All serious patriotic citizens must learn about this because it will be critically important in the near future…


Writer, Lex Greene and I belong to the only strategic AMERICA FIRST organization in America…


Nothing else is more important than getting this NATURAL BORN CITIZEN issue right because of all the illegals pouring into our wide open borders and…because of unconstitutional GOP presidential candidates who do NOT fulfill 1 of 3 requirements to be president. You MUST be a natural born citizen to be president or VP!

Good always wins over evil…only if you UNITE and do something!

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