It's pure theater. Paul knows Bancel is a criminal. See Katherine Watt's work at Bailiwick News. Bancel, and Paul because he is actually aiding and abetting criminals, are both mass-murderers. Look at Dr. Denis Rancourt's latest work - the SHOTS have killed over 13 million people globally:


Have you ever seen those directory maps that say "You are here"? Well, right now, you are in the middle of a depopulation project, that is, a mass murder project that was pre-planned for decades.

Peace. :-)

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I saw Rand Paul interviewed on this matter, and he still supports the notion that the shots are vaccines and somehow safe and effective. He refuses to see the 800 pound gorilla in the room--the criminality of Pharma and its captured regulatory agencies.

A very disappointing position for the son of Ron Paul.

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There is no reason they should have gone “light” on Bancel unless.......each Republican and Democratic congressman needs to have their financial accounts reviewed and transparent for ALL to see. What special interest groups have aligned their pockets. Again, I could care less what side the aisle these men and women sit on--each should have a righteous anger about what has transpired.


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Dr. M - I watched some of the hearing where Dr. Paul grilled him and HE LIED LIED LIED - so although I understand what you'd like asked this creep would just lie anyway. Just saw on Dr. Panda's substack - a 16 year old in cardiac arrest dies on an American Airlines flight - mother is suing American because the defibrillator was not charged - but the elephant in the room is the covid vax. Would be GREAT if Dr. Cole, you, Dr. Kory, Marik etc. formed an organization offering free testing for spike protein for all of these victims world wide to create a true data base of these sudden deaths. These pharma people are psychopaths and could care less about the safety - it's all about the money! I'd be happy to contribute. VAERS is manipulated and not clear - since there is no PROOF of the spike protein - but Dr. Cole says you can find it if you look for it. Each family in the news that suffers the sudden death of a loved one should be contacted and offered these tests. Time to fight back. I hate to say it, but this jerk said he vaxed his kids "either three or four times". Maybe he needs to suffer a loss to "get it" and maybe he's lying that he vaxed his kids at all. The man looked Sen. Paul in the eyes and LIED about myocarditis in the 16-29 male group. When the senator told him he had it from the CEO privately that it DOES cause myocarditis - he had no comment. You can ask a liar a million questions and he'll just lie. Imagine if we had an army of family members with proof the spike protein caused the deaths of their loved ones....in my opinion that's what we need to do.

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Deep Dive into MODE RNA by amazing journalist Whitney Webb:


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Senator Ron Johnson is the only member of Congress who has displayed courage and integrity in pursuit of exposing the truth about the dangerous adverse and potentially fatal reactions to the experimental mRNA injections. It appears that Senator Johnson may be the only member of Congress who is not accepting campaign $$$ from Pfizer and Moderna. We are truly grateful to Senator Johnson for his service as a genuine, honorable patriot representing his constituents and dedicated to upholding the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and defending our Constitutional Republic from the tyrannical assault to our Liberty from the Marxist Obama/Biden Regime.

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Your "five questions"? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

There is only one question that needs to be asked. All other questions, from a Big Picture general management point-of-view (that of the undersigned), amount to explorations/exploitations of the symptomatic; symptoms of a public policy/management decisions that are implicit.

Think about it this way: Envision my sales pitch for the Dodge-Cummins turbo diesel demanded that my customers buy it, and that they accept (or not, via non formal disclosure), that ZERO warranty coverage will be offered (i.e. just shut up and give me your money):


How many trucks do you think I would have sold (as opposed to enjoying RECORD sales due to extensive warranty coverage)? I put out a product that I knew could endure the brutality of the end user . . . it was such a competent product that I openly LAUDED/BOASTED-ABOUT THE WARRANTY COVERAGE (on the engine in-particular)!

In the alternative . . . the COVID-19 criminal syndicate. Again, the word implicit comes to mind. In a recent letter to Governor DeSantis and ACLI CEO Susan Neely I re-asked the following question:

"Does anyone actually believe that Mr. Albert Bourla would have sold his mRNA needles into a market wherein he and Pfizer were not protected by liability immunity?!"

Please see pdf page 4 of 19 here:



Once again, this otherwise laudable post provokes the following question: Why is it medical doctors in-particular avoid the LIABILITY IMMUNITY issue like the proverbial (medical malpractice insurance) plague?

Just so we're clear . . . Senator Rand Paul is a recipient (in hard copy) of nearly EVERY COVID letter I have written. Did he ask the Moderna criminal mr. Bancel about LIABILITY IMMUNITY at the hearing? Does Senator Paul declare himself a medical doctor?

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Paul is better than most but I agree here he ought to step up his game fast.

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WHAT? Listen to the first minute. Bernie Sanders thanks Moderna/Bancel for "SAVING MILLIONS OF LIVES" with their vaccine! What the h_ll, Bernie Sanders?


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Agreed. As a practice that treats the injured, there is so much more we could do for folks, but many are strapped financially as they are no longer able to work. Though we do not directly bill insurance, this matters not—most insurance companies fail to recognize vaccine injuries as an issue. In my opinion, Government, insurance and big Pharma are in bed together over what has been done to our nation. These hearings are just an absolute ruse or farce to give the “appearance” that something is being done.

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I so agree. They need experts like you Dr. McCullough. I am sure you have already done this. Please reach out to Senator Paul or at least Senator Ron Johnson to advise. Let us know if they refuse request. That would tell us a lot. Thanks for all you do Peter.

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I write to Paul and Johnson (Ron, not Boris) every so often. Maybe just a link to this article. Will they look at it? Why does the committee NOT call in experts? Can they bring Bancel back? What a weird dude.

We need a line of “Pandemic” action figures. Pope Innocent lll is already available (“die for the cause” as explained by David Martin). Fauci. Bourla. Bancel. Gates. Biden. And many more. They’ll be a hit with adults.

How about “Dead Barbie.” I can suggest some accessories. In the grocery store I saw GMO white flour spaghetti using Barbie for marketing ... you can’t make this up. If Barbie had all her childhood vaccines --of course she did -- and had such a deplorable diet, what chance when she gets a job, is mandated and Cherry Ames, Candy Striper, administers the COVID shots? Barbie would have died Q3 ‘21.

Is it likely that this investigation goes nowhere with the current DOJ? DOJ has to be investigated first ... no kid gloves. Jail time for Garland. How do we get there? New administration seems like the only way forward.

I have long since given up on our NJ Senators Menendez and Booker. They have never been anything but apologists for the Biden administration. Should I hammer them anyway? Waste of time.

Explain to me why the extermination of 1M Americans was never mentioned in the run-up to midterms. If no one can mention THAT where are they going with “origin” debate? The true origin was UNC was it not? Perhaps released in US also? The CIA knows, correct? Call David Martin to testify.

I had the virus. 3 days and done. Age 70. If I had a death wish all I had to do was report to the ER. “Gimme summa that there REM-desi-veer. Shaken, not stirred.”

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Dr. McCullough

This was the Q andA portion of a Senate hearing on the money Moderna wants to charge for more Covid vaccines. https://www.youtube.com/live/K8D0pCeABvg?feature=share

I watched about an hour of the Senators and Bancel talking about the cost of the vaccines. Senator Paul was the only Senator who didn't talk about the cost. As you correctly pointed out, while he did ask some questions of Bancel about myocarditis being caused by the Moderna vaccines, Dr. Paul did not spend any of his roughly five minutes allotted time asking about any of the other extremely important issues you have suggested. I hope some of the Senators at least paid attention to what Senator Paul said about young men 16 to 24 and myocarditis.

I don't really know how Hearings and Committees in the Senate and House work, but Senators Paul and Johnson might be able to tell you if they know how to call a Hearing with Bancel and others, to ask the questions you suggested.

Or, there may be another way that Paul or Johnson (or one of the House Representatives) can have Bancel's testimony taken. For example, in the other Congressional chamber, the House of Representatives, the Republicans not only hold not the majority vote, but they also have some fiery new members now, such as Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Josh Harley, whom, I believe, may be able to propose that the House open an Investigation into the matters you suggested. I suggest you send a letter to both Senator Paul and Senator Johnson, that asks "What are all the possibilities" for "Investigations, Hearings, or some other Procedure" that would be actually conducted "on the Senate floor" or "on the House floor."

Your letter, could also request that Senators Paul and Johnson "introduce me to Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Josh Harley" of the House.

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Hopefully this is a dry run for those involved with the Florida Grand Jury. They could get some good pointers from this letter and the comments by others.

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Bancel: from Wuhan to Moderna. I wondered once how it would go in a movie and I think the audience would say: "that's lame, too many funny coincidence in the storyline"!

By the way, from Wuhan to Modern with the help of some Agency (capital A) I believe…

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I have come to the conclusion that Rand Paul is controlled opposition. Pharma has bought him along with just about everyone else with the possible exception of Ron Johnson.

This is a box that I don’t see a way out of.

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