The question for we unvaxxed who have been infected:

What quantity of spike might have been released into bodily systems if the COVID infection(s) were promptly attacked and cured with early treatment? Very little, one hopes!

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Thank you.

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Great paper. These are very bold Australians! I hope they are not imprisoned for writing the truth. Australia has been one of the world’s leading countries in committing human rights abuses to protect the reputation of the covid-19 injections.

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Thank-you Dr. McCullough:)

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As bad as this is physically for the human body, we are just finding out how bad this experience has been emotionally for so many people. I recently spoke to a clinical psychologist and was told that their practice is overwhelmed with patients suffering from many disorders resulting from mandated isolation, and school shutdowns, masking, etc. Schools cannot accommodate all of the students that are requesting time with the school psychologists. I know that people want to just move on from this abomination, but this does not change the facts that have been developing and the damage done that will be with us for many years in the toll of lost lives, infirmity and emotional turmoil.

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Someone needs to tell boy genius, Bill Gates, who announced this week:

"DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — A $40 million investment will help several African manufacturers produce new messenger RNA vaccines on the continent where people were last in line to receive jabs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced Monday.

While it could still take at least three more years before any of the vaccines are approved and on the market, the foundation said that its mRNA investment marks an important step forward in improving vaccine equity."

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Dr. McCullough. what is your opinion about the decision to STOP VAERS reporting for COVID Vaxx/ ?That can't possibly be true? Robert W. Enzenauer, MD, MPH Pediatric Ophthalmologym denver, CO

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The creators and pushers of this Frankenstein should be brought before a Nuremberg like trial for International Mass Murder They have killed and damaged more people than Stalin and the death and damage keeps on coming as they are still pushing this nightmare

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An author from the University of Melbourne, Department of Medicine is a pretty good thing

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One thing I have an intuition about.

Cancer rates are likely to be shown to be up across the board. I would not be surprised x10 relatively in jabbed, but also up in unjabbed. Same with heart and stroke, x10 relative for the jabbed but unjabbed up over baseline as well.

The virus was engineered to be a problem, we here assume 'about as bad as the flu' or less even, but it too may have long term impacts. I am worried about my wife, had a menstrual event late 21, still has periodic fibrillation events (not too often, not very long), hard lump on her jaw (CAT scan coming up), tired all the time. Unjabbed. To our knowledge we never had a covid infection despite a lot of testing and a lot of contact with those positive and sometimes symptomatic.

Not so sure anyone gets a pass. Squids gonna squid! Deagol predictions may have multiple avenues of action.

We are on a moderate natto curcumin protocol. Fenbendazole and IVM as well (quite moderate, moderate dose twice a week). Eat a lot of our own food, most of the vegetables, exercise and fresh air. Still that tiredness, and horrid lump seems attached firmly to her jaw. I am concerned. We haven't had so much as a sniffle in 3 years since we 'discovered' vitamin D3 and some other stuff.

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I’m not sure if this is relevant, but I’ve just read an article on Bing (from the Mirror so it must be true 🤪) that ‘deadly winter virus spiking in children’.


There’s a vaccine coming or it’s arrived 🙈.

For children and older adults and I suspect the Pfizer Moderna is mRNA.

Don’t let anyone have this.

It’s another disaster waiting to happen

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I haven’t read much about what I’m going to say and hope it will be helpful.

My husband started feeling ill in early December 2021 on the same day I was leaving on a ten day trip to visit my sister. We kept in touch, of course, and I encouraged him to test for covid. After he tested positive, I asked him to start taking ivermectin from a supply I’d purchased by mail many months earlier. Unfortunately, I thought the dose was .2 mg/kg of body weight, and that dose had no effect. By the time I came home, he was very sick. I spent a day working on protocol and the next day started him on .6 mg of ivermectin, plus additional nutrients to supplement those we always take, plus NAC. By the next day he was improving.

Here’s the part I haven’t read about. Approximately a week into his recovery, he started getting up almost every hour all night long to urinate. Because of a previous experience I’d had, I knew right away that he was detoxing. His detox lasted a good week. He recovered completely, with no residual effects. We both continued taking NAC. Two or three months later I came down with Omicron, which lasted a very short time. But the day after, I started urinating much more heavily than normal. I was also detoxing. This had never before happened to me following an illness. I put it down to two things: the toxic effects of the spike protein, which makes detoxification a necessity, and the detoxification powers of NAC.

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Dr. McCullough,

This is a very good study in that it supports the title claim that, "Spike Protein is Pathogenic from Vaccine mRNA", BUT, there is no support of the title claim that, "Spike Protein is Pathogenic...from the Virus".

The unsupported premise is that there actually existed a novel SARS2Cov virus in the first place!

In fact the paper clearly admits:

"Briefly, Roussel et al. in early 2020 presented a statistically significant analysis that likened the case fatality rate for SARS-CoV-2 to earlier coronaviruses and influenza-like illnesses: In OECD countries, the mortality rate for SARS-CoV-2 (1.3%) was not significantly different from that for common coronaviruses identified in public hospitals of Marseille, France (0.8%; p = 0.11) [15]. If modelling had been based on these data a few months after the initial Chinese data, different projections would have been made, more in line with eventual mortality statistics including in 2020 prior to any vaccine availability."

The fact that the 'gold standard' PCR test for 'SARS2Cov' was 100% unreliable and inconclusive casts further doubt that a novel coronavirus EVER existed.

The title of this paper should be changed simply to:

"Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Vaccine mRNA"

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Please clarify the risk for unvaccinated people who had COVID 19. I am unvaccinated and had COVID in December of 2022. I was very sick for about 5 days, developed a secondary bronchitis and cough that went in for some time. I did experience more fatigue for a few weeks after the infection but recovered. My dr would not order ivermectin although I asked for it. I treated myself with Vit C, zinc my usual Vit D ( my values are above 50) and I asked for zpack for the secondary infection and received it. He offered Paxlovid but I was afraid to take another experimental drug. I’m 80 years old. Should I be worried about the spike protein in my body?

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Dear Chronically Vaccinated,

Abandon All Hope.

Because It Has Abandoned You.

And I Might Add,

I Had Nothing To Do With It.

So Fuck Off.

You Are Dirtying My Environment.


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Infact, there are relatively few of us pure bloods.

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