So the "vaccines" don't prevent infection or transmission, they increase the infection rate, they've killed at least 300,000 Americans, they've disabled thousands more, and yet again on the morning television was some commercial urging everyone to get their latest booster. We truly live in a bizarro world.

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Thank you doc for all you do...

Since we know for a fact that this substance is not only not a vaccine but more closely resembles a bioweapon, may I suggest we stop using the word "vaccine" when discussing this poison and in it's place use the word "injection"?

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Have you seen this recent study showing an increase in Still’s disease after both Covid and the shots? Of course their conclusion includes the typical paragraph saying the adverse reaction is “rare” and shots “should not be questioned”.


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Very interesting case reports. I have also seen acute seronegative symmetrical synovitis involving the hands in a 70 year old after mRNA. The patient did not manifest any of the other serious systemic signs described in the article. He also did not have symptoms of myopericarditis. He apparently responded to NSAIDs. I have no follow up. Thanks for the always interesting tips from the literature.

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More badness.......it seems unending.

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Thank you for keeping me informed of symptoms and diseases as they come available. This one I have not heard of. Studies on the spectrum of harm caused by the bioweapons seem scarce. I assume the funding has been fully allocated for genocide.

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Thank you for your work helping to grow the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION that will hopefully unite people to ACTION ASAP!

I have been working with Lex Greene for 15 years and this is my general message going out everywhere today…

I think writer, Lex Greene says it all at this moment in America’s history!

Please help spread Lex’s pieces…important information ALL Americans need to know!


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P.S. Personally…I have worked with Lex and the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group for 15 years and can tell you they are America’s best brilliant and strategic minds!

Come join with the best!


A Mother/Grandmother Lion of 6 and counting

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