The fact the CIA immediately blamed Russia for sabotaging Nord Stream only confirms the CIA and the U.S. military were responsible. Nobody in their right minds should believe American Intelligence was unaware of their own False Flag Black Ops. You can go back to 911 to clearly recognize the same patterns of Psychological Games being conducted by the CIA within minutes of the False Flag attach, especially within the American Media they control, methodically-misdirecting the people to believe there was no orchestrated demolition causing the collapse and the incitement to kill make-believe Muslims Terrorists. I can’t say it enough: the Biden Administration, Trump, the Lawyers and their Security Briefers of American Intelligence must be charged with Treason, Prosecuted and Persecuted…and Russia & Germany compensated.

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None of the statements we hear are depositions. And yet we have no choice but to draw inferences based on what is most likely. The phrase “Safe and Effective” remains the yardstick by which many of us measure the veracity of anything we hear from our own government. The idea that Russia would blow up their own pipeline meets (or sinks to) that standard of idiocy. Meaning, the CIA with good reason considers the American public so stupid and malleable, they’ll believe anything from a supposed “authority figure.” When I hear the gov’t narrative parroted by those who identify as members of Congress, my heart sinks. In the meantime the circus never ends. 1M Americans have been exterminated by hospital protocols and shots, NOT by the virus as Fauci maintains for public consumption. But not a word of educated analysis coming from

the mainstream press and Fauci is collecting his pension instead of waiting for the trap door to open. And Trump is facing a frivolous indictment while Biden gets a B+ from Alan Dershowitz. Biden who poisoned his ENTIRE electorate. Is that not a stunning realization? When nothing makes sense it means there is missing information. Such as? The international organized crime syndicate that is running things. Who are they exactly?

Time to delete my Twitter app ... again. I keep reinstalling it, deleting it reinstalling. Each time thinking something will change, the discourse will improve. 150 years ago I could say the “intercourse” will improve and everyone would know I mean “interaction, conversation.” Times change. That word really DOES describe the Twitter experience ... but not in a good way.

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You people think "Nation Building" is easy......it's a lousy thankless job. J. Biden

Now where's my 10%?

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One wonders... charming way to put it, dear chap, so delicately. 😊 Because of course "wonder" conjures... hmmm


kŏn′jər, kən-joo͝r′

intransitive verb

To summon (a devil or spirit) by magical or supernatural power.

To influence or effect by or as if by magic.

To call or bring to mind; evoke.

Not sayn, just saying, yeah?

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The Biden "administration" DEFINES ignorance and stupidity. Biden is a Godless person, driven solely by the pursuit of money and power. He's a true idiot. Peace. :-)

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Mar 18, 2023·edited Mar 18, 2023

Why the Biden Cabal and all of its NeoCon controllers are not in chains in cells in the Hague is beyond me. That no one within the USG has stepped up to remove these criminals indicates how failed this state is... God forgive Amerika for its crimes against Humanity. I never want to hear another "God Bless Ameica" as long as I live.

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My wife gets her news from China and told me that everyone there knows the U.S. blew up the pipe line. Not only that, but there is a video clip I watched, where President Biden in an interview announced we would blow it up if Russia invaded Ukraine.

What I do not understand, is the value of pretending we did not blow it up. All this does is hurt the credibility of information from our government.

I really really do not like it when my government lies to me, as it seeks to escalate a war in Ukraine instead of ending the war in Ukraine.

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Mar 18, 2023·edited Mar 18, 2023

I‘am German, and I feel … grounded.

Starting with CoV, I felt the crisis brings every bad moves of humans to light. —

But I could not look and archive fast enough.

I now do not trust our (H)Ampel-Männer any more (great coalition is called Ampel, traffic light, an AmpelMann would be a member of the coalition; and a Hampelmann means jumping jack. They just sell the interests of the people. For their cheap probably corrupted interests.

And to put it clear: the 2x 250kg eq. explosives, thad shoved the pipeline UNDER the sea on 80m lengths (!) just were the most plucking-the-plug bomb on German INDUSTRY thinkable, and thus kill all European industry, wealth, future, fortune, as DE is the core of EU. Sorry, was. We‘re DONE. Just right now nobody knows it.

So it was the most efficient bomb in the world. Yet it wasn‘t, as a DE military educator for explosives put it: you need just 14kg per cut-blast of the concrete and pipe, do it 5x per pipe if you‘re paranoid of preventing mending, just like.

That anyone installed 2x250kg means: they WANTED to be heared. By seismic recorders. Show to the world: look what we can do and come away with it.

And you won‘t.

Trust to google, MS, Apple, soohis is on it‘s lowest in DE. All DE people suspect CIA can have instant access THROUG antivirus software like sophos or olerating systems to any group of computers or all.

We do it offline if we want it safe.


And that is how German people look upon the chosen leaders of our Nation we feel installed and traind by WEFindianmen Schwabilet.

A friend told me: if the elites/cabal/they/WHOever can only bring up that third class actors and actress like DE politicians (we explicitly exclude US geriatry or cloning research here) now on the scene - imagine how desperate they must be.

He feels we are in the state of deep purge, where bad karma the elites have accumulated hits back.

I feel the true age of karma testing lies still ahead, and keeping up humanitarian motives is key for me and gets ever harder.

While still 2/3 of population are in a firm grip of mass formation, that is splitting up people in every group — down to families.

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I follow an international relations blog moonofalabama.org . It is hosted by a man in Germany and has many thoughtful comments from people around the world, many read the foreign languages and follow multiple other sources, and of course there are those with definite ideological views. A diverse community of interest and debate. The day after the explosion the author of the blog published a piece using publicly available sources. This is better than most main stream publications to this day.

"September 28, 2022

Whodunnit? - Facts Related to The Sabotage Attack On The Nord Stream Pipelines"


Then after Hersch's article he published two more articles. There are probably hundreds of comments on this topic at the webpage. Here is his post

"March 07, 2023

Nord Stream Attack - White House Counters Hersh's Reputation With Weak 'Intelligence'"


and again

"March 08, 2023

Nord Stream Attack - 'Officials' Throw More Chaff To Hide The Real Perpetrators

Right at the same moment the New York Times publishes a shoddy 'officials say' story about alleged intelligence about the Nord Stream terror attack the Germany weekly Die Zeit, which has strong U.S. secret services ties, comes up with an equally unbelievable tale of a 'Ukrainian owned' sailing boat playing the major role in the attack:"


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Mar 18, 2023·edited Mar 18, 2023

“Pulitzer Prize winner insists U.S. destroyed Germany's primary energy supply.”


John Leake

It’s not surprising that you would describe Russia’s energy pipeline as Germany’s energy supply. Given that the money received by Russia is financing its rapes and murders in Ukraine the destruction of the pipeline of this rogue and terrorist nation is indeed welcome news. Kudos to America.

On his daily radio show, the great conservative Mark Levin describes the atrocities being committed by these Russian barbarians. It is despicable that you attempt to cover for them.

And it’s to be expected that you would dishonestly ignore the atrocities being committed by Russians and exaggerate the crimes at Abu Ghraib where, for political purposes, enhanced interrogation techniques were described as torture. IIRC one Iraqi prisoner died as a result of the abuse. In Ukraine tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians have been killed and the rapes and torture continue on a daily basis. The two American soldiers who were responsible for most of the crimes at Abu Ghraib were court-martialed and punished by American authorities.

How many of your Russian war criminals have been punished according to Russian law? Hint - it’s the same number as the number of reasonable articles you have written about this totally unjustified war on Ukraine. You are discrediting this site with your dishonest and biased articles.

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