I am so grateful Dr. Jon is not my doctor. I think he better stop getting boosters as it looks like he is already suffering some serious neurological side effects. May he stay alive and be aware that his mind is going and he loses his license. He might need anti-psychotics before long. I am full of gratitude and appreciation for Dr. McCullough whose beautiful brain is in harmony with his huge heart. Humanity is blessed from his courage and caring.

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And don’t you just love the name. “Halo” like they’re good when they’re really evil. A tactic so overused these days that we all know what’s coming knowing nothing but the name.

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I was taken aback a couple years ago when I saw comments on physician forums stating that the unvaccinated deserve to die.

Recently we have seen a vaccine injured woman ridiculed by the NYT, Rolling Stone, and others. It is more of the same radical departure from all decency and morality.

For a while I thought the pandemic had directly had this effect. I now realize it has merely revealed the altered reality that has existed for quite some time.

I used the Pfizer scandal to try to communicate my thoughts on how the medical community has been degraded to its current state.

Here is the intro and a link:

I think a little “flyover” can help give perspective on how incompetence, indoctrination and culture have decimated the health profession to the point where jaw dropping scandal is unimportant.

I hope many will read the article linked at the end about peer review. It’s a major reality check.

Here is Dr Robert Malone’s report on the recent Pfizer scandal.


Here is Pfizer’s recent public response.

Pfizer Responds to Research Claims | Pfizer

Pfizer denies doing gain of function etc, then admit to doing it by another name, then confirm it is an admission by stating that the government made them do it (false by their admission they are the only ones doing it) and claiming everyone is doing it making it ok.

I can tell you the majority of physicians simply accept Pfizer’s word play. How can well educated physicians buy such nonsense?

Well it’s been going on for decades. Our training is all by spoon feeding. Rote memorization of information fed by fire hose. Critical thinking would be a distraction. There’s no time for it.

There are courses taught on critical thinking. None were part my medical school curriculum.

We are given bare minimum training in statistics, a very complex subject that is the foundation of interpreting the medical studies we use to guide how we practice.

Essentially it is just conditioning to create acceptance of the heavily corrupted pharma sponsored garbage that appears in even the most respected medical journals. Heavy language. Keep reading.


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A doctor making a fool out of himself, embarrassing. A snapshot into the mind of Dr. Jon.

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Embarrassing, and they’re all unhinged.

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Beautiful. It’s long overdue that we doxx the goons. Thank you.

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Dr. Juan. ADS. Arrested Development Syndrome.

A typical effing uber lib i.e. Drama Queen.

What a jackass. How embarrassing.

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It’s Halo as in the Halo Effect experiment. It was a psychology experiment decades ago. They’re using it again.

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Looks vaguely like a lizard, maybe a brown anole? Puffing its throat up... Yup, something about the face shape and open gaping mouth...beady little eyes, beaky nose... thin lips.. Reptiloid? LOL Laughing at them makes them mad.

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Timely article given the abuse that has been inflicted on Angelie Deselle (sp) the past week or two. Certainly an orchestrated hit by Team Halo or other such pharma propaganda group.

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We are reaching some horrible destination,

whereby cruelty/fear/insanity/ are all in the same boat as pride and denial.

Are we at the pinnacle point of the "Dumbing of America" that has been in a policy planned for?

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We have so cheapened human life that many doctors are willing to murder people rather than heal them. The shots, remdesivir, withholding ivermectin and zinc protocols, etc., they do this for their paychecks even though they are accomplices to murder.

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I’ve been inspired as of late to revisit the works of Ayn Rand. I am seeing a connection here in the essays on this Substack with Dr McCullough and John Leake. My life’s work has always been focused on “the Individual’s inner authority and an enlightened collective”. Now, in my 7th decade I hear the “call” to renew and refashion the work of individual development. From Rand’s, Fountainhead, “Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at all...”. The Goon Squads be apprised, we will not be quieted, mocked, or dissuaded from the task ahead. Be assured of that, I say.

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The best, and shortest description of Narcissism is "Me first... Me only"!

Somehow instinctively, we know it when we witness it. Definitely a wretched learned behavior.

Easily amplified in this bizarre digital age, by a 3X3 hand held device of digital rage.

Do not expect any soul searching from hapless hopeless individuals. They hum a different tune.

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I don't like having had to be forced to pay a union due in the past for a job less than five dollars an hour paid.

But, perhaps a union of folks committed to ending the scamdemic Harmacide might be a good idea?

A union is a collective of folks, no goon squad required necessarily....

In fact the coercion of the Harmacide scamdemic, the war in Ukraine, mandatory injextions, and dumbing down American education are anti unions to me

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Oh dear, perhaps making gormless and childish Tiktok videos like this one is yet another unreported side effect of the 'vaccines'. We have "Long Covid", (I think we also have 'Long Vaccine' but that's another story), but now it seems we can add "Long Stupidity" to the list

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