Being a woman has seemingly been reduced to high heels and lipstick with fake boobs. Some dude can wear this apparel and convince himself he’s living the female dream. When, in fact, the emotions, the vulnerability, the beauty of birthing, the difficulty of hormones, periods, insecurities and the powerful rapture of a man’s loving gaze can never be understood by simply wearing stilettos and eyeshadow. It’s a delusion the trans movement wants the entire society to participate in. I’m guessing 80%, at least, of humanity knows this is madness, however, cowardice and a misplaced pressure to be “nice” has put our children in an untenable and dangerous position. They are now victims of a generation of passive humans paralyzed by the fear of man.

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Some doctors have callously discovered a new income stream while ignoring the ethical, moral, spiritual and societal implications of their actions.

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Other than Mel Gibson in “What Women Want”, of course ;-)

More seriously, though, there’s a sex reassignment surgeon in my building that is driven to work each day in a brand new chauffeur-driven rolls Royce. So there’s that.

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Best line: "Endocrinologists (with their crude synthetic hormones) and surgeons (with their crude scalpels) are kidding themselves and their patients when they claim to have the power to “reassign” a person’s gender. Who do these doctors think they are"? A profound thought, really. And another great posting Peter and John, thanks! Clearly a sign of the times. Divorced from nature, serving demanding gods, our hubris makes us "Gods" but with out wisdom. Actually, we become caricatures of humanity, mad scientists, dr. Frankensteins.

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Fascinating. I write about a university residential college in Australia. Traditionally a women's college of under 100 students, the number of "transgender" students has increased from 1 to 10 in one year.

One male put their name down to compete in a female inter-college sporting competition.

I thought that the purpose of making a sporting category for biological females was to create a space for fair and safe competition. Allowing biological males to enter such a category would seem to completely null and void the very purpose of the category. Do they think the category was made for 'identification' rather than 'competition'?

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Some doctors believe they have the power of God, but almost every surgeon I've met has this failing. Trauma surgeons especially seem to have the arrogance of this belief and when I asked one why he believed that to be (he'd already admitted most surgeons of his acquaintance, including himself, had this issue at least occasionally), he told me that when you have a living being on your operating table and you have the power to bring them back from the brink of death or conversely, to let them die, it's hard not to associate yourself with a Devine being. He said he has to often remind himself that sometimes, no matter how much experience he has at a particular procedure, how skilled he is at the procedure or how healthy his patient is, sometimes the patient just dies for no reason he can discern and that's how he keeps himself somewhat humble.

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By email:

"An old, blind seer, though he has lost the use of his eyes, in his mind’s eye he is able to see all kinds of things that most humans cannot, including the future:

Image not found"


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They think they are Gods and they aren't.

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I don't buy this malarkey; In ancient Greece they didn't know what we know now;

The first month or more we're all female in the womb;

Later the clit either enlarges or not the vagina closes up to be the scrotum that ovaries pop out and become balls, or stay inside;

The only difference is hormones effecting brain, if it were true that estrogen made you a seer, it would have been evident long ago;

Genitals make the men/woman; Do woman see more than men? I haven't seen it, just as many dumb women roaming as dumb men.

But I guess this would be a great story for a lesbian or tranny drag-show, telling the kids that they can become a 'seer' if they cut their nut-sack off sounds like a real selling point to me.

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"Who do you think you are?" seems to be the question of our era. How many people who contemplate changing their own gender with drugs and surgery ask themselves this question?

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The entire gay / trans ideas were givin birth to in the 1950's via the Rockefellers. The entire gay/trans agenda is about population control. no less than the mRNA vaccinations:

Back in 1969, Dr Richard Day made some astonishing predictions about where the world would be today https://henrithibodeau.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/back-in-1969-dr-richard-day-made-some-astonishing-predictions-about-where-the-world-would-be-today/


George Hunt Stumbles Into NWO Meeting, Exposes 1992 Earth Summit (Agenda 21) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4qUwVSao_4

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They're not doctors They're sellouts with medical licenses. How does a physician with a shred of integrity disfigure & mutilate a child because of a gender dysphoria & a fetish fantasy fixation. It's truly disturbing

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One side comment and one major comment-

from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK557601/

If an embryo is chromosomally male (46 XY), the bipotential gonad differentiates into testes under the influence of the SRY gene. The SRY gene is a single exon gene, and it encodes a transcription factor called sex-determining region Y protein (SRY protein), also known as the testis-determining factor (TDF). SRY protein, or TDF, is a sex determination gene that directs male gonadal differentiation.

basically the Y chromosome makes all the difference in the 6th-7th week of gestation

As the assertion, no man can know what a woman knows, my own personal experience has shown that this common assumption is not true.

I began to have a male/female friendship with a certain woman at my church, and our relationship deepened as we learned more about each other, but we were very careful to not engage in any intimate relations, as we want to build the relationship the right way --> spiritual ---> soul (knowledge likes etc) --> physical (after marriage).

About 6 months into this relationship, both this woman and I had the same exact experience one Sunday afternoon as we were talking on the phone. I was on my back on my bed resting and she was on top of her bed sitting upright.

Suddenly, without any premonition, our spirits joined each other. Instantly I was connected to her nervous system and she was connected to mine. I felt the cotton bedspread with the ruffled ridges cutting into the back of her calves and how far her legs indented into the bed mattress, she instantly felt me lying down, facing the ceiling and exactly how I held the phone including the tiredness from muscle fatigure. It was as if you connect two nervous systems together wired as one. The flood of nervous sensations from two becoming one was almost overwhelming to say the least!

To say that we were stunned was the understatement!!! We didn't even know such unity was possible, but we could not deny what just happened. We couldn't talk for about 5 minutes after this connection which lasted about 5-10 secs, then stopped. Finally we talked about this for about 1/2 hour and decided that we needed to seriously consider marriage.

After this episode, I did take the time to talk to married couples at my church, who I knew had a great marriage, and when I explained what happened, one married couple burst out laughing, and told me "Yes, we know exactly what you are talking about, we have experienced this unity, and it happens frequently" I can assure you that they have a fantastic marriage.

So I don't buy into the common meme, that we're all alone and nobody can really connect with anyone else and know what that person is experiencing. True marriage starts at the spiritual level, and if it is done respecting God's plan, it is possible for the two to become one.

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Apr 2, 2023·edited Apr 3, 2023

While the myth of Tiresias in its various forms is fascinating, surely you're aware that Tiresias did not "possess knowledge that is impossible for the REST of humanity to acquire." A man living as a woman is still a man. Despite his masquerade. No one can experience life as both man and woman. Not even a fictional character. No matter how good the story may be.

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Transgendered neutered eunuchs. Finally knowing what it is like to be Less Than Zero.

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Those Doctors make a lot of money, which makes them the snakes, and sneaks.

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