Legacy corporate media is now little more than toxic politicized trash worthy only of our disdain, and none of our time.

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Dear Mr. Leake,

I am a journalist working in the MSM. Your statements reflect my experience in the newsroom.

I was silenced at work by my executive editor.

I was silenced in my town, on the public listserv.

I was silenced on social media...32 times.

I was silenced in my home. My partner refuses to discuss anything shot-oriented.

I was silenced in my therapy sessions. I almost hung myself in Sept. 22, so I have two therapists. They both refuse to believe anything I say about the shots.

I am done being just a journalist. It's time to take the gloves off and stop adding more to the cloud. It's time to go after them any way we can.

I am organizing a group of 40 journalists to file a class action lawsuit against the MSM. Interested? I will be forming a non-profit institute and beginning this effort very soon. Let me know if you want to enter the arena, and if you know other journalists who would be interested.

Thanks! I'm a novelist too, so I can identify with your work more than most.

Doc Pruyne

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Only manipulative, self serving sociopathic tyrants fear free speech.

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North of the 49th, the Coward in the Cottage doesn't even respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms his 'father' signed... But that's what bastards do

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If the Bilderbergers or Club of Rome-tards are trying to incite open rebellion, I trust they are aware that many of us know their names, their families, and their movements....

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It seems the US Attorney General and the Supreme Court no longer desire to enforce the First Amendment. The desertion of the principle of free speech by the US elites is most alarming.

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I think you can include both parties alike. You think censorship in journalismis new? There's been censorship and lies regarding autism for30 years. No journalists have confronted the truth for that long. To go from 1 in 10,000 with autism in 1980 to 1 in 36, 1 in 22 boys, 1 in 9 boys in the city of San Diego, and continue to report what U.S Health Agencies have been saying for 3 decades-"that there is no increase, only better at diagnosing" jUST SAY THE WORD "VACCINE" and you're branded for life. Shame on our government, and shame on journalists. They never do their own research. If nothing else takes our country down, autism will.

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Free speech ended with the Patriot Act

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MSM is owned by the DNC which is controlled by the CIA. Trump is an existential threat to this unholy alliance which is why they will attempt the ultimate power play against him.

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George Orwell wrote of this exact free speech phenomenon in the MSM in the immediate aftermath of WWII when a totalitarian state had been defeated...and the new boss was the same as the old boss. If you've not read it yet you'll think it was written today.

The Prevention of Literature

Polemic, January, 1946


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Up until very recently, it has been taboo to mention the very specific group that owns and controls over 94% of all forms of media. Through their control of MSM, this specific group has been able to ostracize, dox, fire, and harbour the threat of criminal liability to anyone that utilized free speech to expose the narrative of the ruling ((establishment)). It is now more important than ever to name the unnameable so they no longer operate under the veil of anonymity, allowing them to orchestrate our collective demise with impunity. If an article or conversation on the topic of media corruption does not mention the specific architects who made it a century-long mission to gradually take control over every form of media to help further their collective agenda, then I posit that the value of said information is lacking and irresponsible.

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Treason for many. Hold tight, hold to Our Principals/Values. Lawsuits/prison for them evil 1’s will be here sooner than you believe to be. Aka, this year. To understand what has been going on behind the curtain is a fun bag of emotions. I have known many things. All people learn at different paces. Science, proper health, proper news to reality. Not a paid media that displays mk-ultra as the main sources in our nation?


Which ones are under regular communication with gov? How many have been manipulated to be told what to produce and or say from weather, to news, to music, to science to animals of nature NDA sign off to not say certain things even of who and dovos anti freedoms…? What type of technology has been hidden from the world? A lot, more than 200 years of hidden technology prevention of the people of advancements and preventions, in all categories of life, from people to animals. You would/will be surprised. The future all of the world will see and learn reality also of real history. Our future is learning Quantum everything and much more. Japan also found the gene to having our bodies reproduce Our own teeth. Dentist were never made to be kept or made in production. Our bodies, our cells our life cycle of being born till we die has been altertered. We can live originally till 150-200 years of age in good health. We will also see health pods for the people that have not had bio-weapon shots. Realigning the proper healthy stasis. This timeline is when all evil is done away with across Our beautiful earth.

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Hi from Australia,

Before living here lived in some countries people would not want to fly over. The one thing they had in common was

“No free speech”.

Don’t get smug.


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They believe in free speech so long as it is the same as their own. But the "D's have been trying to undermine and twist the Constitution and Bill of Rights since the 1850's. The whole point of secession and the subsequent War Between the States (it was not a civil war because the Dems just wanted to take their slaves and leave) was because they did not want many of the rights in those two founding documents to be applied equally to all.

Danny Huckabee

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Jan 2·edited Jan 3


Tyranny IS already following on the heels of the destruction of free speech. It's not something that "could" happen, it is something that IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Tyranny is already taking over by leaps and bounds.. Our sovereignty as a country (the U.S.) is being done away with for global(ist) government enslavement. Heck, most "Americans" are already enslaved and don't know it. They still have some trappings of liberty and freedom, so they falsely think they are still free. They can browse as much as they want on the monitoring devices that most people carry around with them everywhere they go. "Big Brother" loves it, because the more they do on their "'smart' phones", the more the government profiles them and gets a clear idea of where they stand, and who to increasingly go after for standing up for liberty and freedom, and against the fascism that is fast spreading throughout the U.S. and the world.

And how can someone like John Leake be "dumbfounded" by the long time, intentional overthrowing of the First Amendment, of freedom of speech, and of much of the rest of the U.S. Bill of rights? Concerning the First Amendment alone, there has been a concerted overthrowing of what Americans know about that amendment and the rest of the ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution known as the Bill of Rights that has been going on since at least the 1980s, as a result of which Americans don't know what to stand up FOR when it comes to our unalienable rights, and don't know what is most important to stand up AGAINST, particularly the corporate-fascist evisceration of those rights, purposely replacing them with increasingly-totalitarian, repressive "security" at the more and more complete expense of our long "died-for" liberties and freedoms, without which we will only know the antithesis of same, and the liberty-and-freedom-destroying oppression and repression that invariably follows such despotism and tyranny as we see taking over now.

Also, yet again I have to point out that the U.S. is NOT, and is not supposed to be, a "liberal democracy". It is supposed to be NOTHING BUT a constitutional REPUBLIC, and one that upholds our liberties and freedoms foremost, above all else, including "security". As the founders of the U.S. clearly understood, and Americans used to understand, democracy is anathema to liberty and freedom, because it invariably leads to corporate-fascist despotism and tyranny transplanting liberty and freedom, and replacing them with out-of-control oppression and repression, which we who have our eyes completely opened recognize is increasingly rearing its ugly, and terrorizing, head bringing the ostensible "land of free and home of the brave" more and more to its knees in abject slavery. For that is what the opposite of liberty and freedom is; and, in our case, and the case of the entirety of the Western world, liberty and freedom are being replaced with, with despotism and tyranny, and with oppression and repression, on a larger and larger scale, leaving us slaves in an increasingly fascist, totalitarian reality..

This eradication of our liberty(ies) and freedom(s) is what We the People of the U.S. and the world should most be in fear of, not living in fear of whatever boogeymen and hobgoblins the corporate-fascists are using to fraudulently convince us we "must" surrender our liberty(ies) and freedom(s) for "security" from. But because Americans and the rest of the Western world have been so thoroughly and successfully dumbed-down about our liberty(ies) and freedom(s), and don't know or understand that so-called "security" is NEVER supposed to be allowed to transplant them, they are primarily sitting back and allowing the "security" of totalitarian-fascist despotism and tyranny to eviscerate them. This evisceration of liberty(ies) and freedom(s) is what we should be screaming from the rooftops and warning our world is the gravest threat to all of us, NOT the "threat" of whatever "enemies" the PsTB use to "justify" their increasing despotism and tyranny, which we more and more see taking over and making us the opposite of truly free.

Break the Cycle: In 2024, Say No to the Government’s Cruelty, Brutality and Abuse

By John & Nisha Whitehead

December 26, 2023



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Stop calling our country a liberal democracy. Our founding fathers hated democracy-or mob rule mentality. Democracy is mob rule. We are supposed to be a REPUBLIC

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