The clan's sudden change of heart on the origin of the virus is much like Andrew Hill's sudden change of heart on the effectiveness of ivermectin, then his university received a large donation from Bill Gates, I recall. I know just another unfortunate coincidence.

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Another excellent chapter on the origin of COVID. Thanks for writing this. Will this be in a book one day?

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You guys are too smart for me. I found a lot of this difficult to understand - too scientific, I suppose, but it was enough to scare the bajeebies out of me. It’s also frightening that - I believe it’s the end of the month - we’re going to hand our sovereignty over to the WHO, and they’re saying another pandemic is coming. I feel a National Emergency coming. It seems they’ve been culling the population for awhile now (and managing to make big pharma richer in the process) with the chemicals/toxins and pesticides in our food, water, products, and environment, but this seems like a way to speed up the process. Emperor Gates would like to see the world population culled down to a few billion, I believe. I hope he doesn’t get his wish.

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Your use of alliteration reminds me of the current work of retired so comm, spec. ops intelligence soldier, former spy, targeted by the deep state, turned whistleblower, Jeffrey Prather, a patriot who has a 2x weekly podcast, The Prather Point. jeffreyprather.com

He uses alliteration in his punchy descriptions of the topics of each podcast. He focuses his shows on telling us things that are *really going on with the deep state and explaining and interpreting different things we're hearing about and seeing from an intelligence standpoint, what the FBI is doing and why and the Clowns In Action and what they're doing. No sugarcoating. I think you might like his show. It is a bit of a mystery that he is slowly unraveling for us.

Wonderful writing, John. Keep it up. You are brilliant at this.

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Accidentical leak? Hardly. Read Watts and Latyapova.

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Great work on the origins, hard to think this was accidental, I do like the theory many have put forward that this, covid, may be an aerosolisied mRNA "vaccine" escape in the first place, as a lab virus is notoriously hard to seed, and coronaviruses tend to have high replication errors, so burn out quickly (worldwide spread seems a tough ask if it was a coronavirus alone, perhaps maybe why the flu "disappeared" so mysteriously?)... Everything was so ready one might think this was deliberate, and coordinated, given it seemed to pop up everywhere... And the WHO didn't immediately stop flights from China, giving a perfect excuse for worldwide spread, even though such a spread of corona seems unlikely (flu is a different category as it has replication assistants, but coronavirus seems very odd, unless it is misdiagnosed and spread via other means... Eg aerosolisied mRNA or evenjust aerosolisied sequences?)

I love all your articles, thank you for this hard, extremely detailed work... I think you've pieced everything together so comprehensively since this debacle started...

While deep in theories I can't prove can I put a theory out there?

The elites own China...

China is a corporation...

Elites and WEF types made a deal saying we will locate all our industries in China, as we want slave labour.

In return the government leaders were made wealthy beyond their dreams, and China saw massive development.

Through the China slush fund the elites were able to grab more power at the WHO, by making it look like it was a "country" investing and controlling, but it's the elites buying more WHO power via covert cover..

Via corrupt government players in USA UK and military industries etc. the elites have armies to do their bidding when they can make it look legit, (or not, eg Iraq) .and China's army if they need it to do unpopular things... Eg Taiwan

Without forgetting the UN is at the elites disposal too... Including a public memorandum of understanding with the WEF.

Much like East India Company UK and Dutch East India company had their own armies (and slave labour), now the elites have China as their slave labour and army ?

All these stories about looming military tension with China therefore is just theatre. The threat is real, don't get me wrong, if there's war it will be full on, people will die... But... It will create the further destabilization needed to introduce the fourth industrial revolution, people need to be so broken and weary they will accept with open arms... Or say China win and we accept their system? Either way the WEF orchestrated conflict will get the job done.

Two major WEF events each year Davos Switzerland, where the finance hubs of the elites are, and China at Tianjin and Dalian (alternating each year)... Chinese meeting is called "WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions"...

Does the WEF seem at home in both Switzerland and China? Definitely yes.

Anyway my theory... Only small amount of proof... But thinking about it, fits with everything...

China is WEF and elites stronghold...

More observed evidence, the elites have crashed all industry in the West as has been planned for years, moved it offshore to (mainly China and other cheap countries they can own), everything including pharmaceuticals, product manufacturing etc.

Leaving west weaker and weaker, especially middle class...

Now the deliberate economy destruction, blowing vast amounts of money on Covid, destroying independent businesses, making even more unemployment (unecessary deviation from previous pandemic models), medical treatments that harm rather than help...

Spending big on Ukraine there is no limit as to how much they pump into this cause...

Environment, pushing up energy so high people in Europe may freeze over winter... Restrictions on food production and farms despite a crisis and shortage all for "climate emissions", seems soooo deliberate...

Climate emissions of course only over the in western world, EXCEPT for their corporation country of China...


They say it's a developing country...

The country that makes almost everything?

The country that has its own space program?

The country with many billionaires?

The country with one of the most advanced military on earth?

The country leading the way in computer technology?

Yeah right... "Developing"...

Oh they also do not have to watch their emissions at all, so it doesn't matter how many coal power stations they build because they're "developing", so they need all the CHEAP energy and reliable base load to "compete"...

Compete against who? They make everything..??

They make everything for the ELITES and their businesses...

Slave labour, cheap power...

There's NO WAY sensitive co-operative biological research would be going on if it was truly considered a threat to the west...

Nor would there be factories of the oligarchs there if there was a threat that they could be taken away.

They certainly aren't locating these factories of biolabs in Iran are they?

Just a theory, that departs a little from other narratives I've read... putting it out there, as once you look at China as a puppet of the WEF everything makes sense...

Chinese money in our politics, Chinese police stations in the West, leaders openly expressing their love for China, the way they run business, wanting to share more with them (Justin Trudeau and Dan Andrews especially)... Yet at the same time talking up China as a military threat? Makes no sense unless the elites own China... And can use "China" to make their products and also create a destabilization of the world and make it rope to put in the social credit, slavery based fourth industrial revolution...

China is the WEF ...

Rant over, congratulations if you got this far!

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But Baric Said: “ It’s Ready! “

You Pay For Shipping.

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The comment about preparing for the pandemic vs clamping down on dangerous research struck a never. Nicholas Wade in Medium (limited hang-out?) managed to break the ice on lab origins and noted that GOF work was being done at Bio Safety Level 2 rather than the more secure BSL-4 because of convenience! We can speculate that a worker became ill, perhaps without knowing it and spread to the community. Wade makes that postulation that allowed others to now say to investigate the forbidden lab leak moving it out of the conspiracy lane.

Subsequent events are the typical cover-up. The Chinese were creating quite the story, maybe with staging to convince us the illness was quite serious. But the sickness had already spread into Europe thanks to flights from Wuhan, then into NY from the EU via tourists. But it had already appeared on the West coast. Confusion reigned about the real death rate. The Chinese got their wish to shut down and weaken the West except the last Omicron mutation returned to them.

The number of threads involved are huge, but the money thread where Gates gains 20:1 on his wise investment paid off. Who knows how many others profited from the scamdemic. And guess what - the Chinese economy was injured, perhaps more than most, yet it continues building a blustering military. Yet a few leaders don't seem that concerned.

The best the next admin might do, it pull a 1984 and require rework of all documents and official words to use Wuhan virus rather than the innocuous SARs-CoV-2. Then demand the WHO comply with the correct name.

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So much deception and track covering.

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Prove It Doctor.

Prove It Is Airborne.

Prove - Not That It Is “Possible”

But That It Was Achieved

And “Released/ Escaped”

As A Global Threat To All Human Life.

I Will Give To You

Everything That I Own.

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Are they viruses? Or are they simply toxins? Covid mRNA "vaccines" after all is said and done simply aim to inject into the body something that shouldn't be there in the first place and then hijack the body's system to make more of that something that was never supposed to be there in the first place? How on earth can that be helpful??????

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I am amazed that the majority of people that I talk to can not imagine a world with psychopaths in charge of global efforts to eradicate humans. A brief read of ANY period of history will amply demonstrate what happens when a population is held at gun point. You don't have to go into Germany or Russia to see the effects of war against a population. Look at Chicago, Detroit, LA, San Fransicko.

Now the 'held at gun point' issue has been resolved now with a myriad of chemical agents which are dispersed in the ground, water, and air. They are drenched into agricultural soil, gassed into our produce, injected into our meats. Even cheese contains enzymes and compounds which affect the liquid state of the blood.

I have begun to notice that much of the produce I am eating now has a weird flavor: apples taste moldy, celery like a chemical was sprayed on them, fat ripe tomatoes contain no liquid and seem to rot way too quickly.

Buy and eat local, 'organic', and fresh. Factory and fast food is off the table for me.

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Uh -Huh.

So Here We Have A Doctor Relying On

“The Studies” And The “Events” Surrounding

What “Happened” Without An Intellectual Understanding Of What Could Have Been Accomplished.

And Assuming Because “They” Say It Was Possible

That He, And You, MUST Believe That There Is An Airborne Toxin That Threatens Humanity.

- Peter Relies Entirely On An Unproven Assumption.

As Meaningless As His Vitamins.

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Have any Drs. discussed anything about covid vax and Shingles vax?

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Was surprised to see no mention of Baric's February 2020 testimony to Congress where he did not disclose his involvement in the research.

Also surprised to see McCaul's report focused on. McCaul is a serious neocon. What about Senator Burr's report? Wasn't that the first look by Congress which broke through the natural creation story? Didn't it focus on Wuhan, but give UNC a whitewash?

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