Perfect timing.. send this to many of my closest. It's vindicating to read these words strung together so well. Do not comply, our son's and daughters learn from our leadership and seeing our willingness to deal with the pain of freedom. Being free IS NOT FREE!!! The family court system ordered and revoked my custody to prove it was right and I was wrong for standing up against medical experimentation for profit on children... on my 8 year old boy. His mother whonworks for public health won full custody and now I am so dangerous that I must pay to visit my son while being watched by the Ministry of Truth.

My son knows I am the safest person he's got in his life.. and that I am the most dangerous person the state will ever come across... I am a free man who teaches his son to NEVER submit to the laws of man that attempt to break the laws of nature.

How bad do we individually value freedom? Show me.. don't tell me.

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Lone wolf here in my industry. Or, I feel that way anyway. I was forced out of a high paying job to the detriment of my family and our future financial security because I refused to comply. God gave me very clear direction that I only needed the natural immunity He gave me. My personal doctor advised against vaccination due to my medical history. Both of these were deemed insufficient to grant me exemption by my former employer. If it were not for the community I have found in substack, I would feel so alone. Thank you for all you do to encourage critical thinking, the restoration of freedom and the individual relationship between doctor and patient.

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Psalm 146:3

Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there.

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Jan 30, 2023·edited Jan 30, 2023

Bravo indeed. I comment from Sydney Australia - there has been a "hoo-ha" in this country with your planned events being cancelled by ticketing company eventbrite, and protestors that do not want you to enter AUS (and a successful change to another ticketing host).

To be honest I did not buy a ticket originally to your sold out Sydney event, but once I heard about the cancelling garbage I was 100% keen. I feel it's my duty to support anything that corporations -including government corporations - try to cancel.

Last night Novak's victory @ the Australian Open was a joyful example of a celebrity standing strong. Onwards! Looking forward to your Sydney Feb 13 event !

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I wish I could be so strong. I am a nurse for 30 years. It’s all I know. My only source of income. Four children that need to be educated. I live in and work in New Jersey. I was able to get a religious exemption for the shot (not a vaccine) but I am forced to swab my nares every week. Still. I believe we might be the last state in the country doing this. I am beyond saddened by what has been allowed by this tyrannical state government and am losing hope.

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"The trick is for individuals to act together in unison."

... which will happen once a courageous set of individuals, acting without the support of others, lead the way. People like Gina Carano. She didn't wait till there was someone else to act together in unison with her.

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Sufficient number of us have refused to comply we have now a valuable measure of character to choose in others. Those who complied were weak, they were further victimized, and they were liberally warned. They failed to pay attention to those who warned them and even ridiculed those who died. Character is character.

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Very good interview.

In my humble opinion the tools which enabled this to happen are the increased globalisation, the mass communication through MSM and internet and the increased ability of control through technology.

But these are the tools.

The underlying human aspect is the lack of critical thinking, the rise of perceived victimhood and reliance on the state.

If we do want to turn this around it will need a shift in the way people think.

I don’t think it is likely we can put all the tools back in Pandora’s box.

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Do Not Comply!

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Thank you for this. It is so important to understand that obligatory CRT workshops are in the same line of human rights violation as mandated covid jabs.

Personally I think CRT is junk theory, however, I believe in free speech, so I'm not saying no one should write or talk about CRT. In a free country, you should be able to say what you want, publish what you want, take out a billboard ad about it if you want, and say whatever totally brilliant or daft thing you want. I'm saying, it's a violation of another person's rights to oblige them to listen to you and then respond the way you want them to respond in order to keep their job. And, by the way, if you have dignity and honor, some jobs are not worth keeping.

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Novak (aka Novax) Djokovic is a sterling example of this. He was dismissed, demeaned and called terrible names but he held strong and also did not seek the obvious revenge that many if us would have done by telling the Australian Open people to kiss his ass. Instead he waited it out and when he was allowed to play again he won so beautifully. The perfect middle finger to all of the naysayers.

Of course all of the cowardly naysayers are trying to back off and pretend they didn’t say the terrible and ignorant things that they said. Cowards to the end.

Pam Shriver I’m lookin at you.

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Dear Dr. McCullough,

You are a Hero of Great Magnitude!

There is so much that is afoot.

I have a question that I haven’t seen addressed.

How, why and who determined the original Covid19 protocol of remdesivir and ventilation? It certainly seemed effective in producing the opposite desired outcomes (death) in aged nursing home residents, thus creating the basis for mass fear and panic. It also seemed to me that due to the fear and panic brought on by the aforementioned that quite a number of people with a simple cold or flu that included congestion, and even the Covid for that matter, that were concerned and sought medical attention and may have been given this protocol which resulted in death that otherwise would not have happened if only the cold or flu etc. had been allowed to run it’s course. Thus perpetuating the fear and panic.

It just seems sinister.

I have not been injected. I was a state of Wisconsin employee where there was great coercion to get injected amongst other things. The final straw for me was when we were given a two week notice that we were required to submit our vaccination status by Sept 9, 2021. That crossed the line between owning a piece of my time and actually owning me. As a department head (Asst. Power Plant Superintendent) I was also expected to support that mandate in regards to those under me. I put in my two weeks and retired on Sept 8, 2021, much earlier than I was planning.

All the Best!

Greg Bastian

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Tribe, herd ... we must all learn to run and survive amongst the group; but it is the strong that have the quality and strength to start their own herd. This is where all great leaders in history have materialized from. It has been said, “To thine own self, be true.”

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So true. Humanity is being tested. We have strayed so far from God. Do we really trust and believe in miracles? They are not restricted to the Bible. The test is do we trust that if we walk away from something we think we can’t survive without that God will provide the means to a better outcome than we could imagine. We have to face our worst fears and summon the courage to blast through them. I am here to tell you the other side of that is freedom.

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What an uplifting way to start my day. We all need to be aware of attempts to control our thoughts and actions. Then training to be prepared is the next step.

The wisdom and encouragement in today's world is much needed and doubly appreciated. Thank you.

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Somehow we need to organize a DO NOT COMPLY STRIKE. everyone fed up with irrational mandates needs to STRIKE worldwide simultaneously and continue to do so together. How do we get this organized? There are more of us than them, but we need to STRIKE in unison and be united.

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