We’re clearly seeing the devastating consequences of the experimental mRNA “therapy”. THEY have repeatedly told us about the desire for depopulation. When criminals tell you their plans - listen. It’s unsurprising that children & women of reproductive age are targeted. It is also unsurprising that the military/doctors are targeted - the key people to maintaining society’s cohesion will be weakened. Then the UN blue hat gestapo will have zero opposition. Whether under the guise of “helping” when society is crumbling, or a more overt takeover, we need to be ready to stop them.

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If you snooze, you lose!!

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Over Here, in the light of the revelation about the fake tetanus vaccinations administered in Kenya for 20 years, it wouldn't be difficult to draw a parallel conclusion, subject to verification...

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Read "The Lasting Legacy of Trojan Horses" by Andreas Oehler on Substack.

That is the goal, inho, and my gut is screaming at me about it!

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Will you post a link here, when the podcast is available? TY

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Thank you for alerting us to your new podcast. I'll be tuning in as soon as it is available.

I have read "The Missing Babies of Europe" and grieve for this terrible and ongoing crime against humanity.

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Usually I feel good when vindicated but I just want to throw up.

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Jab is the word they chose to push hacksxxxine instead of prick, the latter being the truer word

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The latter refers to the ones implementing the former.

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Marketing nixed the prixed

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If only they'd told everyone getting pricked would restore sanity...

Note the failure of monicker monkey pox marketing

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If they had told everyone the magic prick would save the day, would folks have fallen for it?

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This is definitely heartbreaking. Is it any surprise the very people who think it’s okay to murder babies even up until after they’re born are capable of doing this? Buckle up, and keep the faith. Know that after the darkness there will be light. There are brilliant, strategic minds working together to save our country, but they need our help. Stay as strong and as positive as you can. America’s children deserve a great future. If we believe that, nothing can stop us! Let’s remember to support our heroes who have stepped forward to fight the good fight at great risk to themselves and their families. That’s just as important as your involvement in election integrity or involvement in politics at every level, or anything else for that matter. Everyone just has to do what they can whatever that may be.

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Seems like a lot of people in the medical field are seeing similar drops in live births and increases in miscarriage and still births.

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Any effort to reduce the number of souls on planet earth is indeed terrifying.

There is no other way to look at it as anything other than anti-Spiritual!

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Thank you for this, and I dearly love "Counter Jab!"

I'm praying for some huge left hooks that lay this Cabal on it's back, once and for all!

On that topic: please look at the Moderna Leak, Dr. James Thorp

"The Lasting Legacy of Trojan Horses," by Andreas Oehler, and,

"Allegations of Genetic Harm to Newborn Females Easy to Verify, " by Igor Chudov, both on Substack, cover this information very well.

We need to either verify or disprove it asap.

Thank you everyone working for a human and a humane world; we need each and every one of you!!

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November 25, 2022




JAMES A. THORP: What I like to focus on in these interviews is, and in my message to the world, I want to talk only about what I'm absolutely certain to be true with 43 years of obstetrical experience, with having served on the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology as an examiner, having served as a board of director of Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine for 3 to 4 years, and having testified under the Bush administration in 2003 for my expertise on fetal therapy in the womb, I'm telling you what I know to be true. And I've published you know extensively on this subject and on other subjects. I know my clinical medicine. I'd be willing to bet a bullet in my head on this data, that's how certain I am of the data.

DR. ELIZABETH MUMPER, MD: Dr. Thorp, that's really very dramatic and I think that clearly your credentials speak for themselves. One of my frustrations in this whole pandemic has been how clinicians in the trenches like you and me are not really consulted with these decisions which are made in committees by people that really aren't seeing patients.

My question to you is about whether you're aware of any babies that are actually being autopsied. As a pediatrician I know that that's extraordinary hard to obtain because you've got these parents at the very depths of grief and it's very difficult to even broach that. But is anybody actually doing the pathology on the babies the way they're starting to do pathology on adults?

DR. JAMES A. THORP: I'm so sorry to say, it's an incredible question, Dr. Mumper, but I'm so sorry to say that no, not to my knowledge. But remember, you know, as soon as that umbilical cord is clamped, you know, I lose control of my patient, becomes a pediatric patient. So it's my patient while it's in the womb, until the cord gets clamped, when its out of the birth canal or out of the C-section, then I don't follow. So I do keep track of it but it is out of my wheelhouse. But it's a great question.

DR. ELIZABETH MUMPER, MD: What about the placenta? You get to see the placentas. Does anybody sending that? Because otherwise it gets thrown away. It's be interesting to see what the placentas look like in vaccinated moms versus unvaccinated.

DR. JAMES A. THORP: I definitely see differences. And I've had people from all over the world send me placental pictures and I'm convinced that there is a correlation. My strongest Trojan Horses are out in California with Michelle. And I've got some Trojan Horses out there, they're sending a lot of stuff. And yeah, I see almost a, I won't say a sine qua non, but I see typical changes that occur, interestingly different from Moderna versus Pfizer about 8 weeks after. And interestingly and unfortunately, again, this is not proof, this is just my observation, I'm seeing it even a year after the vaccine.

Now Dr. Ryan Cole and many other experts from around the world we're getting together and we're funding some research to look specifically at this, at the placenta. And specifically, Ryan's got some stains that can document whether there's PU mRNA, that is the pseudouridined mRNA that only comes from the vaccine.

Now you all are aware is that despite trying to whitewash these findings, two I will say liberal medical journals with liberal authors have documented that there's intact PU mRNA in a vesicle in breast milk.

[screens shows title of paper and authors:

"Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Breast Milk"

Nazeeh Hanna, MD; Aru Heffes-Doon, MD; Xinhua Lin, PhD, et al

JAMA Pediatr. Published online September 26, 2022. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.200.3581

"Codominant IgG and IgA expression with minimal vaccine mRNA in milk of BNT162b2 vaccinees"

Jia Ming Low; Yue Gu; Melissa Shu Feng Ng; Zubair Amin; Le Ye Lee; Yvonne Peng Mei Ng; Bhuvaneshwari D/O Shunmuganathan; Yuxi Niu; Rashi Gupta; Paul Anantharajah Tambyah; Paul A. MacAry; Liang Wei Wang; Youjia Zhong

PMID: 3413319 PMCID: PMC8376902 DOI: 10.1038/s41541-021-00370-z ]

Let that sink in. There's extraordinarily disastrous concerning potential consequences of that.



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As the leftists and jab cultists (sorry to be redundant) scream out "correlation is not causality". 🙄

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I’m suspicious of everything they do; so it caught my attention when they excluded both pregnant women, and anyone they deemed “unhealthy” from the trials. Not a good cross-section of the population.

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Nov 29, 2022·edited Nov 29, 2022

Especially when those were the groups that they rolled it out to first and pushed it on the hardest. They didn’t have many elderly either.

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Thank you, Dr. McCullough, John Leake, and Dr. Thorp!

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The spontaneous abortion data from the Pfizer trial is very misleading so be careful referring to it when discussing the effects the injection has on pregnancy. The reason it shows so many pregnancies that never made it to full term is because the trial ended before most of the mothers made it to 9 months. No follow up data has been released to show if those pregnancies ever went to term. If a study period is only 5 months long and someone gets pregnant during the study, you aren't going to have data showing if she ever gave birth. That's why the data looks like this

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That is what I thought, but somehow this keeps being repeated.

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Look around. The VSafe data appear to have been suppressed. Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, and Robert Malone on Substack have comments on this.

There has been time and enough for the original pregnancy cohort to be counted and published, unless of course the data were tabulated in Dominion voting machines.

You may have to wait 75 years before the results are released, but maybe you could get into a Texas court.

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This is how the Handmaid's Tale happened.

I wouldn't be surprised if reproductive fascism happened in Europe. It's either that or replacement migration. Or both.

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The UK was a mostly a Christian country, and because of the great replacement that happened in Europe and continues to happen, they are at 46%, the minority now. This has been happening for years, and I always said, well, surely that can’t happen here because we have the benefit of seeing what it’s done to Europe. Although it was hard to find, the info was there if you looked for it, and, now, we can see the same exact playbook has been playing out here (approximately 40M invaders are already here, who have stolen trillions of our tax dollars over the years courtesy of our government), and approximately 10M have entered into the open arms of the Biden-Hussein admin, and their hopes are to allow 100M in as fast as they can. If you’re being highly taxed in your state, know it’s going to support lawbreaking criminals rather than your children or other family members. We should be living the lives of Riley, but our Rats on The Hill and elite have chosen rich comfortable lives for themselves and chosen mediocre lives for the rest of us.

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Well a Gilead like empire could come through Islam or it could come through Christianity or even Judaism but I don't want to get into that right now. Christians have become deradicalized over the centuries due to Western comfort and luxury but people forget that the US was founded and initially populated largely by what were essentially Christian jihadists. The Puritans wanted to force their ways on others, burn witches at stake, destroy Church art, had a sort of proto-Zionist philosophy and were Old Testament Bible LARPers which is why a lot of them participated in slavery and genocide in the New World (though a lot of the persecuted Protestant groups were anti-slavery and kept to themselves like the Amish but got persecuted anyway because they also wore funny clothing I guess). I wonder what it would take to radicalize White Christians in the US back to such Jihadist levels. This country would have to become wartorn and impoverished like the Middle East I guess.

As for the UK, well they kicked out all their religious psychopaths and that's what came to America. The ones that remained are too nice and tolerant and polite now to deal with the Islamists I guess. What I think is going on is, you see, Pakistanis have lived in the UK in small numbers since even before WWII. And since a lot of these Pakistanis mostly only marry their cousins and first cousin marriage is legal in the UK and they are isolated from their extended family tree in Pakistan they have become even more inbred than they would have been if they lived in Pakistan. That may cause mental problems that make it even harder to adapt to Western society. So maybe that's the reason for a lot of the sociopathy I've heard of coming from them.

As for the replacement migration, that's a consequence of capitalism. You see capitalism requires endless growth of population and profit and everything else to pay off interest from debts and increasing the population can be done either by restricting abortion and contraception, or allowing large numbers of immigrants to move in. Or both. The economy will collapse otherwise. Now people in the West are comfortable and they don't want or need to breed as much anymore, and they even end up being gay in higher numbers (this was demonstrated in mice/rats in the "behavioral sink" experiment). Also life spans increase so a larger number of people are retired and need young workers to help take care of them. Third world populations have to be kept in poverty in order to drive them to want to move to the West. We need to transition into a form of economy that doesn't require population growth and can use technology to help the elderly and reduce the need for labor.

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