This is medical malpractice in the form of Denial. It’s shocking that they are acknowledging potential side effects but still saying “Vax away”. Or perhaps stating this is the only way they could get this study published?

I weep for our Nation, our World.

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Very sad. Even to this day I hear of vaxxed individuals getting covid19 and grateful they are vaccinated implying they believe their symptoms are reduced. But here I am, not vaccinated and healthy. Pharma, health agencies and MSM have played their cards well to convince so many people that mRNA injections are of benefit to them when there is no such evidence.

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“Only weapon against COVID?” What about good diet and exercise? These are far superior “weapons” that are infinitely safer.

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Like Lyme...the great imitator.

Dr. MucCullough, why can't these doctors or scientists just say NOTHING. Just present the study without the editorial/disimformation/misinformation.

Are they that damn afraid?

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Thank you for sharing yet another team of Bona Fide researchers verifying that these experimental formulations are a Global Crime against Humanity...

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I had Guillain-Barre Syndrome in 1993. My PCP at the time strongly advised that I never take any vaccine, lest my over zealous immune system may over-react and I could end up with GBS again. I am and will be forever grateful to that “good physician” (since retired). My recent PCP would not write an exemption note to my employer (a medical center) early 2021 for the Covid shot. He said he was not allowed to write these per the administration of his clinic. I fired him. Then I found out that our state (WA) would not allow my employer to accept my history of GBS as a medical reason. It was then that I realized that our hospitals and doctors were not in control with this COVID nightmare. I had to file for a religious exemption. It was accepted with lots of strings attached, and during my last two years of work there I underwent lots of gaslighting from co-workers and administration. I finally retired this past August, after 40 years at the same address.

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My wife chose to get pfizer jab, I will not. She had been diagnosed previously with Trigeminal Neuralgia & Atypical Facial Pain. After the jab it has not gone away. She takes Gabapentin every day. It came back with a vengeance about 6 months after her first shot and booster when the jabs began. She's been on the gabapentin for over a year. The jabs have been a very divisive issue in our family and extended family. Thanks for this information.

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“will assume the thrown”

Please. These dictation systems do not recognize context. It is, as my Dad taught me 65 years ago when I was 10, necessary to check one’s work. This is particularly important given the fact that we are in serious trouble because of a rushed, experimental vaccine promoted by the panicked who did not check their work.

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How do you trust or respond to physicians when they actually say this:

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from being over. Till such time that a truly effective anti-viral drug is discovered, or an appropriate therapeutic strategy is developed, COVID-appropriate behavior and highly effective mass vaccination remain the only weapons in our armamentarium to fight this deadly disease.

The quote above is from the document that D. McCullough cites, more of which can be read here: https://europepmc.org/article/PMC/PMC9707152

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So shocking. Why is this poison not banned?

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Hey, look on the bright side. Maybe these authors are our fellow resistance warriors, but they're way deep into enemy territory. So, you know, even though they're on our side (publishing TRUTH), they still have to wear the Nazi arm band, do the Nazi salutes, pretend to spit a few Jewish folks (but miss, on purpose), etc.

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Her position is that the pain is worse. I believe we are coming to a point that she'll need to consider options. I've been collecting resources such as Dr. Kory. She likes her current Neurologist.

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(Subsymptomatic) enhancement of chronic inflammation:

I think that the variability is closely related to that of


Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

Some 200 symptoms. See Afrin/Molderings and many researchers more. Too little attention, some say prevalence is ca 17%, few percent active.


Afrin, Molderings et al. have shown, that under immune system soothing (and as a side-effect antiviral therapy) of H1, H2 and IL-6-blockers,( rupatadine, famotidine, montelukast, to be produced and supply warranted under anti-fraud supervision), no one gets severe Covid or suffers from death or LHCS. From 8.2020:

Covid-19 hyperinflammation and post-Covid-19 illness may be rooted in mast cell activation syndrome - International Journal of Infectious Diseases


Also, a very good paper on neurological and psychological symptoms shows that MCAS rises probability to develop such symptoms 100-x. 100-FOLD.

(IMHO, call it CAUSE.)


“Mast cell activation disease: An underappreciated cause of neurologic and psychiatric symptoms and diseases”


While anti-allergic tablets all have shown to be somewhat antiviral, and fit to the state of COVID seen as some allergic hyper-reaction as well, one really should start to screen for activity against EBV and alike, if vulnerability stems from residual infection with these.

(A major cause for MCAS is mould, like a mouldy wall in a sleeping room in even way back in childhood, another some bad bugs hiding from immune system like EBV. Chronic Lyme probably has the same mechanism of shifting towards easily irritable (cytokine storm vulnerable) immune system.

Remarkably for EBV: Seemingly ALL remedies found working against LHCS or Post-the-CoV-vaccine are shown to be effective against EBV and alike. Compare I-RECOVER’s cool interventions and do your research as for EBV or Lyme treatment. And the other way round, to meet in the middle.

EBV: Read this in a discussion there: https://roundingtheearth.substack.com/p/cracking-the-ivermectin-code-covid

(MAS: monocyte activation syndrome, too many monocytes in H1, ie activated, pro-inflammatory, viral-residue/sleeper-cell hunting mode, carrying a part of the pathogen, eg the spike, and scanning the surface of cells for probability of them bearing the pathogen, marking findings with a death sign; this is a test with FALSE POSITIVES, it always seems detrimental if testing too often, insides body as insides societies :).

I first read about MAS at the papers of Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld, Auto-Immunologist. He has some neat ideas about vaccine antigens NOT closely related to our constituents (please bring him together with Prof. Bossche!) and did filter banks to clean up reconvalescent plasma so it really helps: remove autoantibodies!, which is also his basis for vaccinal antigenes.

And then at DrBeen “spike in immune cells” with Dr. Bruce Patterson, doing Monocytes repolarisation therapy with Maraviroc, Ivermectin, Aspirin and a Statin, if I recall correctly. Found it also at FLCCC protocols or skirsch.io How to treat.

Of course, as part of indications of malice, we have a multi-layer “symbiosis” of detrimental working principles. Especially the unholy alliance spike and PEG-LNP, between genetic Transcription (occurring “often” as shown in simple liver cells experiment, where no-one cares to research which genes it attaches to, so which signals or probabilities are there for re-activation in critical phases of eg cell division, together with epigenetic re-programming of nK and CD-nn (4, 8, 34+, ..?) activity.

As for the cure against vaccinal damage Intry parts of I-RECOVER, and additionally I found oxidative cures helpful, the easiest by CIO2 (I put 20-30ml 0.3% in 1 L water per day, I drink it on empty stomach in portions over the day; see Comusav’s AI protocol (anti-inocculation)).

But the Re-Programming by the PEG-LNP, I’m helpless, as I perceived it from own experience that it directly affects epigenetic programming, so this is inheritable some 3-6 generations.

Epigenetic Cures?:

I know TCM energy-built up cure and ayurveda carma cure can treat it, but not in my village, not affordably for my family.

One goal could be to change that. Let us teach ourselves TCM eg. !

Energy and Information therapies?:

And it opened my mind to areas I was shutting out all my life. Like energy or information therapy. I dig into this now.

After all the lies I read and took as “science”, who am I to say something is not there or doesn’t work.

I’m no professional in medicine, rather I’m, from an older life, a bit of a physicist, spending too much time with medicine students, and electronics engineer. So please forgive me for in-precise language or mistakes I probably did. I write from a personal-experience level for sharing and discussion — and to be proofed wrong :)

Happy new year and thank you so much!

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