Please people! Back up the videos on RUMBLE!!!

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Congratulations on getting the video on YT. They won't even let me comment!!

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Courageous discourse with Doctor Peter McCullough is such an important outlet for good honest information. thank you so much.

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Seems to me all it takes is the realization that the Truth, will in fact, set you free.

You Tube and maybe "X" will only admit it's mistakes after it becomes the next "My space!"

Too late Dudes....there is a new kid in town now. Hello Substack Venues! ( and others)

I see the delete button really has a purpose as an ending.

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In my April 2020 letter to Trump I advised him to in-essence "Fire Fauci." Instead, in that early 2020 timeframe, he lauded and praised the long-prior pundit of the "AZT = AIDS cure" farce. I wrote to Fauci in that 1985/1986 timeframe FIVE times . . . while persons that "tested positive for HIV" went to early graves after being afflicted with a Fauci approved drug cocktail . . . which was highly lucrative. Sound familiar?

In that mid 1980s timeframe a now trendy medical doctor had not yet graduated from Med School. But later, like Trump, the MD spewed all kinds of opinions about COVID-19 and therefore Fauci (in 2020); we'll return to a quote of that medical doctor below.

Regarding Ms. Susan Wojcicki . . . a treasonous wretch of the lowest order . . . in my letter to Fauci of July 21, 2020 (wherein I immediately called him out on GoF, at-bottom of Page 3!), on Page 4 of 36, I pictured the wretch relating to her assistance to Fauci and his Surgisphere "research" / Hydroxychloroquine censorship crimes:

https://www.pvsheridan.com/sheridan2fauci-1-21july2020-spods.pdf (Note the Trump/Fauci SPODs)


Few could recognize (lacking prior experience) that Fauci (ala his cookie-cutter approach to "AZT = AIDS cure" crimes) was deploying the EXACT same pharmaceutical-prioritized routine versus hydroxychloroquine-based treatments for COVID:


Now . . . back to that medical doctor. Shortly after Fauci was promoting his modRNA needle (in that early-July 2020 Politico video ), the medical doctor did likewise, making utterly unfounded claims about natural immunity; how such "wanes," and that the upcoming Fauci needles would offer "permanent memory" The MD wrote (quote):

"Antibody production after COVID-19 takes a few weeks to ramp up but wanes fairly quickly after several weeks to months. Thus, the hope is that a vaccine could instill permanent memory in antigen-presenting T-cells that would remind the plasma cells and B-cells to proliferate and restore antibody production more quickly in the setting of re-inoculation."

So . . . natural immunity to COVID "wanes quickly"!? Did this MD ever retract such an unfounded undocumented mid-2020 pro-modRNA ruse? Of course not. But speaking of PERMANENT, we do have 5-year-old Julie who ostensibly consents to the permanence of an altered DNA:


Julie had the integrity to reject the entire modRNA affair, especially as a result of hearing about LIABILITY IMMUNITY (at-end). That MD, on the other hand, was fully aware that he would be covered under LIABILITY IMMUNITY (ala the EUA) if the patients he needled died/were severely injured. Last time I checked neither natural immunity or hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin or sunshine/exercise are covered by LIABILITY IMMUNITY.

"Crack the code"? How about crack a few careers with looooooooong prison terms for crimes of sedition and treason and conspiracy and murder? If and when Trump dis-inserts his head from his lower posterior on Operation Warp Speed, perhaps he could assist with State's evidence; he does appear to be preparing for such (Thank you Tudor Dixon!)


Oh . . . that "wanes quickly" MD? Guess who?

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At least YouTube censors aren’t totally bought off by the Big Pharma hors.(snicker, chortle, gag)

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If there was no Social Media, we wouldn't have this problem. That is why I never signed up for any of them.

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Way to go Dr McCullough

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Great Interview with Tommy-Dr. McCullough!

Thank you!

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Dr McCullough, I think you need to rethink Aluminum, because your comments about it on this podcast, are um... lightweight - and need more depth. Please watch this video which is totally pubmed based:


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At around 25 minutes the host asks you the question why it is with 30,000 satellites in space and advanced technology, that it's not possible to do a decent zoom or live virtual without time lag or problems... which raises another question.

How was it when "man landed on the moon" that from the moon, they were able to speak to NASA on a LAND LINE with no time lag at all? Oh right. They lost that technology....

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I Am Vaccinated.

And I Don't Want To Hear Another Word

About Sudden Vaccine Deaths.

They're Dead.

What Difference Does It Make - To Me ?

You're Scaring Everyone.

I am Terrified Enough Already Of Breathing Air.

I Don't Care How Many People Die From The Vaccine.

We Are Running The Risk Of Scaring Children

From Getting Injected And Giving Me Covid.

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What an exceptional interview! I watched the whole 3+ hrs episode before heading off to church this morning.

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Reverse-engineering is a part of the game, but only to be ahead of the bad guys…

Who said if you play the game, you already loose?

What‘s your strategy?

Perhaps love and devotion to fellow humans has the potential to heal the narcissism that pours over us, top-down, in individual perpetrators as well as mass-psychologically, narcissism that moves the moloch or malek we are parts of until we slide out. I perceive the birth of it if someone tells you you are better smarter „worthier“ than other human beings - and you believe it. Happened in history, even dicumented in bible, and is some generation-spanning social virus whole culters fell prey to.

This is the trial the universe places on us.

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