I can think of so many people who risked everything to be a truth teller in this world of non-stop censorship and retaliation. It’s serious too. These heroes of our times don’t just lose a job and get offered a job by the installed government or a university like the traitors on the Left or get to move on with their lives. For some, their lives and families are suffering enormous amounts of stress and pain. I used to attend marches and events until physically I was unable to - can’t wait to get back out there - but I don’t have the inner courage these people have. I’d never in my life been involved in peaceful protests or anything like that, but it’s what I could do. #StrengthInNumbers I do what I can to support people like Katherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote because of the many lawsuits she’s involved in. I just bought a hat, affordable. I subscribe to a few people like Dr. McCullough, and I support a handful of politicians, buy a book or ornament, tried to spread important info on social media - to no avail, of course, buy pillows from Mike Lindell, but there’s always someone who needs our support, and, individually, we can only do so much. Many people feel helpless and want to do something, anything they can and don’t know what to do. if we can’t do what these courageous people are doing, that’s okay, but supporting them goes a long way. It helps them to continue fighting the good fight. There will come a time when we’re at the precipice and will have to choose good versus evil, but for now, just do what you can!

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Dr. McCullough, I cannot thank you enough for coming on strong all through the fraudulent , deceptive mandatory mRNA injection program, especially now when government and media would like to get the public and the medical profession to simply heave a sigh of "Oh well, let's move on". We will not.

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This brief beginning of eternity, in this body that we inhabited to begin our eternal journey, is the only time in our existence where we are required to decide right from wrong. We do all in complete naïveté, needing to evaluate the information, discern truth from lies and then act.

And we act either in collusion with liars and deceivers, or we do what we know is the only noble way forward.

We really have no choice. We either love this world too much to risk our lives, or we see the benefit, after we have shed these bodies, of standing up for truth. What we do in this life will matter for all time. And we all matter so very much in this not-populated-enough planet.

By the way: Why do the 'earth is over populated' crowd insist that it's all the OTHER people that are too many? If you think there are too many people on earth, why are you still here?

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Thank you Dr. McCoulough. Thank you for always telling the truth!

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21 day report proportions for [myocarditis+suspected myocarditis+probable myocarditis] are now at 25% for children 12-18 with both virus and double-vaccine exposure.

But even worse: https://www.pervaers.com/?v=C21&q=hospitalisation

Of all patients 80+ who were double-dosed and caught the infection at any point since then, 70% were hospitalised.

Of ALL patients 12-17 who were double-dosed and caught the infection at any point since then, 40% were hospitalised.

It's disease enhancement. Will write an article about the pharmacovigilance data that supports it in a few days hopefully.

Here is my first, but it is limited to myocarditis:


The issue is even more serious in adults, but for them mostly slow-onset coagulopathy, while it's an acute inflammatory process for the children.

The proportion of reports that mention death or hospitalisation keeps rising for almost a year. In fact even the absolute number of deaths that are being reported is RISING with temporal distance to the drug administration, but ONLY in those who catch the infection.

I think SARS-COV-2 would do this to any healthy person as well, but we need multiple exposures for the cascade to be initiated. Healthy people don't get reinfected over and over. The Israeli study only looked at patients who had NO known prior SARS-COV-2 exposure. We know first contact is not what causes MC.

There's something else:

Subjectively perceived symptom severity seems to decrease while clotting issues worsen. Headache, nausea, anosmia, ageusia, fatigue etc. all become less common over time while coagulative processes keep worsening. Very unsettling.

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I am not a doctor. But the one ‘issue’ I have from reading the first abstract from Dr. Malhotra is that he calls mRNA ‘messenger RNA’. From what I have read, it is more correct to cite this as ‘modified RNA’….???

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