Im sorry Peter but ALL "vaccines" are dangerous and I think you know that. This "vaccine" however is a bioweapon made specifically to maim and kill, the others were just made to make people ill.

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Supreme Court - “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”

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Yep! You are spot on!

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I am in agreement but……Not completely so……..i just spent over 12 hours watching a program on vaccines…..some vaccines like the one i took for polio in the 50s had a cancer virus in it from monkeys……and they knew…....vaccines are not clean…….they use all kinds of ingredients meant to harm us……they even use fetal tissue so there are times that certain vaccines have XX chromosomes and other times in other vaccines they chromosomes are XY…..so how do you imagine this affects the brains of children?…..a boy getting female genetic material…..a girl getting male genetic materials……hmmmmmmmmmm…...all vaccines from the very beginning were meant to harm us if not kill us…..especially the HPV … Gates and his vaccines have killed many women and children in Africa and S. America…..India banned the HPV……yes the mRNA is the worst of the lot but from the very beginning vaccines have never been safe….Dr. McCullough knows that as he was on this program I watched…..Reagan signed a law that absolved all vaccine manufacturers from any liability….and the companies threatened Reagan….but yes this vaccine is a bioweapon but we must not kid ourselves….this has been going on for decades more than decades…..and we allowed it…..no parent asked what is in the vaccines for generations…..and not even the doctors know what is in the vaccines……the Supreme Court only said what it said because of Reagan not vetoing a bill from congress which he should have vetoed….had he, we would not be in the position we are in…..who signs a bill that absolves companies from liabilities when the very reason these companies don’t want to have responsibility is because their product is unsafe and causing too many deaths….they have lied and lied and we the people have believed them…..unreal…..

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Thank goodness Dr. Mccullough, Dr. Robert Malone, RFK Jr. and others are shining a light on the darkness of the Big Pharma Money-Mafia.

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Still waiting for a dependable test to see if I am still producing the spike from initial jabs (Pfizer EN6204 and EW0169--tow very bad "actors" per howbadismybatch.com). Until then, it's The McCollough Protocol all the way! I'm detoxing and rehabbing from a lacunar infarct (ventral posterolateral thalamus) which, according to six of nine Bradford Hill criteria, appears to be more causative as opposed to correlative as it relates to the jabs. Crimes against humanity, people. Crimes against humanity.

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Glad you are still alive and fighting - learning to do what is necessary to try to heal and to make it more days. May God Bless you and Heal you~

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There is reason to believe that the waves of illness, disability and death were the result of a mistake that was made in constructing the epidemiological models that were used by public health officials in their attempts at gaining a degree of control over the outcomes of the events of the future for the people who were supposed to be beneficially served by these officials. The mistake was to treat the example of a "complex physical system" that is the healthcare system as if it were a "non-complex physical system," where a "complex physical system" exhibits one or more "emergent properties," each of which is a property of the whole system and not of the separate parts of this system, while a "non-complex physical system" exhibits no emergent properties. Interestingly, in the book entitled "The Psychology of Totalitarianism," Prof. Mattias Desmet traces the desire amongst a group of people for totalitarian rule over themselves to this mistake. In this case, the totalitarian rule was imposed by the mistaken edicts of the public health officials.

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Nice try. "There are reasons to believe" the moon is made of cheese is more believable than your first statement. It totally ignores history and actual medical establishment behavior. Here are some pertinent facts:

1. Numerous planning exercises happened over a 20 year period planning for a very similar pandemic.

2. They all showed that no matter how fast vaccines were '"warped speeded", there would be at least a year, and possibly much longer, before the vaccines were available.

3. Fauxi had been in the job for almost 40 years to plan for exactly this situation. So what was his plan? Did he have stockpiles of drugs, (even Vitamins), PPE, or even the death machines (ventilators) on hand, ready to go? The one question never asked is what did Fauxi do for 40 years of planning?

4. Fauxi had published a paper 15 years earlier saying Chloroquine was effective against Corona virus, Baric had published 10 years earlier zinc works, 5 years before Fauxi was quoted as saying protect yourself with large amounts of Vitamin D and C to enhance your immune system against respiratory diseases, and in the fall of 2019, countries, like France, made Ivermectin more difficult to obtain.

5. So while people were dying with no hope waiting for a vaccine, not only did Fauxi not support any of the above treatments, he personally was taking 10x the daily recommended dose of Vitamin D (and lots of Vitamin C, Zinc?) when a June 2020 study showed 90% of the people dying from Covid were Vitamin D deficient.

6. When "vaccines" showed up, everybody and their dog was saying get the shot and you wouldn't get the disease. No only did Fauxi know that was that a lie from the fall of 2020 Pfizer study (he actually knew from the March 2020 animal studies), he supported the entire Biden government policy of mandatory vaccines to "Stop the Spread". That has nothing do with the BS about emergent properties, complex systems, or Mattias.

Your bit that "there is reason to believe" "mistakes were made" is directly contradicted by Public Health Official's knowledge, public actions, and personal behavior. They globally behaved in almost perfect lockstep to set up the fear porn to get the jab in everyone they could. It was not a mistake. It was the plan.

A few lines from a poem I wrote about Fauxi called "What's the Plan, Man?"

"With many years to plan, and lots of money too,

Can't see the plan, don't understand? You living in a zoo?

Never thought ya'd lockdown, that's something Commies do.

No plan to show, got to go, on Rachel's show at two.

The cupboard's bare, no treatments there, it's empty yes it's true.

Without a doubt, it's not our fault. Blame it on you know who!

No 'peutics yet, but don't fret, a mask in place will do.

No matter who's cured, or what you've heard, treatments aren't safe enough for you.

Fight the bug, please don't hug, a vitamin can help or two,

Ten times the D, that's for me, that's just what I'll do,

0ne tenth the D's, that's for thee, that'll work it's true ."

With all these years, and all these tears, you'd think we'd have a trick or two?

Just go home, and do not roam, we'll see ya when you're blue."

None of this involves any of the junk in your comment.

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Aug 6, 2023·edited Aug 6, 2023

HI Vic, While I am sympathetic and agree with a significant amount of you wrote here I wonder "how do you know that Fauci was taking 10 times the normal dosage of Vitamin D during the Pandemic? (its not hard to imagine that he was taking lots of Vitamin C and zinc-- I was myself)

Where would you read or pick up something as specific as that, unless Fauci himself stated as such?

When you throw out such statements without a verifiable source(s) you cast a shadow upon everything else that you write her, needlessly.

Are you sure you didn't get carried away with that statement of 10 times the Vitamin D dosage?

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You are right. I got my 6000 IU per day of Vitamin D from a highly questionable source and proven liar. Tony Fauxi himself. I'll provide a very trusted source, Dr. John Campbell "https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8dbf30), but before going into that, the background Vitamin D is story is even more important. In a 1/15/2016 Washingtonian article (https://www.washingtonian.com/2016/01/15/how-to-avoid-getting-sick-when-youre-around-people-all-day/), Fauxi referenced Vitamin D and C. In the Spring of 2020, when Trump brought up Vitamin D during a Covid press conference, Fauxi downplayed Vit D, much like he did HCQ, albeit with much greater hypocrisy since he was taking large Vit D doses at the time. In June of 2020, an highly believable Indonesian study showed 90% of those dying of Covid were Vit D deficient. It has been well know for years that western society was hugely Vitamin D deficient (one Aussie study showed even the sunny land down under had as high as 95% of its population Vit D deficient) and that winter isn't really a flu season, it was Vitamin D deficiency season. Still Fauxi continued to downplay Vit D all summer while people were dying, particularly black and dark-skinned people who have higher overall Vit D deficiencies. By September 2020, when it was clear the Frankenshots were going to be approved (as if there was ever any doubt that the Medical Countermeasures were going to be used), Fauxi went to that highly regarded medical source, actress Jennifer Garner's show, and announced he was taking large doses of D and C. In response to an 9/14/20 email asking him how (see Campbell video) much Vit D he takes, Fauxi replied 6000 IU daily (at about 150 pound bodyweight). There has been no denial from Fauxi of the email.

In summary,

1. Fauxi knew Vit D was critical for immune health, that many people, particular people of color, were Vit D deficient, and was in print on that issue.

2. When Covid hit, instead of having a huge stockpile of cheap, effective, and safe Vitamin D on hand to flood all high risk groups with Vitamin D and knowledge about how to use it, Fauxi downplayed it while taking 6000 IUs himself (and telling who ever he was talking to privately).

3. When it didn't mater in September 2020, because the Medical countermeasures (Frankenshots) were going to be approved, Fauxi comes clean on his massive Vitamin D use on a totally friendly, none questioning, hero worshiping media site. A follow up email was needed to get the exact amount. Follow the Science, my ass.

4. How many people died that could have been save if Fauxi had immediately put in place a massive Vitamin D, C, and Zinc program January 2020? He had 40 years to plan.

5. There is literally no greater smoking gun (although the others I mentioned are pretty good) that this was mass murder to get failed mRNA technology into peoples' arms then Fauxi denying others safe, effective, and cheap Vitamin D (and C and Zinc) and letting them die while taking massive does himself.

I do get carried away. With mass murder.

Since you have wasted my time ( I did this for everybody's health), after obviously doing no researcher on the topic yourself (even the highly corrupted Google search showed lots of 6000 IU Vitamin D and Fauxi references), and accusing me of exactly what you are guilty of, don't you worry about looking like a total clown?

That said, I care about your health, and the health of everyone, so please look into Vitamin D. This not medical advice but I, like Fauxi, take 2000 IU of Vitamin per 50 pounds bodyweight (with K2), Vitamin C, and Zinc. The IPCCC and Dr. Mercola are good information sources on this.

I truly wish that you, and everyone, be informed and take care of your health.

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You have a really decent memory. I recall Fauci admitting to the Vitamin-D use.

Perhaps the mRNA was more like a Pharma hammer looking for nails rather than an intentional murder weapon?

In order to be successful, Pharma needed indemnity, which only vaccines have, along with warp-speed EUA which could fasttrack the process. They also needed a useful idiot in the Whitehouse. Trump was the first, approving the plan, but his character prevented wide acceptance by the Dems. While vaccine pushers Hotez, Offit and other influencers were deadpanning warp efforts, Fauci had seized his position to orchestrate the Big Pharma push, intentionally suppressing any effective home or hospital treatments in order to have the vaccine be the one and only solution .. until it was EUA approved. The second useful idiot in the Whitehouse enabled approval within days of becoming elected. Hotez and Offit suddenly started singing a different tune of approval. Meanwhile Paxlovid had already been invented and tests were showing a good response but had to be slowwalked so that it was EUA approved only after the vaccines. Pharma was happy as the big boys, each got their long anticipated windfall of highly lucrative procurement contracts.

There were plenty of hussle games afoot. Bill Gates had a horse and was invested in BioNtech, saw the value of his investment needed to be protected when AstraZenica had announced they were going to give away their vaccine. Like a good hustler he convinced them that they should not give it away.

Like MSDOS, his horse had IP theft written all over it when it became evident Moderna's product was identical and they sued each other. Bill dumped his investment when it became clear there was dark clouds forming on the horizon plus "sadly", Omicron became the genuine real vaccine and would destroy future demand. Problems, similarily to Boeing's capture of the FAA and the fataly flawed single point of failure, Angle-of-Attack sensor 737-Max MCAS design intentionally hidden to bypass costly pilot recertification, Pharma had regulatory capture of CDC and FDA and knew they could explain away the known problems of foreign mRNA being detected by the host, saying it remained localized and disappeared after a few days due to this Frodo Baggins' magical cape of stealth-coating. Instead the fataly flawed pseudouredine LNPs failed to remain at the injection site and were transported throughout the body, bypassing immune systems and infecting all sorts of cells in vital organs including through the blood-brain barrier into the brain. Pharma's longterm objective is to have a fully approved delivery mechanism which would allow simply dialing up the right medicinal mRNA potion that a biological cell-based animal automatically produces the antigen. The design was/is extremely flawed. The injectable product doesn't work as they claimed, instead creating a host of issues including continued infection of random cells wherever the product may collect, causing a host of inflammatory responses, including thrombocytopenia and cancers apparently due to some residual doublestranded DNA in the product. At a recent senator inquiry in Australia, Pfizer claimed they don't know why it causes myocarditis. Pfizer sent Dumb and Dumber to the inquiry. Lots of obsification of the truth. Like Bill Gates tampering with mosquitoes, Pharma desires to have mRNA indiscriminately inserted into all sorts of products. The mRNA product is a failure, a diabolical health hazzard. It is a non-selective treatment which destroys any cells it uses to manufacture the antigen. This includes damaging myocardium and endothelial vascular tissues. Early treatments are essential but.. we also need to stop Pharma's expansion of the use of this delivery platform.

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thanks for the lengthy reply. there is a lot of wisdom there. As noted, I have somewhat of a historical bent, so a little history and then a comment on your phrase "Perhaps the mRNA was more like a Pharma hammer looking for nails rather than an intentional murder weapon?" First the history. mRNA technology has been around a long time (first use patent 1990) and had got a lot of attention as product that could whip up an antiviral vaccine really quickly for soldiers on a battlefield exposed to a new BioWare disease. Unfortunately, as someone who's followed it that long, it never worked and virtually all the test animals it was used on died. Even a definitive French study from 2018 (pre-censorship) said mRNA technology wasn't ready for prime time. Because it was killer. So definitionally, before Covid, mRNA technology was a murder weapon. Secondly, the Covid drug tests were a sham for lots of reasons, one of the best being it was done on very low Covid risk 19 to 65 year olds, when the average age of Covid deaths (more sham numbers) was high 70's. More people died in shortened "vaccine" groups than the non-vaccine. They stoped the tests and vaccinated the placebo group to cover that up. Any other vaccine would have been dead in the water (no pun intended) but they not only went forward with a known killer, they eventually mandated it. That's by design. Third they covered up the Covid test results by censoring or ruining anyone that told the truth. (This is not Fauxi's first rodeo and sadly I have followed him since a gay friend killed himself almost 40 years ago while Fauxi sat on promising cures to get the incredibly expensive drug he wanted approved. Sound familiar?) Fauxi did the same thing with the AZT trials for AIDS. That drug was such a killer, in an AZT (arguably the most expensive drug in history to that time) trial that was used to justify it's approval, the only way Fauxi et al kept the drug group alive was by giving them 6 times the amount of blood transfusions as the placebo group, before ruining the placebo group to hide those results. They died anyway. Lastly, Fauxi main job (~2/3 his salary) is biowarfare. He helped create both the Covid bioweapon and the cure that was also a bioweapon. None of kabuki theater of the tests mattered. They were all for show because the Covid "vaccines" were not medicines and the people taking them were not patients. They were prototype military medical Countermeasures, outside FDA and CDC law, like any defined bioweapon. In summary, Covid and the Covid "vaccine" were man-made bioweapons. Both were known to be lethal ( Although the great John Ionnidis showed by the Spring of 2020, Covid itself was just a very bad flu for old people), Fauxi et al knew it, still jammed the shot into everyone they could, including virtually zero risk children and babies, killed hundreds of thousands in the US (maybe 30 MM worldwide and counting as turbo cancers kick in), and still they pushed it. That's murder by design in my book. One last history lesson. No human vaccine for a animal based (the magical bats retuning to Wuhan-trano) respiratory disease HAS EVER WORKED. PERIOD. That, and Fauxi's deadly AZT track record, is all the history you need to know to know that this was not accidental murder. Any other experimental drug would have been stopped when it killed a few dozen people. They not only didn't stop it, they used it to overturn society and set us up for the real story, the coming WHO medical tyranny. Hope this helps.

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I was well aware of the relationship to Vitamin D and People who responded better to Covid infections. I never made that statement of ignorance, only of where your source came from. You are so mentally obsessed with your own mind forms you find is perfectly Ok to casually insult those who would be sympathetic to your cause, merely because they don't sufficiently reflect the murky recesses of your own subjectivity. My statement remains correct,-- that in your original writing you did not state where your figure of 10 times the normal dosage came from. Is one a clown who merely asks for a reference, or is the clown the one who falsely accuses a request for a source as a "waste of time"? You wonder why there are not more understanding your position, and stand there creating just as much disunity and division as you rail against. By forgetting the bigger picture, and placing your ego on a pedestal, rather then the greater good, you have successfully duplicated the problem of tribal disunity that is tearing humanity apart. Grow up.

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Dear Vic.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. The allegation that I make is that the medical establishment erred in acting as though the"complex" physical system that was the healthcare system that emerged from the COVID-19 epidemic a "non-complex" physicall system where a "complex" physical system exhibits.one or more "emergent properties" each of which is a property of the whole system and not of the separate parts of this system. Do you disagree? If so, what is your argument?


Terry Oldberg

Enngineer/Scientist/Public Policy Researcher

Los Altos Hills, CA



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Thanks for your reply. Your statement was "There is reason to believe that the waves of illness, disability and death were the result of a mistake that was made in constructing the epidemiological models that were used by public health officials in their attempts at gaining a degree of control over the outcomes of the events of the future for the people who were supposed to be beneficially served by these officials."

My argument was:

1. It was no mistake. "that the waves of illness, disability and death were the result of a mistake that was made in constructing the epidemiological models". The waves of death and societal disruption was the plan from beginning.

2. Epidemiological models whether complex, simple (like the high school girl's model thoerhetically as the base lockdown justification), or coin tosses, had no real roll in the medical response that occurred. No models simple, complex, or divinely inspired would direct the actions that actually occurred; Commie inspired healthy people lockdowns which make no epidemiological sense when it was well known unemployment cause death (which Fauxi lied about), putting Covid patients in nursing homes with highly vuneriblue elders, no early treatments (see above), Crap drug testing, ruining the placebo group, lying about vaccines stopping transmission, vaccinating children and pregnant women, mandatory vaccines, censorship, career destruction, massive wealth transfer, stealing an election, etc. These were not modeling results.

In summary, arguing about medical modeling design, good, bad, or ugly, is a waste of time because the Medical Establishments actions were based on a predesigned plan to achieve political objectives. Kind of like arguing about the design of the Titanic. If the Captain's plan is to race through a known minefield at night, you still get your feet wet whether you model a complex system or a simple one. Unfortunately, the body count from our Covid Titanic dwarfs the Titanic dead.

(Kudos begin brave enough to put your phone number out there. My reaction to your CV is whether you're a King or a clown, if your argument doesn't stand on its own logic, who cares? Again, bravery on the phone number and I wish you good health. Please read my Vitamin D comments.)

Vic Hughes

FYI I am fighting the WHO takeover of the US (and global) Healthcare System. Stoping The WHO is all that matters, regardless of how you model it.

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In case you need something to read, a free to download book including a discussion on if it was intentional or not.


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thanks. all true heros

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Do you actually believe in the medical establishment ?……not one doctor is able to tell you what is in vaccines or how the combination of ingredients affects a child……or that the ingredients themselves are poison to the body…….i am surprised we have any kids surviving at all………vaccine companies have been poisoning us since the late 1800s……i actually don’t care if it is complex or non-complex…..the entire thing was planned and people were stupid enough to fall for it……we have been brainwashed with tons of lie into thinking vaccines are good even since I was a child in the 50s…..the polio vaccine i took in the 50s was filled with a cancer virus from monkeys…..i am sorry but compared to the entire picture i think your comment is well meaning but kind of and i don’t mean to be rude, irrelevant….

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Aug 5, 2023·edited Aug 5, 2023

God only knows how many people world wide have myocarditis, after getting the shots, but have no symptoms. What is the life expectancy for vaccine induced myocarditis victims? So sad to think that a few years down the road there will likely continue to be injuries and deaths from covid injections. It's utterly insane that the American College of Cardiology is still urging covid shots.

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It is not insane!!!1It is planned and it will continue. Lets check the Board members bank accounts!!!How much money were they payed for each diagnosis and each vaccine administration??????

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I Love The Chronically Vaccinated.

And Especially The Mask Wearers.

Because I Love Watching People

That Simultaneously

Are A Threat To Themselves


Live In Mortal Fear.


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Forward your appearance schedule in NYS or PA

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He was in Rochester and Buffalo a few months ago.

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Read Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy. Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.

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