Very well said. Just imagine how events would have turned out differently had more strong principled people had just said NO.

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I wanted to go to Rochester to hear steve kirsch but could go. I am glad to meet dr McCullough today in Buffalo. I found him very approachable and down to earth, just like his podcast. I can’t wait for the event to begin

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We do need people to be strong and stand up. But it's also important to recognize how much people stand to lose when they do. It's tough for doctors to stand up for sure but most doctors make a lot more money than the average person working at an average place and many have savings and other forms of income so it's difficult to compare the two situations. Seems that the people who planned this were intending to have a loose-loose (take the shot or be financially ruined) situation set up for the common person. So much evil.

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In my humble opinion, the wimps are those who leave GOD outside of their choices.

Galatians 6:9 "So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up." In my humble opinion.

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Incredibly moving. What indeed.

The same perpetrators who are today wielding these toxic by design injections have, over the last 50 years, poisoned the discourse so that men with male attributes are made to feel very unwelcome.

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Ireland fell to the Covidiocy - stayed in their homes for a year lest they dare sneeze, locked up unvaccinated passengers from the US for 10+ days (at the traveler's expense; ran into this one myself) upon arrival to the airports, denied unvaccinated people rights (I fled the country before this started), masked children in schools and daycares, and generally got wrapped up in the hysteria. It was, in the vernacular, a feckin' muppet show.

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What would the Irish laborers who dug the Erie Canal think of us today? But I don't think there's a uniform "us." Some people living today would be worthy of a tough, hardworking man's respect and admiration. Some might merit the tip of a cap, maybe. Some people, skankers, they should be in jail. As for the Irish laborers themselves, I would guess the same could be said-- some were grand fellows, some not especially, and a few characters you'd best steer clear of.

I concur with Dr. McCullough's advice. I'd put it this way: Get a spine, man. Your boss is an ignoramus and if he fires you because you didn't take an experimental injection, he has committed a crime-- a very serious one. And, by the way, check out Peggy Hall's advice on fighting back against this crimninal nonsense. https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/

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What a satisfying read. Thank you. I propose Irish Americans reading this share where their people came from. My paternal grandparents came from County Mayo and met once in the States. I have felt my grandmother’s spirit with me every time I have stood up to the insane tyranny in my California suburb. When she was old she successfully returned shoes to a big fancy department store that she had worn but disliked (LOL)imagine her opinion of corporate brand worship today. She was fierce. What she went through ending her childhood alone at 15, during a trip to Ellis Island. When I asked my great aunt her sister what it was like to leave so young, she said “it’s a wonder Ireland is so wet” meaning Ireland’s greatest export was their people, and all their homesick tears were shed in America. They knew it was worth it, and they knew who built much of the infrastructure we all enjoy, through daily available supplies. My father, my grandma’s youngest son, a real true physician, would be listening to McCullough today, not Fauci. He served his oath and people of all walks of life with decency and common sense. When he died in 2017 I had heard him refer to mainstream corporate news as “trash and trivia” hundreds of times. Thanks again. We who came from fiery folks who did the right thing must stand.

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The majority of people have been fearful throughout recorded history. History is filled with one tyranny and fascism after another. Only reason for these occurring over and over is that most people don't have the courage or integrity to fight evil or corruption. This pandemic brought the extent of that fearfulness to the surface, especially with technology and social media giving everyone in the world a voice. Only a small percentage of people rise up to fight against tyranny, and that's true for this falsely inflated covid pandemic as well.

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Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior. HOMES. I grew up in Michigan, and am glad to know about the Irish laborers. Imagine fleeing a potato blight famine to end up digging a giant ditch. Here is a blurb on that....I am sure there is a lot to say about what happened with the Irish potato famine...'The Irish Potato Famine of 1845 is believed to have been caused by the HERB-1 strain of Phytophthora infestans, a fungal pathogen that arrived in Ireland via Mexico in 1845.02 However, it may also have been caused by England's long-running political hegemony over Ireland, resulting in large chunks of land being given to Englishmen.' from https://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/irish-famine-mystery-pathogen

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Well, I think this part of the poem sums it up.

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst   

Are full of passionate intensity.”

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People are not paying attention to who is running their cities.

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They just don’t make people like they used to. Wonder what it will take...

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My wife, who is a thin, non-muscular typical Canadian nice woman was in the grocery store one day during the height of the mask mania. She looked at me in the middle of the store, and said "I'm not doing this anymore," and tore it off.

This put us in a great position, actually. We all know you NEVER attack a man's wife; even the police know that domestic disputes are where police get killed or injured.

I was JUST WAITING for someone, anyone, to come up to her and approach her for this. If they did, that would be the last thing they would ever do.

It's time we just quit conceding everything away.

Can we REALLY be the descendants of the Greatest Generation ? Have we gone in one generation from the Greatest to the Most Entitled and Most Cowardly??

Most people I know ARE cowards, and just go along with whatever they are told. That's ok, but when freedom and truth are at stake, that is non-negotiable. Period.

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Freedom Fox Truths:


Weak rulers make hard rules the people must follow.

Strong leaders ask the people to follow his lead.

The former demand obedience using threats, the people do not trust them and must be forced to obey; they know instinctively the rules are in the ruler’s best interests, not the people’s.

The latter is trusted by the people he leads and follow him willingly; they know instinctively the leader’s ask is in the best interest of all.

Which is why authoritarian governments are inherently weak. They are led by weak people. Who know they are weak. Who resort to brute force to impose their will on the people they govern. Free people must be governed by strong leaders. Who earn the trust of the people they govern. An instinctual phenomenon, can’t be faked. Free people who become subjects to authoritarian regimes suffer from weak leadership. That overcompensates with bullying tactics and shows of force. Napoleon complex, those with short stature who become tyrants applies to all of the weak pretenders who ascend to a throne. Authoritarians are weak. Never forget it. They don’t.


Those who advocate for censorship believe the people are unable to discern truth from fiction, right from wrong, have uncritical minds that will believe and do anything they are told to believe and do.

Censors believe this because:

A. Censors, themselves, have uncritical minds and believe and do anything they’re told to believe and do.

B. Censors, themselves, are benefited by telling the people to believe and do anything they say, requiring A.

Which is why authoritarian governments censor. Remember, these are weak pretenders who’ve ascended to thrones, positions they benefit from, not the people. They need uncritical minds to keep their thrones, and the privileges granted. Uncensored information in the people’s critical minds threatens the tyrant’s throne. Authoritarians are pretenders to thrones. Never forget it. They don’t.

Truth is very simple. It’s the lies that are complex.


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8,000 Irish immigrants died digging the Irish Channel in New Orleans.

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