Jeff I have not seen reports of similar syndromes with shedding. KT it is possible the the long-lasting vaccine could pile on to flare ups of conditions as they arise such as a leukocytoclastic vasculitis. Be sure blood and urine tests are checked.

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I wonder if some of these symptoms listed could also be in the unvaccinated ( gene therapy) due to reported shedding by the vaccinated?

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Yes, yes, yes!

Dr. McCullough, I developed a weird localised vasculitis of one of my heels, this was 26 months after the one and only AstraZeneca toxic genetic injection.

I hadn't sprained, twisted my ankle or foot.

It feels like I am stepping on a sharp stick but do not have bone spur or plantar fasciatis.

Everyone: I have had some counterstrain.com bodywork done which releases the stuck interstitial fluid.

The interstitial system is the largest human organ just discovered in 2018. It acts as the body's shock absorber.

I suspect that the spike protein causes excessive interstitial fluid buildup because of all the inflammation it causes.

Counterstrain.com can be used for all kinds of problems. This is OMG amazing!

FYI Dr. McCullough and thank you for all your bravery and hard work.

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My husband recently was infected with COVID and is now experiencing acute symptoms in his ankle joint; redness, swelling, pain. It is the site of a long ago injury, (a break when he was 14, he is 78 now), but the ankle has become oddly acute in the last 3 weeks. Suspicious of some spike protein induced inflammation, we are going to try doubling an IVR dose and see if some improvement can be gained. I was amazed to see this article this morning as it is validating my suspicions of the origin of this very painful ankle issue. Gout, septic arthritis have already been ruled out.

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Wow! I would have never correlated a frozen shoulder with the jab. Each day it gets worse and worse for these poor vax injured people.

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My husband took the Moderna shots and one booster at his doctors insistence. He is a controlled type II diabetic and takes medication to control his b/p. He injury his shoulder several years ago that required physical therapy but no surgery. In recent months he has experienced worsening pain and loss of mobility. The orthopedic surgeon says he has a complete tear of his rotator cuff and a biceps tendon tear but surgery won’t help with mobility. Do you think the nattokinase regimen would help him? He’s thinking of getting a second opinion for surgery.

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Is there any similar evidence of musculoskeletal problems from the J&J shot? My 38 year old son received that shot and was very sick for a day afterwards. Almost 2 years later he has an adductor strain that won’t completely resolve, even with over 6 months of treatment (Ortho, Chiropractic Aerosti, PT,…). MRI doesn’t show a tear, and there are no apparent nerve or circulatory issues. He is an avid bike trail rider who can’t ride. Are there any tests that can be done to see if his problem is spike protein related?

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And always be aware that these same complaints are tailored made for workers comp claims thus costing companies billions from supposed work supposed related issues. Now I wonder whether those companies who mandated the jab and now will pay thru the nose for all these new work related claims will want compensation from the drug companies for these elevated now and into the future work related claims? Anyone who was forced to get the jab or be released should be advised of the potential for work related claims for a variety of health issues.

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I Totally agreed with..."It’s my speculation that sites in the body that have pre-existing inflammation may get more heavily seeded with lipid nanoparticles laced with mRNA that work to install the inflammatory Spike protein into those joints and tendons, further worsening the inflammatory pain.

" * Area such as rotary cuffs with such a complex system of enabling strength required motions would no doubt and often do have scar tissues. These areas are like dead zones for an arthritic condition to take hold as inflammations. Most men over 50 have some degree of rotary cuff injury.

My studies of my own R-Cuff sub and supraspinatus muscle (including 4 month frozen Shoulder)

using the John Hopkins orthopedic surgeons Web Guide for remedy/therapy/ surgery success ratios/ (MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC TO MAKE YOUR DECISIONS FROM!) Age vs surgical region that requires longer duration of healing time. Too long permits atrophy and near permanent muscle loss

I remain un-vaxxed and will stand my ground on not having surgery that was recommended 7 yrs ago. Only ONE Doctor had his shyt together. His advice was simple for me. You are to active to have this performed. An 85% failure rate for a man like me meant I'd be back in a year for more cuts.

He told me flat out...if I were you, I would not do surgical repairs. instead get a Gym membership and strengthen all surrounding muscle tissues to their best capacity. No regrets. My advice....GYM.

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Interesting facts Doc, thanks for sharing.

I am curious about 2 lady friends of mine, 1 a sister-in-law, both in their 60s. Both had breast implants about 30 years ago and never had any complications from them. Both took the shots, I think Pfizer in both cases, and months later had reactions and had to have the implants replaced. I have wondered if that was related to the shots since their immune systems were changed and made worse by the shots.

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Dr. McCullough, can you look into the interstitial system, I suspect the spike protein causes excessive interstitial fluid buildup which if not treated then causes all kinds of other health problems, like increased blood pressure, aggravation of old injuries, can even cause new injuries like my heel pain.

Thank you

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I heard of shoulder injuries to deltoid injections long before COVID. What’s striking about this study is how distal sites can be affected too.

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