Will definitely watch this. Title reminds me of the 1965 book that put Ralph Nader on the map as a consumer advocate; Unsafe At Any Speed, about the Chevrolet Corvair. I could envision a modern day knockoff; Unsafe and Ineffective At Any Dose.

Ed, Vaccine-Injured.

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"Any institution or organization driven by the profit motive will downplay safety issues with their products." Seriously? So an elevator company will downplay the safety of their product in order to make more profit? Or is it the other way: they will invest in their product's safety in order to make greater profits in the long run? Clearly, the truth is the latter. No profit making company in a free market ever prospered by killing its customers. Peter, your opening statements lacks any reasonable context. If Pfizer is exempt from liability, and if they are given a government monopoly, then of course they will care about nothing but profits, because there are no normal free-market conditions placed on their profits. Your statement damns profits, when it should damn cronyism and corruption. Be more careful in your formulations!

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You definitely have a point there. The problem appears to be the lack of liability.

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Because we are in trouble with the HORROR theatre in every direction we are witnessing daily…

My message to every American will be this EVERY day until more Americans get it…QUITTERS NEVER WIN!

ART OF WAR…to win, restoring Freedom and the Constitutional principles!

1. Quit focusing and whining about today and yesterday…WHY? Enemies of Freedom have their next 100 battle plans ready to go against you!

2. Focus on this FACT everyday until you get it…You cannot stop any of the evil/Treason unless you plan to stop it ALL!

3. UNITE in 1 place receiving the SAME message from strategic planning experts.

Where and how? See end of this post about Gideon’s Army…

4. Civic Duty 101…Prepare to sacrifice, yes SACRIFICE your time, money and serious efforts using your talents and blessings God gave you to save your Republic!

5. Pray a lot AND participate in things (actions) that matter for Freedom!


A very fierce Mother Lion/Grandmother (of 6 and counting)

P.S. Are you looking for Gideon’s Army of 300 men yet…who pray and strategically plan to execute actions that matter and already have wins?

Keep an eye on Lex Greene @ news with views.com…serious background!

If you are ready to do something that matters…Lex Greene contact at end of this piece!

QUITTERS NEVER WIN by Lex Green @newswithviews.com


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This is a classic case of .GOV/pHARMA not “Respecting the Science™,” as we the peasants have been condescendingly admonished to do since 2020. Forced by fear to trust two giant Monopolies.

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Not sure if other people are having this problem: after clicking on the video-link-picture, I was taken to my browser, and my cursor was the zoom in/out cursor, not the SELECT cursor. Tried in both Firefox and Edge - same problem. Anybody else?

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Sorry to say 1st interview impugned the credibility of what I was watching. I didn't want to continue.

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