The masks are designed to weaken you both mentally, spiritually, and physically.

The lockdowns are designed to destroy your economies, education, and personal health.

The propaganda is designed to destroy your mind.

The injections are designed to kill you.

Notice a pattern here? ALL of this damage is by design. In case you haven't caught on yet, mankind is the disease they are working overtime to eradicate.

The Japanese COVID deaths correlate directly with the vaccination and booster schedules: https://tritorch.com/japancovid

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I never believed in long Covid. As a health researcher I have observed that the people reporting long covid also report on a constellation of ongoing symptoms that invariably involve sub clinical hypothyroidism, chronically elevated cortisol levels, and associated physiological and psychological symptoms.

They are often the most neurotic people about Covid and health in general, most likely to have whatever it is, whether it’s Epstein-Barr, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s, etc. I’m not saying it’s psychological. I’m saying that the health issues these people have also cause them to have what amounts to brain damage.

It doesn’t surprise me that these people will submit to repeated mRNA “vaccinations.” They tend to live at the doctor’s office and are vastly over-treated by the medical system.

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The Pandemic of 1918, by Dr. Lee Merritt

Deaths falsely increased over time:

"Original reports of dead are very small in the US county by county adding up to about 100,000. But by 1920, they were reporting 500,000 dead in the US. In 1941 two decades after the event, they claimed an estimate of 10 million dead worldwide. By 1975 newspaper reports doubled the count to 20 million dead. Mike Leavitt DHS reported in 2005 the number to be 38 million, and now the CDC tells us 50 million died worldwide."

Patients given excessive amounts of aspirin (like Remdesivir)

"Nor did physicians of 1918 understand the risk of bleeding with higher dosing of aspirin. Diarists of the pandemic report seeing doctors giving handfuls of aspirin to reduce the fever in recruits. And, in confirmation, it was noted by physicians in 1918 that as the disease progressed, victims began bleeding from the nose, and mouth. Many deaths subsequently occurred with hemorrhagic lungs—lungs filled with blood, not pus."

Typhus vaccine deaths coverd up by Army doctors:

"Finally, and probably the most damaging, yet debated, factor was this: WWI was the first conflict in which our military were given multiple (and experimental) vaccines." [typhus]

Satanists behind the whole thig:

"Dr. Frederick L. Gates was from not one but multiple ivy-league schools, beginning at the U. of Chicago and transferring to Yale, where he was awarded the Andrew D. White award. (White was a member of the [Satanic] Order of Skull and Bones). Gates subsequently graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1913, and in 1917 when America entered the war, volunteered for the Army Medical Corps. He was commissioned as a first lieutenant. Surprisingly, for a newly minted medical officer, Gates was assigned to duty on the Rockefeller Institute staff, likely due to his father Frederick Taylor Gates being a personal assistant to John D. Rockefeller."


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THANK YOU for continuing to spotlight facts like these!

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The use of long covid to cover and obfuscate jab injury was as inevitable as night follows day. I went back and checked file dates and I see I sent my daughter a reasonable summary of how this would be done in march of 21. I dont recollect if I apprehended this loop on my own or maybe somebody else twigged me to it, in any case it was the obvious cover and sure enough here we are.

At least in my case as the science piles up I can point out, to some in my circle, that yet again I was right and the authorities were wrong. I mean you have to be careful, dont make it a win point but DO bring up when your guesses about the future were borne out by events. It adds up over time "hmmm its true Grant was right again. And that cochrane mask review also seems pretty solid. His batting average is near a 100? Maybe his sources are not right wing white supremacists or batshit crazy moonbeam fuquits....." and so on. Drip drip drip to the normies. They have to redpill themselves, we can only plant seeds, carefully and without histrionics, through time and hope something 'takes' eventually. Maybe they have yet another friend come up snake eyes on cancer and your old warning that there are 'plausible mechanisms whereby mRNA technology might influence cancer rates and/or progression' will come back to them....

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No jabs ever again.

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Friend with covid has busted tested positive day 10. Of course she is multi jabbed. She drank the koolaid.

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You have just pointed out the elephant in the room. What is disappointing within integrative medicine circles, at least here in Australia, is the lack of robust discussion on this. The Emperor has no clothes, and few have the guts to say it in public.

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I'm finding that diagram quite hard to read. Is it your argument that the % of worsening cases increased in the cohort that got the next vax?

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Have had no covid jabs - I recently tested positive for Covid for the first time. Only a temperature for approx. 3 days and a mild headache during that time. Prior to and during infection was using Pov/Iodine nasal spray and Cetylpridnium Chloride gargle and also taking NAC, Quercetin, Nigella Sativa, Dandelion Extract, Vitamins C,D and Zinc. Also commenced Aspirin, Metformin, Melatonin and Ivermectin 3 days after first testing positive and a course of Doxycycline. After 8 days tested negative and blood tests showed everything normal - ie my immune system dealt with it. I am in my 60's asthmatic and on meds for blood pressure.

So, do I now have natural immunity and how will the latest variants EG.5 and BA.2.86 affect me?

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Yeah like no DUH!

The beatings will continue till morale has improved.

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Stop the COVID shots and boosters. They are harming and killing our citizens. This is a national emergency.

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The French study when people didn't know if they had covid or not was a real eye opener. Long covid results if you think you had covid, even if you didn't, except for the symptoms of change or loss of sense of taste or smell.

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