It's basically working like an allergy shot to desensitized people to covid.

BUT allergy shots desensitize people to harmless things like pollen...the body need not go into defense mode for pollen.

Having your body mount NO defense to a pathogen that damages organs if left unchecked can be deadly.

In addition, you just created people who are feeling well, yet walking around distributing virus as it's damaging their own organs.

So....it's worse than Gullivers Travels. These people have been turned in walking plague spreaders. PEOPLE have been weaponized.

And when they're out if ammo, they're just going to drop dead anyway. Killing two birds with one stone.

Personally, I think they knew.

There are papers dating back to igg3-igg4 study and it's deadly effects well before covid.

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Thanks Dr. McCullough! All the evidence points to the mRNA “vaccines” being either a giant human experiment, or a nefarious plot. Given the fact that France had pulled Hydroxychloroquine from being an OTC product at the end of 2019 and the removal of basically all therapeutics as treatments. I’m definitely leaning toward the latter. Either way very evil and sad.

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Considering the several decades of mRNA experimentation studies and previous attempts at crafting a coronavirus vaccine, I find it difficult to believe that the producers of the inoculations du jour were /unaware/ of what their products would do to the injected.

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Dr. McCullough. You are either too nice or too naive. You stated that “they” didn’t understand the immunology of “the vacines” “they” created. Let’s not forget that these “vaccines” are military bioweapons designed to kill. Whoever designed them knew perfectly well what they would do and not do. We are unfortunately dealing with monsters and if we are to have any chance at defeating them, we must recognize their true motives in order to mount an effective response. Having said that, I will take the opportunity to tell you that you are one of my foremost champions in this ongoing battle. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for all of us. God bless. Edmund Roache MD

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This is more excellent material for the lawyers pursuing fraud against Pharma. Clearly, their execs did NOT know the effects of the Covid jabs, so their insistence that the jabs were ‘safe and effective’ was FRAUDULENT.


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Thanks for all you do, Dr. McCullough. There’s a pretty large contingent of us who refused it from the start. Now that some who took it are realizing the truth, let’s get past the safety and efficacy discussion. They never were either. We need to get to what is actually going on and it’s way beyond the obvious financial reasons. This is mass genocide by design. They have telegraphed the entire thing and what? Does everyone actually believe that they were able to tell the future? If there is a justice system, it will be way too long before they are brought to justice. It’s time everyone start rising up and eliminate the global elite one by one.

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And by January, 2023, Japan began an official investigation into excess mRNA vaccine deaths. https://www.technocracy.news/japan-launches-official-investigation-into-millions-of-mrna-vaccine-deaths/

Here are two professors speaking out (one, from, fittingly Hiroshima University, home of that other mass death event) on Twitter https://twitter.com/i/status/1607008929430769665 abd Prof. Shigetsoshi Sano from Kochi Univ. https://twitter.com/i/status/1607008954844078080 Says the article, “Prof. Shigetoshi Sano of the Kochi University School of Medicine discussed discovering spike proteins at the site of skin lesions (see the original research paper on synthetics spikes found in skin lesions here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/cia2.12278) and other skin problems on patients who were vaccinated. “The spike protein derived from the vaccine was found in the skin,” Sano explained, highlighting a slide showing a bright green region on a lesion made visible by a special dye. Spike proteins are locally suppressing the immune system,”

Sano told reporters. “As a result, the spike proteins facilitate in reactivation of the herpesvirus.” The process of the spike proteins degrading in the immune system prompts inflammation throughout the body that also leads to blood clots, Sano concluded. “The function of the spike proteins to produce adverse reactions is formation of blood clots,” Sano explained. “And even worse, spike proteins can also locally induce inflammation.” Agreeing that a suppressed immune system makes someone more vulnerable to infection, Sano went on to say, “I don’t know if I should say this, but it has been found that vaccinated people are more likely to get coronavirus than unvaccinated people.” “Sometimes, things that are not good are introduced into the human body. Vaccination may cause our overall immune system to fail to fight against such bad things,” he warned. The doctors’ investigations come as Kyoto University Prof. Emeritus Dr. Masanori Fukushima slammed Japan’s Ministry of Health for refusing to halt its Covid vaccination program, citing data showing a number of adverse reactions and deaths stemming from the jab.”

Is this suspicion of the vax “conspiracy theory” among 120 million Japanese too? And speaking of conspiracy theory, maybe people just don’t want to be lab rats in the government’s secret experiments, which as John Whitehead wrote, “which include MKULTRA and the U.S. military’s secret race-based testing of mustard gas on more than 60,000 enlisted men. Indeed, you don’t have to dig very deep or go very back in the nation’s history to uncover numerous cases in which the government deliberately conducted secret experiments on an unsuspecting populace—citizens and noncitizens alike—making healthy people sick by spraying them with chemicals, injecting them with infectious diseases and exposing them to airborne toxins. Think Tuskegee. Think the Navy spraying SF back in the 1950s. Think what they did to Guatemala. Unfortunately, the public has become so easily distracted by the fasco-Marxist leftist spectacle out of Washington, DC, that they are altogether oblivious to the grisly experiments, barbaric behavior and inhumane conditions that have become synonymous with the U.S. government, which has meted out untold horrors against humans and animals alike.

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As an added bonus, the shot destroys your immune system too! ADE means that rather than enhance your immunity against the infection, the vaccine actually enhances the virus’ ability to enter and infect your cells, resulting in more severe disease than had you not been vaccinated. Then there is Lethal Th2 immunopathology, where a faulty T cell response can trigger allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes can activate the complement system, resulting in airway damage. The benefit – at least for the Ezekiel Emanuel of Obamacare types – is that pension and healthcare costs are cut! See https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/10/why-i-hope-to-die-at-75/379329/

Or as the International Journal of Clinical Practice, October 28, 2020, points out that "COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitize vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. There’s evidence showing the elderly — who are most vulnerable to severe COVID-19 and would need the vaccine the most — are also the most vulnerable to ADE and Th2 immunopathology.” See one PNAS study here. As is well-known, previous attempts at mRNA based vaccines for Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) all tended to elicit ADE. Pretty much the opposite of what you wanted the shot to do! A paper in Viral Immunology, after the SARS pandemic of 2003, Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Virus Infection and Disease, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12725690/ puts it this way:

“In general, virus-specific antibodies are considered antiviral and play an important role in the control of virus infections in a number of ways. However, in some instances, the presence of specific antibodies can be beneficial to the virus. This activity is known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of virus infection. The ADE of virus infection is a phenomenon in which virus-specific antibodies enhance the entry of virus, and in some cases the replication of virus, into monocytes/macrophages and granulocytic cells through interaction with Fc and/or complement receptors.This phenomenon has been reported in vitro and in vivo for viruses representing numerous families and genera of public health and veterinary importance. These viruses share some common features such as preferential replication in macrophages, ability to establish persistence, and antigenic diversity. For some viruses, ADE of infection has become a great concern to disease control by vaccination."

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Now that all of this clear evidence against these companies is coming out, why can we not find a governor or two that could declare a health emergency, shut down all jabs in the state until thorough investigations are completed. At least this would make the public aware of the dangers.

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To say they didn't know is an excuse for criminality. They knew and must be held accountable for mass global genocide and democide. They knew and know. Don't give them the wiggle room they want. Committing mass genocide isn't an excuse but deserves punishment fitting the crime.

Operation Warp Speed was the "shot" heard around the world...

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So, I've been saying right along that what I was seeing was people taking the jab and then getting sick within Couple weeks. And my observation was and is that people aren't "catching" COVID but rather they're producing it themselves because that's what the instructions in the mRNA tell the body to produce. The body continues to produce spike protein which the body cannot fend off because the body also produces an antigen that tolerates the spike protein being produced.

This finding seems to support my observational hypothesis.

I hate to tell you I told you so but I TOLD YOU SO!

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The ones in charge knew and its a part of their Agenda 2030.

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Until the Wuhan lab documents are fully disclosed it is logical and imperative to presume that the virus originated there. It’s probable origin there has already been conceded. Given this concession in this environment it becomes nearly certain.

It is equally imperative and of utmost urgency to also presume that the release was intentional.

These are very straightforward deductions. The total neglect in pursuing the truth also requires explanation. The “disinterest” points strongly to a powerful global conspiracy that is stonewalling against any accountability.

This line of reasoning is dismissed by the establishment as a dangerous conspiracy theory. With apparent success as outrage is expressed by only a small minority.

My purpose in laying it out is to keep the most essentials from being under emphasized or forgotten in our conversations.

The Wuhan lab is still operating. With our support. We now know of many other similar labs in the Ukraine and presumably around the world.

While I am not optimistic that our politicians are up to the task they should be under constant pressure to uncover the truth, to administer justice and most importantly to defend us and our children from this dark evil.

I hate to say it but this may be a pipe dream. It seems that the globalists already own almost everything.

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The laws used for EUA says merely that there has to be a belief that the product may help based on available evidence. Any product can be made to look like it may help with selective evidence. Therefore, ethics-free human experimentation is now part of US law.

Since it is potentially extremely profitable especially when combined with media induced panic and direct sales to government, we can expect that people will be coerced into taking new experimental products periodically until and unless the public decisively rejects this rule by pharma. Sadly, despite all the death and injury we are not even close to that point. I hope there is some limit to the number of sudden child deaths that the average person will accept before demanding answers.

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This paper is a distraction from the fact that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines do not generate neutralising antibodies against Sars-Cov2.

Even though if it does generate neutralizing antibodies against the vaccine synthetic spike proteins that will not be a guarantee that the same effect will apply to Sars-Cov2 spike proteins because if it really did work then the vaccine should be able to confer long term immunity and their will be nothing like the breakthrough or rebranded rebound infections.

I have extensively researched and written on the non effectiveness of this gene vaccines on my substack article "Opening the mRNA vaccine failure black box: Antigenic sin and Omicron , connecting the dots"


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So at the very least they were arrogant and reckless. Meanwhile, we know others involved were engaged in bioweapons development, while others, who had taken control of the host governments, had publicly called for depopulation...

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