I realize the authors likely had to insert "Alone" to get this published, but it would be more accurate and unequivocal if it read, "Vaccines Cannot Slow the Evolution of SARS-CoV-2."

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I have watched a lot of videos and learned that the vaccines are likely the cause of mutations in the virus and bring antibodies that don't work as well as natural antibodies. The vaccines are a waste of money, disabling / deadly, a cash cow for unscrupulous vaccine manufacturers and allegedly have self assembling graphene oxide in them! The bivalent boosters are just going to unleash more problems onto society! It's sad that there are still people who think the vaccines are great!

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I have been doing this "avoid the doctor - food is medicine" lifestyle for some time now, and Dr. Mark Hyman is one of my favorite follows. I met him once at an Autism conference, but he is a much broader, healing lifestyle M.D. - https://drhyman.com

Headed out for a hike now...

#AeternusUmbra (watch forever)

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Doc, like wind and water eventually erodes rock, you and John will eventually carve up the false narratives of the scientists and journalists that falsely placed their hopes and their reputations on pharma. Pharma has been dirty since the day Dr Arthur Sackler went into advertising of prescription drugs. They cannot and will not stop themselves, the public must stop them from preying on the public. You know that the “white-coat” syndrome has a powerful affect on older adults and impressionable children as well. These doctors promoting these products and companies must be stopped through vigorous debate.

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Apr 20·edited Apr 20

Postulates: 1)

"vaccinating into a pandemic causes variants that can be more or less lethal, especially when the vaccine is leaky".

2) you cannot vaccinate against a respitory virus because antibodies in the blood do not ever get into the mucosal system.

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Forget vaccines.

I DO appreciate expert advice. I quote you frequently. At the same time I have ceased to apologize that I am not a doctor. I write to Sen Johnson and asked him to do the same. What citizens believe about health is critical. Our taxes pay for the research and our earnings for our own care.

On a trip to Asia I picked up weird cellulitis. Something invaded a lymph node in ankle. My right leg swelled to double. I caved in and saw a doctor. Two weeks to get appt. I liked him a lot. He was a DO, very non interventionist and director of the clinic. He took a look and said “whatever it was, it has given up. Let’s make sure you did not get a clot from the 12h plane ride ... I don’t think so but let’s be sure.” I got the ultra sound test for clot ... negative ... and wore a pesky support stocking for a week. That was in 2016, my only doctor visit over 5 decades.

The problem is that we, ourselves get to and MUST decide for ourselves who to believe. Let the chips fall where they may.

The government can only protect us from ourselves so much. But it is only we ourselves who can protect us from the government and the conflicts of interest that drive policy. The current administration is the most corrupt in our history, but it did not happen overnight.

It is high time to recognize that the smallpox vaccine was a fraud. 100%. This was the premise of Jacobsen vs Massachusetts, a SCOTUS decision that MUST be overturned just as we must repeal the 1986 VICA and PREP laws.

We can now recognize some regulations that ostensibly protect us from fakery make sense, but the charade of “protecting” us has been stripped away because 1M Americans were euthanized by hospital protocols and shots. Americans were sacrificed for the propaganda value of mass hospital fatalities to sell the shots. Dead Americans gratified international financial and political interests served by POTUS and the entrenched public health bureaucracy. Without basic integrity suborned by conflicts of interest in public service we are in trouble.

With this kind of medicine, who needs disease? Hooray for Doctors McCullough, Zelenko, Cole, Kory, Marik, Risch and many others in the health freedom movement. But this ain’t over.

Since doctors, excepting those who specialize in gastroenterology, know zero about the microbiome, it is up to citizens themselves to check the internet and understand the most basic and effective lifestyle tools that shore up immune response. As opposed to the DAMAGE done by vaccines and pharmaceutical pollution. And we spend $3T yearly to stay sick.

We can find health care givers who will coach us on this ... but they will not be average MDs who for the vast part don’t know squat about the basics of health. They can be chiropractors and functional medicine practitioners. There are some VERY GOOD folks available.

BTW I dropped 30lb easily that I could not touch over years at my high-end gym. There’s punchline to this. The tip came from guest Dr. Cate Shanahan on the Megyn Kelly show ... a podcast I listened to while doing some renovations post-mandate retirement. She explained that seed oils produce body fat that is toxic. It is difficult to metabolize ... it makes us metabolically unfit. I finally understood what Mercola has been telling us. You can get rid of it by fasting it off but your weight will be maintained only by eliminating seed oils and others processed food additives. Almost everything in every aisle at the grocery store is no ... no ... no. No to processed food. It’s a new paradigm. And guess what? The cytokines that drive thrombosis in overweight SARS-2 patients reside in the toxic body fat! I heard this from Dr. McCullough.

We run. We bench press. We work our asses off. But the way to lose the weight is to eliminate toxins and recover immune function by restoring the bifidobacteria in the gut that was destroyed by drugs and injections.

Here are some links.




Dr. Sabine Hazan: The Gut Bacteria That’s Missing in People Who Get Severe COVID






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Excellent point. We tamper with genetic immunity at our peril and to no avail.

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Virology 101 - it’s not Fauci $cience . It’s what REAL Science used to be ---- TRUTH!

Billy Davis, DVM

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Thank you, Dr. McCullough, for another interesting and informative post. I do object to the comment in the abstract which states, "While vaccination can lower the rate at which new variants appear....."

Did they insert this unsupported statement just to get published?

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These are not vaccines.

Read Moderna's master patent: US 11107588 Z2

It describes what's in the vials. Bioweapons.

But who has the time to find out the facts, right?

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" . . . it is impossible for frequent injections of either the same or modified boosters to be successful. In other words, even with perfect compliance the vaccine campaign is destined for failure. The nail in the coffin for COVID-19 vaccination is that even if they worked, only 16% of adults are risking any more booster shots."

THESE words need to be publicized everywhere, to be read into the Congressional record, and in every newspaper around the world. It IS all just THAT simple.

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What vaccines are you talking about? I thought we did not have a vaccine for covid?

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As the hard-core disciples of the vaccine god continue to decrease, more wake up or die, the 16% will eventually be zero. You see why a virus is smarter than those killing their customers.

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The entire man-made thesis on the use of this vaccine program and the banning of cheap drugs that worked...as-seen in the WHO’s use of them in India...is nothing more than a rejection of decades of knowledge of prior use of real vaccine...the typical playbook of Marxists who want to destroy society and insert their distorted inhuman views upon the designated slaves of society. As a trained specialist in past vaccine usage and approach to epidemics this entire malignant Faucci/CCP dictum was flawed from the beginning..purposefully...secretly flawed for political reasons/gains...The only approach going into the future is to reject all which has been forced upon our society..a top to bottom purge of such a political invasion of medicine and the diatribe of such...independently thinking healthcare providers must be returned to the forefront and protect us from similar fraud going forward.

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Dear Dr McCullough, moving forward from his nightmare how can we address the Blood supply?

There are many who have not been vaccinated who could donate blood ( to those who both have and have not been vaccinated) but how do we get hospitals to agree to designated donors ?

Thank you

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So its hopeless, what is to be done? I have lost all trust in vaccines. I am a believer in hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin--what other protocols are effective? FLCCC has some good ones.

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