And the government is constantly running commercials urging the vax of children with this and flu vax - I can't believe this is America - the rot and corruption is astounding. My brother in law dropped dead and I know of two other men in my community - same thing. What are the odds of someone, anyone knowing of three people who just dropped dead? Hard to love this country anymore. Between this and our government corruption - I'm heartbroken.

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Feb 12·edited Feb 12

Hard to believe they can be so biased, even harder to understand how they can reconcile injuring or killing people, for the supposed greater good, with medical ethics or their oath. Didn't they swear "first do no harm"? My family will not be consulting doctors such as these. Thanks for your post.

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Spiritless Prostitutes who should be put on trial for Intent to Harm and Murder.

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Dr. McCullough, with all the respect in the world, it is not mass formation. You know this.

It is because of what happened to you and other doctors for pointing it out.

It is because most of our populations unless they see it on the Nightly News, won't beleive it.

They now do not want to hear it -and the people who foisted this on us...HHS DHS etc...do not want

people to know. Therefore, it will not be put on the news, or anywhere else.

Thank you for all you have done and still do.


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You do have to wonder though, if these doctors who are witnessing the side effects, don't have some concerns at least about themselves getting future vaccinations, even if they don't care about their patients.

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There is seemingly no end to the gaslighting. That so few are speaking out about what is more than evident, is beyond criminal.

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The medical profession has lost its way, has sold out to pharmaceutical companies or has been intimidated by health systems administrators, corrupt sold out medical specialty boards, medical licensing boards, and medical school administrators bought off & corrupted by Big Pharma $$$.

Same is true for the editors of the journals.

There is a special place in hell awaiting these bastards who betrayed their oath, their patients, and their own souls (the term for this is moral injury, and it needs to be recognized, addressed, and dealt with; else a lot of physicians will suffer from a form of PTSD.

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Thanks for your great work, Dr. McC. You are one of the few people I call Doctor anymore. The rest are just Shot Sellers, more accurately called Pushers, who we wish would at least have the ethics of used car salesmen. What's it like when they look you in the eye? Is there any spark of self awareness left in their broken souls? Of all the tragedies that have been fallen the world, given the close camaraderie of your "profession", that must be one of the worst for you? It is a damage to the soul to know you trusted people falsely. And their sin isn't some trivial indiscretion. It is changing life for death. To protect their licenses and their Mercedes. It must break your heart. Perhaps it is some comfort to you that we know and you are in our prayers.

Again glad for your new diet. You need some infrared and new infrared radiation to recharge your Mitichondria. It may have something to do with you continually getting sick. As you haven't been spending a lot of time on the beach lately, maybe an indoor infrared sauna would be useful and time effective. Dr. Ryan Cole uses one with great effect. Dr. Mercola has some good info on this. Make sure you take care of yourself. God bless you and have mercy unto you. And us all.

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I’m still having trouble with the term, “mass formation” proposed by Matias Desmitt, a psychoanalyst, a term that Dr. McCullough and Robert Mallone like to use a lot. If you socially isolate people, continually bombard them with messages that they are going to die or kill someone if they don’t get vaccinated, continually bombard them with messages that the vaccine is “safe and effective”, restrict their travel, bar them from public spaces, etc, etc, it seems that the “mass formation” is, actually, a “normal” predictable reaction to the psyops. It brings to my mind, psychology experiments where the human subjects were asked to inflict pain on other human subjects after they were convinced it was safe and ok to do as part of the experiment. The subjects willing went along with the experiment. They were, otherwise, “normal” people.

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Are you part of the SOLUTIONS or part of America’s problems?

Nothing else matters in America unless SOLUTIONS start here…

1. STOPPING THE VACCINES…Where are the doctors and scientists on this critical goal for humanity???


For only Patriotic Lions who understand how important it is to do something at this critical time in America…



No 2024 ELECTION INTEGRITY = No More America!

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This is one of the most descriptive explanations of “Vaccine” associated pathologies I have found on the internet. There are other selected links to the interview posted on the cited page. >>> Pathologist Arne Burkhardt Final Interview – Revealing The Grave Dangers Of MRNA Vaccines >>> December 23, 2023 >>> https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/arne-burkhardt-interview-12-23-23/

Please review the entire interview, and disseminate widely. Thank You.

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Dear Dr. McCullough

I listen to all your informatory reports and I am profooundly grateful for your continued support.

We had a close case after a covid vaccination in the family and I have three daughters, all nurses, who lost their jobs because refusal to vacccinate! May God bless you for all that you are doing for us.

M. Gold.

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The history of human behavior has taught US again and again ; a constant tension exists between good people and bad people. Very uncomplicated and obvious to anyone interested in studying the topic at any level of intellect. This is obvious even to children in a Sunday school classroom. Attention to and action to prevail over the evil in our midst is paramount to overcoming it ! The now famous quote " When GOOD MEN DO NOTHING EVIL WILL AND DOES SUCCEED " . Fight on fellow doers and lovers of truth, common decency, and compassion for others.

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Not only the government pushing these shots but the medical centers when patients call to make an appointment. There is a recording espousing the benefits of the Covid shots while you wait for your call to be taken. It makes me furious!

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And the Winner goes to: (Drumroll.........) Acute Radiation Syndrome!!!

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This is the prescription to bailout Big China/Pfizer Pharma, Wall Street, corporate hospitals and corporate hires of “practitioners” posing as doctors to implement Socialized medicine coordinated with WEF’s global distribution of illegally mandated immigrants. That’s what the $6 trillion in bad debt forced on the Fed to print was for. Covid from Wuhan just drove it home. Why do you think the 2008 Trojan horse that came from nowhere implemented Medicaid (eventually for all but elites) a decade prior to the open border invasion. The healthcare and then money to settle illegals came by the ruse of Covid, but not a dime for Medicare for you to sure up what they squandered over three decades because they have long decided to replace you and family. That’s what Marxists rooted Communists do, eat their own, cannibalize their democracy from outside inward, making the circle smaller to nourish the cabal of hierarchy.

Please remember, wherever the big heart of sister Socialism and especially Socialized Medicaid may be, big brother Communism will be standing behind her to enforce the edits of “for the good of all” mantra.

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