The phrase "conspiracy theorist' was intentionally created by the CIA (of FBI) during the liberation Movements of the 1960-70's when people were doing their own investigations into government wrong doing or plans that would harm the people. The phrase was created as an ad homimen to disparage the Movement for its exposes of the government. It was used as part of character assassination efforts to disempower people who were working on these exposes.

Today, it has become part of the daily language and people have no clue about its history. So I see people who are progressive using this repressive language it really is alarming as they have no idea they are basically identifying with the very power base they do not trust. People really need to stop using this term unless they have a real accusation of conspiracy to make. Otherwise it is simply another nasty form of name calling and is designed to censor other people from speaking their mind. Not a very good way to promote dialogue and undo the artificially created divide between people.

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what is the difference between a conspiracy and reality at this point in time? It's down to about two weeks. That is the difference.

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The meaning of a Conspriracy Therory has evolved, today it means a "Spoiler Alert".

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“The greatest trick that powerful interest groups ever pulled was convincing the world that everyone who detects and reports their activities is a conspiracy theorist.”


“Conspiracy theorist,” “anti-vaxxer,” “science-denier,” and “far-right” are quivers in the propagandists’ name-calling toolkit to discredit truth-tellers who challenge their lies while simultaneously cowing those who know the truth into remaining silent.

By exposing their trickery and embracing these smears for the markers of efficacy they are, we sap them of their power to harm and mute us:

• “Letter to a Mainstream Straddler: Live Not by Half-Lies” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-mainstream-straddler)

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It's funny you know, but I've never considered myself to be a very astute person - I'm gullible at times, just like a lot of people - but the C19 Vax fraud was so obviously BS that I'm still amazed and shocked that so many people just accepted it without question.

How can this be? Sure, I used to work in a biolab tinkering with DNA fragments (called plasmids), but so many of my former colleagues (who should have known better) were completely taken in by this scam, so my work history does not seem to be important actually.

Maybe I'm more astute than I thought? I'm not sure; mainly, I'm just confused by everyone who believes this rubbish. I don't feel guilty about having made the right decision, but I don't feel superior either - more disappointed.

I hope a decent group of people inherit the Earth, rather than those who are E-lite: never be lite with your E's.

Best of luck with you all, jabbed or unjabbed!

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Anything that contradicts the NYT, the WSJ, CNN, MSNBC or the Biden administration.

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I love this article. SO TRUE! Thank you John Leake and Dr. McCullough.

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I’m a “Conspiracy Analyst”. Now all you naysayers go apologize to Alex Jones and send him a check for all the work he’s done telling us what’s being planned for us.

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I could be a conspiraist to some, rather I call myself a truth seeker.

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Before Covid, I was guessing that the number of correct conspiracies was somewhere around 10-20%. Now, I kind of assume any given conspiracy theory has a better-than-not chance of being true. And I assume that the majority of the few that aren’t true are probably put out there by the CIA to discredit theorists in general. What a wake-up call this has been.

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As attorney Tom Renz confirmed last week, a Merck mRNA vaccine has already been in use on pigs since 2018, and big agricultural lobbyists intend to introduce the mRNA vaccine to cattle and chickens in the U.S.

The pushback against this effort, such as through Missouri House Bill 1169, which would require labeling products that can alter your genes, has sent Big Agriculture into damage control.“The pushback by Big Ag lobbyists against this bill to require industry transparency on this important issue has been enormous, and one potential reason for that is because they’d have to admit that all sorts of foods may have been vaccinated with mRNA vaccines, have genetic modifications, or be modified to serve as vaccinations for humans,” Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote on Monday.“

Not only might this destroy Big Ag, but it would also seriously impact any surreptitious attempts by Big Pharma to use the food supply as a tool to distribute vaccines unbeknownst to consumers.”Other farmers should follow Perner’s example and reject the mRNA vaccines for their livestock, not only for their best interests but those of the communities they serve.


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But but but people can't keep a secret!

Like the mafia? Like organized crime? Yes, people can keep a secret and people can conspire.

Once you adjust to understanding we live in a criminal world, this secret keeping myth should reveal itself.

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Wow - Thank you so much Dr. Peter Mcullough and John Leake!

That is the best essay on the topic "conspiracy theory" that I think I have ever read, making some simple, powerful and excellent points.

Much appreciated.

Ivan M. Paton

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American Farmers To Inject Livestock With mRNA Shots This Month

April 7th 2023, 8:12 am


Gene-editing is now officially in our meat industry. Lobbyists for the Cattlemen and Pork Associations in several states have confirmed that they will be using the mRNA Covid vaccines on their livestock. Attorney Tom Renz has been warning that there is no law requiring anyone to give informed consent for vaccine food.

There are no laws requiring anyone to tell you the food you are buying has been vaxxed with the spike protein clot shot.

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What Is A Conspiracy Theory? It's a fact the globalists don't like.

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Freemasons prove it's a conspiracy, fact, not theory.

In 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations was founded, to infiltrate and control democracy, by freemasons David Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Herbert Hoover, Allen Dulles, Walter Lippmann and Edward M. House. The impressive 10-thousand members list proves the power grab was successful.1 Since 1921, the CFR has chosen almost every single Secretary of State: they only need to infiltrate or bribe the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (only 11 of 20 members), and influence the Senate.

Similar mason institutions, most with similar names, were founded in over 100 countries, including Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs and the European Council on Foreign Relations2: practically, there’s no war where the CFR isn’t involved on both sides. 3 Their magazine Foreign Affairs is one way they send orders to all members.

In 2018, Wikileaks proved the CFR controlled all mainstream media.4

Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower, Bush father and son, Carter, Clinton, Obama 5 ... some argue that, with few exceptions like JFK and Trump, at least since WWII, all US presidents were freemasons and many CFR. All administrations were filled with thousands of CFR members. 6 The Trump administration was no exception. 7 It’s not a coincidence that Neil M. Gorsuch, CFR Supreme Court Justice appointed by Trump, betrayed conservatives by ruling in favour of homosexual marriage and other New World Order “progressive” agenda.

Another proof of grooming for infiltration: 28 Jun 2019 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t renewed 5 CFR year membership. 8 Because she wouldn’t obey all orders? In 2020, she was still pro-homo-marriage9 and pro-abortion (a basic CFR request) and pro-Biden, but wanted paper ballots, Electoral College, supported Trump in breaking up Big Tech and removing their censorship through section 23010, Glass-Steagall, pro-natalism paid family and medical leave plans up to 12 weeks, less public and defense spending, drug patent breaking, no war.11 That’s probably why she was defamed by Kamala12, Hillary Clinton and mason Mitt Romney.13 In 2021, she questioned Fauci on COVID origin and masks.14 Tulsi was groomed by WEF in the "Forum of Young Global Leaders" but suddenly was disappeared, and not because she turned 38 (41 in 2023), the WEF cut-off limit for “young”, freemason Macron (45) is still in the search results. Fremason Trudeau, 51, isn’t, but is listed in weforum.org15, while Tulsi has been erased from there, in Apr 2022 (she independized from the Democratic party in Oct 2022).16 Maybe this was the drop that filled the cup: she’s against CBDCs and social scoring.17


The CFR is just a small piece of a large puzzle of thousands of organizations, for example:

9-11: 2 planes, all 7 WTC towers down, but not the closest non-WTC !

More here:

The full PLAN exposed:


Gates-WHO: vaccines can’t reduce population, except by murdering

Proof: they were never for reducing mortality, only for murdering!


The threat of the WHO sovereignty-grab by the 2023 IHR and 2024 International PLANdemc Treaty: we’ve got until November 2023 for Congress to repeal IHR modifications!


Will Tedros EVER go to JAIL?


30 Spike Protein Treatments (COVID+Vx)


The SUPER drug

Treats 25 viruses, cancer, multiple sclerosis, SPS....


The REAL COVID timeline:

It’s Bio-BOMB, like the vx, not what you were drilled


Bio-BOMB, not “vaccine”, not “gene-therapy”

This 5th gen war, includes a war on semantics.


What do bioweapons have to do with the Department of Energy?

Anybody answering these questions PLEASE ? !!!


Amnesty or JUSTICE:


Doc’s apology? No way!


How to turn the AI into a COVIDIOT:


The 2020 and 2022 rigged and stolen elections (it’s the machines!):



J6: what THEY don't want YOU to know

The fake riot was mason-planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!!


Dominion over US

You can’t make this stuff up. Do they laugh in our faces? Was the name Dominion chosen to prove their dominion?


Are we crazy to accept demo-crazy?


It sucks! We need to improve democracy… how about REAL democracy?


Green communism sucked 200 trillion from taxpayers:





Open season for human culling:










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