Here's what happened:

"So it's just a coincidence that the police chief was the same man in charge of the Las Vegas shooting [author's note: he is also Lahaina's coroner].

And it's just a huge coincidence that property owned by millionaires and billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Oprah, and the founder of PayPal remained untouched while the land of the natives burned only a few feet away—literally.

And it's just a huge coincidence that the island had the largest system of outdoor sirens in the world, yet they decided not to sound them, or alert anybody in any way.

Annnd it's just a huge coincidence that they closed all of the schools, sent all the children home, and turned off the water as soon as the fires started so that people couldn't put them out.

And it's just a coincidence that, under orders, policemen blockaded the exits, didn't allow anyone to evacuate, and forced them to jump in the water to save their own lives.

And it's just a coincidence that the island is set to be the very first to operate on 100% renewable energy, and to do so they must significantly decrease their C02 emissions.

And it's just a huge coincidence the one month prior to the fires the mayor issued a press release highlighting his commitment to the United Nations 2030 agenda of sustainable development.

And it's just a coincidence that Hawaii is the only state to have submitted a voluntary local review which is a framework and goal-set to achieve sustainable development.

And it's just a huge coincidence that BlackRock and the United States Government are two out of the three largest land owners on the island who have been trying to buy up the land from the natives for the past few decades who refuse to sell, and both of them are part of the renewable energy agenda.

And it's just a huge coincidence that the survivors’ homes that are still standing are now being evicted.

And it's just a coincidence that the fact checkers saying that all of this is a coincidence are owned by BlackRock.

At this point if you believe that all of these are coincidences - you are the crazy one. Not me.

Google is not going to come out and tell you what's going on and even if they did a lot of you wouldn't even believe it unless it was from a government or fact checking website.

But guess what, they're not going to tattle on themselves so you need to think for yourself.

We should be absolutely enraged about these fires. We really need to stand up and do something because [if we don't] things like this are just going to keep [happening]." -Unknown Speaker

Excerpt from: https://tritorch.substack.com/p/must-see-presenting-12-unfathomable

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I've been thinking about Maui over the last few weeks. There's been nothing in the media-sphere at all, that I've come across anyway. It's like the situation in E Palestine. Time and stalling through time are their most effective weapons. People just move on. People just forget, as new catastrophes turn up with fatiguing, numbing regularity.

Of course that doesn't hold for the people who've been tragically injured. But who cares about them? It is indeed a cruel world we live in today. A cruel, cynical, barbaric world. God help us all.

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It’s pretty clear from the blaze video that the government is responding in a hostile way towards the residents who were burned out and towards anybody who wants to find out what really happened. The Fire, Public Safety, and other state and federal responses appear to be criminal and predetermined. Nothing that you or the reporter state rules out directed energy weapons, and your assertion that it’s likely an old-fashioned arsonist seems to be made of whole cloth. Lahaina was like the northern California fires in Paradise and Santa Rosa. The similarities in fire pattern damage, including the melting of glass, steel and aluminum which all melt only at temperatures about double that of the hottest forest fire need to be explained. The presence of trees and gardens that appear untouched within a few feet of vaporized buildings and cars need to be explained. The body count and the fact that a lot of kids and other victims seem to have vanished without a trace needs to be explained.

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John, your four observations were spot on. I live in the Sierra foothills of California. Fire threat is so dangerous I cannot obtain affordable fire insurance.

Three years ago there was a moderate fire about 7 miles away. We were forced to evacuate. It was a clown show between all the agencies. The power to the community was shut off at 11PM, THEN, the evac order was called. In the Dark. All Comms were down of course. There is one highway through town. In the western direction that highway was blocked on account of the fire and evac traffic was turned around at the highway patrol road block at the bottom of Priest Grade and sent back into the mountains. CalFire, Stanislaus Natl Forest, Tuolumne Fire, BLM, Highway Patrol, TuoCo Sheriff, every damn inexperienced incompetent bureaucrat put himself in charge. Like the guy in the documentary we just drove around the "authorities" we took charge of our own situations and did the same. Fortunately no one was hurt or lost.

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I believe this is a really sinister trial run… at what will be tried in other areas of the country…

Josh Green said he’s looking at ways to acquire the land of Lahaina… that was not a mis-speak… that’s the truth

And Green goes on to say ‘he is willing to drop the hammer’ on people who are unwilling to forfeit their investment rental properties to fire victims… abolishing the short term rental industry in Maui

They plan to steal the land

-Those whose homes burned

- As well as those who have rental investment properties there …

I believe they are actively seeking how to steal the land from both groups of people. This story isn’t over.

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Interesting two minute video on how the government isn’t allowing insurance adjusters into Lahania so people can’t get insurance settlements and are losing their homes. http://tiktok.com/@theoldermillennial.1/video/7322549814690843934?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=mobile&sender_web_id=7317265302719710766

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John Leake

PLEASE cover what happened to the kids in your film and book.

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Jan 12·edited Jan 12

Please comment on thie linked video. It seems like there is more than governmental neglect, incompetence and greed going on here. Seems more like a land grab from the rightful owners.. https://t.me/efenigson/3183


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Boom you hit the nail in the head with there is no money in conscientious management for special interests and industries!

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The governor of Hawaii and legislature could easily fix this, changing all land sales since the fire into leases that will be reevaluated every year for value, and taken out of the sales. When the sale money runs out the lease can be resold with any buildings constructed after the fire being sold at construction costs plus 10%. Lease value can be established by rents as well as comparable values and current bid values.

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What you say may be true enough, but that was not the driving reason for this catastrophe. In all due respect, if this is all you have, it seems you have utterly failed to look at what does not make sense in your opinion.

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Thanks. Greg Reese does a great presentation explaining the orchestrated event.

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If an "Official" attempts to order me AT ALL in an emergency I will IMMEDIATELY run the fucker over.

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Congratulations! Having a book on sale only a year after the event is an impressive feat! That's terrific! I'm looking forward to reading it!

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The same shit happening all over the world. The rich and powerful are fucking wirh the 99%. And the 99% does shit.

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Isn’t the story everywhere? It sure is in Australia?

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