We love and greatly respect both you and Dr McCullough for leading the fight against this indoctrination and tyranny. God bless you both! The writings on this Substack are excellent.

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Thank you so much for this news, and for all that you and Dr. McCullough do. I wish I could have been there.

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Wish I lived closer to Texas. I am deeply grateful to both of you for all you have given so selflessly during the past three years.


A retired, unvaxxed RN of 46 years.

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All-American heroes! Dr. McCallough & those who are fighting the good fight with him in promoting the truth in medicine. And evidence of harm to humans in the COVID-19 vaccine put out by Pfizer and Moderna.

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Wonderful 👍

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KUDOS to two WONDERFUL Patriots...Dr. McCullough AND Mr. Leake!

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I worked with health public policymakers for nearly two decades. In open and closed-door meeting rooms with top hospital officials, lawyers, insurers, regulators, practitioners, elected officials. When emergency powers were invoked in early 2020, including the travel ban from China in late January, I knew enough to know everything was wrong about the response. It wasn't following the script, the plans, that had been in place for many years. Decades of commissions, planning, funded by billions of dollars of research and support staff all worked countless hundreds of thousands of hours+ to produce comprehensive responses that protected both collective public safety and the safeguards on western liberal democratic freedoms, individual liberty were tossed in an instant. Elected officials and media helplessly bemoaned that "there was no plan in place, we were caught unprepared," as a political indictment of Pres. Trump, who they loathed more than any pandemic threat. The billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man hours spent preparing for such a health emergency were a small sacrifice to "get Trump."

But Trump was no innocent victim in this. His China travel ban was the original sin that contradicted all prior pandemic emergency plans, led to the political science response to a medical science emergency. In fact, the original pandemic plans of the WHO and other national and global health concerns explicitly warned against imposing travel bans for pandemic influenza. Stating that they are known to be ineffective, pandemic virus outbreaks are not controlled by restricting human movement. At most they can be effective at slowing the spread in a community for a week or two if detected early enough. By January, 2020 when the travel ban was enacted it was already too late, reviews of data revealed it had already been detected in many places around the world by October, 2019.

The pre-2020 pandemic plans also stated that by imposing travel bans nations are in effect blaming other nations for spreading pandemic influenza, as if it could be controlled once it becomes a part of the environment, sufficiently widespread. It cannot; it becomes a part of the atmospheric ocean of air containing microscopic microbiology and remains that we live and breath in. Familiar with those weather reports of Saharan dust clouds crossing oceans, smoke from California fires darkening the air half a continent away. And that's just the heavy particulates that are visible, the smaller microbiology in air similarly spreads everywhere. It cannot be contained. And much of it remains viable even after crossing entire oceans.

The pre-2020 pandemic plans continued by cautioning that when nation's blame other nations for invisibly causing harms that they do not control, that nation's leaders will resort to blaming their own people for invisibly causing harms that they do not control. Sh!t rolls down hill, they say. Most in power will fear being blamed for not doing anything, resulting in preventable illness and death. So they will clamp down on the behaviors and mobility of their people, resulting in police states that don't respect western liberal democratic values of freedom and individual liberty. Authoritarian regimes emerge, totalitarianism spreads.

The pre-2020 pandemic plans said this. Said exactly this. And our shared lived experience tells us the pre-2020 pandemic plans were right to warn of what would result from issuing travel bans to control pandemic influenza. Trump was wrong. His original sin. That, sadly, he and many others still claim saved millions of lives, even his political opponents now say that's one thing he got right. Wrongly. The right lessons of the pandemic response have not yet been learned.

This is because once those in power got used to their emergency powers they liked the ability to govern by edict, bypassing the democratic processes they found cumbersome, inefficient, obstructionist. They became and many remain drunk on their power. And, sadly, tragically, large percentages of the population like it, too. They feel safer knowing (believing) that a strong hand is acting to protect us from dangers. Including the danger of wrongspeak and wrongthink.

I think you and readers will find it interesting to learn that in early 2020 following Trump's imposition of a travel ban from China that official Chinese CCP-controlled media published many editorials and op-eds pushing back on the travel bans for the same reasons contained in the pre-2020 pandemic emergency plans. That they don't work. That the world should be coming together to deal with the public health emergency together, find solutions, without disrupting normal day-to-day life. China Daily, Global Times, etc, published a steady stream of articles pressing the US to lift the travel ban, resume a cooperative posture instead of blaming them. Many of Trump's political opponents agreed at the time, politicians like Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown in CA and NY for large events to show solidarity with them, "xenophobia" was shouted at Trump for the bans.

The reasoning in the Chinese publications echoed the WHO's and other pre-2020 pandemic plan warnings about the risk to stated western liberal democratic values of individual liberty. They added that if Washington (Trump) persisted with the travel ban and making the pandemic response political that the world would get to see a comparison of the competing systems, collective authoritarianism, vs. individual liberty responses to emergencies. Betting that a collective authoritarian response would prove to have better results than an individual liberty response. And the CCP-approved editorials and op-eds continued by saying that both systems have pluses and minuses, and that while individual liberty societies are more innovative and creative in ordinary times, that in times of emergencies the people will prefer the "firm hand" of strong leadership to guide and protect them.

And wouldn't you know it, they were right. Not only did the Chinese news sources share that accurate understanding of human psychology and governance, they also said that while they believe their collectivist authoritarian system to be superior to the west's individual liberty-centric system, that the time to change systems isn't in the middle of a crisis, even if a collectivist authoritarian system is found to be preferable that those changes to a governing system are best made over time, in a non-emergency situation. By changing systems in an emergency unnecessary harms are inflicted, division and strife results, worsening a crisis. Basically giving us counsel to "Dance with the one who brung ya" until the emergency passes. They told us the truth. Sometimes adversaries will tell you more uncomfortable truths than friends. Uncomfortable truths that you need to hear. But too few listened.

I've shared many of the Chinese editorials and op-eds on prior Substack discussions, have available if anyone is interested. You can also find them by going through the China Daily and Global Times archives from early 2020 searching keywords like ban, pandemic, authoritarian, covid, etc. And even though China resorted to restricting citizen movement and other measures we consider extreme, going against their own early advice not to, those were still political moves, asserting the authority of the state in an authoritarian society, not medically effective.

Thing is, with all of this information I share being known to officials, both in the US and western liberal democratic nations, and in China, the pandemic response that flew in the face of known epidemiological, virological, sociological and political science could only have been intentional. Which is why the notion of a "plandemic" continues to thrive, with more and more people believing it was all planned every day. Because they knew! And did it anyways.

Collectivist authoritarianism was/is their goal. Western liberal democratic values of freedom and individual liberty are being discarded across the western world. It's no accident or coincidence. And we had better wake up to that unpleasant reality. And address it, counter it, fight to protect our God-given rights that we were all endowed with by our creator.

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I’m searching hard for the original of Dr McCullough’s Crimes Against Humanity presentation. Help? I saw it posted on x after a WellcomeTrust commentary.


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You and Dr. McCullough are living testimony to the value of the Amercian Experiment, and the flag that stands for freedom and justice wherever it flies around the world.

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Thank you John and Dr. McCullough for your Strength, Courage, Energy and Intelligence!

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Our United States Constitution grants very limited enumerated powers to the federal government. The Constitution grants no power to the federal government over health issues. The entire Department of Health and Human Services and all its subagencies, such as the well known FDA and CDC, are outside the powers granted to the federal government by the Constitution. The Tenth Amendment clearly states powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the individual states and the people. Well intentions, poor judgments by the Supreme Court, or decades of existence do not now make the unconstitutional legal. We desperately need to return to the fundamental principles clearly delineated by our Constitution. Anything less will only perpetuate the federal government’s usurpation of power with the resultant loss of individual freedoms. The same can be said for a very long list of federal alphabet agencies.

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Hello Humanity and other Earthlings... Hello owners of Earth and Humanity and those owned, domesticated and used...

As long as Human Beings can be educated/indoctrinated and entertained/entrained to believe that Humanity is in charge here in Earth they will only have themselves to blame. But, what if Humanity is not now and never has been in charge? If I am correct one or more business that are very old and peopled by non Human and or Human beings with cultures old enough for them to know how to build platforms like Earth moon, Mars and Venus made Human Beings by altering Nature... modifying Creation just as Humans do with plants and animals here in Earth. As long as their protocols of manipulation can keep Human Beings believing that they were either created by a god or evolved according to Nature the Human Beings will not believe that they are GMO, domesticated and property. People who have culture or civilization old enough to build Earth are wise and knowledgeable enough to pull this off, in my opinion. In fact this is the only way I have been able to reconcile all the evidence being actively obfuscated by the powers that should not be powers in Earth with main stream lies. When regular people dig up giants from huge earthworks, caves and ancient archeological sites museums and other institutions make sure to take the bones and make them disappear? Later most of those sites are taken by military bases or otherwise made inaccessible to the people... to Humanity?

... Our skies are full of visible and invisible objects with extraordinary qualities. Some of these are life forms and some technologies but all are denied by governments and militaries and institutions of higher indoctrination? Millions of people around the world are seeing huge triangular platforms or craft that levitate silently that are able to mimic the sky so well that their imitation suns cause multiple rainbows now... see? double and triple rainbows...

and on and on go the signs in our Earth and our skies.

... What does this have to do with medicine? All our science including that dealing with healing is restricted so that anything outside the protocols of our domestication are obfuscated and those who are a threat to our domestication are eliminated in various ways. Not just medical science is spoon fed and limited so to energy and physics and the whole of the discipline of learning from Nature and Creation is a limited hangout and has been for all of this cycle of Human exploitation in Earth if I am correct.

... Other techniques and technologies are deployed to maintain Human domestication. One vital one is covert applied behavioral psychology. The forms this takes... if I am correct include capitalism, communism,three religions from one founder, language ,ambiguation and manipulation, a limited hangout pseudo science complete with Human assets spoon fed the right knowledge at the right time for the stages of the operation... etc. See?

We are designed to weave a psychological cloak of plausible deniability into our selves that comes from ourselves and makes for us a sand box reality full of illusions we become so dependent on that we will protect our security blankets with our last breaths; even as that blanket is suffocating and strangling us?


That has everything to do with our situation here in Earth. The quagmire of dysfunction in Earth now is not so much dysfunction as it is the perfect atmosphere and environment for driving Human Beings to gather and refine resources from Earth seeded here if I am correct just for that purpose. I am not sure if the product of the operation is the refined goods or the Human Beings being actively tweaked as Humans are abducted and experimented on on a regular basis or both these.

... I am sure that we are not told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Some times I say and write that if they want that sort of truth from me then they can go first!


If this is offensive or inappropriate then please let me know before you delete it... thanks

thank you for reading this and considering it.


chuck 🔥💖🔥

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