The shots are categorically ineffective and unsafe for fundamental reasons. A citizen’s perspective:

>The microbiome. It is largely ignored that the vax attacks the gut flora (the microbiome) per the work of Dr. Hazan and associates. This makes the “vaccinee” instantly immune suppressed and easily explains repeat infections among the vaccinated. This is the path to “immune escape” unless the underlying problems ... immune deficiency and spike protein accumulation ... are addressed. This in turn accounts for myocarditis and a host of other health issues.

Since the microbiome interaction with pharmaceuticals ... like shots, all of them ... are not on the radar of health agencies ... the causes of death and disability statistics will NEVER be understood by them, but only by folks whose work will not show up in mainstream publications until the censorship logjam is cleared.

>Pharmaceuticals? It is a stretch to call the COVID shots a “pharmaceutical” because they are sourced from DOD contractors who, to paraphrase Sasha Latypova, don’t know what they are doing. The contaminants such as monkey DNA, graphene oxide, plasmids, metal particulates, a short list, are still under study according to reports posted on Substack. The metal particulates were were reported by inspectors in Japan in August 2021.

Needless to say quality control is not what is expected for Pharma products, in violation of statutes which govern good manufacturing practices. Sasha’s Substack has the details, including reports submitted to AGs in 50 states by “We the People 50.”

Moreover, folks who get the shots, mandated or not, have never been informed (or substantially never) about the DOD source. The company names (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) were merely licensed for marketing. The assumption that these are Pharma products was not revealed in the VIS (vaccine information sheet) or the (blank) package inserts.

This is fraud, as no one in their right mind would take these shots if the facts about low quality, horrendous contamination and unknown vial contents were honestly reported. This called “Affirmative Misrepresentation,” a kind if fraud prohibited under consumer protection laws is 50 states. You’ve heard of “triple damages?” That what the law calls for if your fridge was not repaired correctly or if you got a bad roofing job. If you die from shots, illegally touted as “safe and effective,” looks like that is covered by legal immunity in a tangle of laws. But are employers immune who failed to reveal facts critical to informed consent, as was their legal responsibility?

I actually wrote to the Pennsylvania AG inquiring whether state consumer protection laws had been suspended in 2021 or if my ex-employer had done that on its own behind the veil of “company private” in order to assure high mandate compliance. No response so far.

Four law firms that specialize in employment law would not even give me a paid consultation on this topic. Is it a touchy subject or something?

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Unfortunately more logs keep coming down the stream.

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Thanks for all you do, Dr McCullough.

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DING DING DING.....Act 2 Round 1 has begun. (turn off the darn pHARMA bought tv and live life)

Will the 2023 Fear Factor deployment as a JAB savior of the world work once more?

Once again in history, "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself"! Put yourself in that picture.

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“The administration is making false claims...These (non) vaccines are hopeless…American knows the vaccines AREN’T safe.” Dr. Peter McCullough

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EG5= 5G chaos:

5G towers are now putting out electromagnetic radiation that causes illness. This is documented by Mark Steele amongst many other researchers.

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Soooo true.... Someone should notify the FDA that the White House continues to make false drug claims...

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Perhaps Dr. MCCULLOUGH isn't aware that there are 3 flavors of bivalent vaccine available for this fall's back to insanity jabathon. This will intentionally help confuse the ineffectiveness of all three and the doctor's discussion about the XBB vax version can be pooh-poohed away as moot. "Don't look there, look over here!".

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The following song is dedicated to you, Dr. McCullough, and to those like you who are building the alternative society. Thank you! (“Make our garden grow” from the musical, CANDIDE):


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