Mr. Leake - Are there prior events that track what might have happened in the WIV lab? Meaning, are there any other known outbreaks of a modified virus that have infected populations outside the lab? I tend to believe the lab-leak theory but have hardly any justification for it other than the strange cover up behavior of those that might be responsible(CCP/EcoHealth/Lancet article). I hadn't really considered much the possibility of a lab-leak prior to the Lancet article being published. The certainty of their claims in a period of extreme uncertainty single handedly opened my eyes to the notion that there were actors involved with a high degree of personal interest in suppressing any lab-leak narrative.

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Thank you for this excellent summary.

It's been said before, but worth repeating...


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Bought the book, which was great, and which along with Breggins, Chan & Ridley, RFKJr, and Jones (!) constitute the core of my book-length reading. Any other suggestions? I'm a PhD economist. I miss Dr. McC's updates on Twitter, try to get back on asap!

God bless you both!

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