Dr McCullough -

your are one of the true heros within the medical profession - and beyond.

May I suggest, however, that instead of:

"...........why do the COVID-19 vaccines seem to target the heart?"

we should all use the adjective 'experimental' when talking about the so called COVID "vaccines". I.e.

"...........why do the experimental COVID-19 vaccines seem to target the heart?"

both is speech and text?

Too many who have not followed events closely are still unaware of their experimental nature; and too many others among the jabbed have somehow or other forgotten.

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I would use ‘clotshot’ or ‘bioweapon’. Instead !!!

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Acute absence of smell and taste, acute insomnia, chronic tachycardia, asymptomatic fallen O2 levels and more, all point to neurological deficits resulting from this “respiratory virus” called covid-19 and/or the shots.

I have to wonder if mechanical symptoms may be the result of damage to sympathetic nerve pathways?

I’m asking myself if myocarditis and resulting sudden asystole are the first symptoms or the result of insidious nerve damage?

Begs the question is covid a respiratory virus or a biological nerve agent? It’s a chicken-egg scenario as the focus is typically on the former,

The unique yet prevalent neurological symptoms make me question whether we should look a little closer at nerve damage as the culprit from which the other diseases cascade from.

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Interesting, especially how your questions relate to long covid and neurological symptoms, specifically cranial nerve damage.

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Aug 24, 2023·edited Aug 24, 2023

One of the first people I spoke to early-on in the plandemic was a garage door repairman I had at the house. Later an auto mechanic during a routine oil/filter change.

I try to strike up conversations with as many people as possible as long as I don’t think it’ll lead to a conflict.

I find it interesting these people all of whom upon learning I’m not vaccinated begged me to do so. The reasons never had anything to do with what you’d expect from the flu, bronchitis, severe cold, etc.

Nope. All of them were upset over lingering symptoms that pointed directly to nerve involvement.

The garage door guy said his insomnia was so bad he’d go for walks at 3am yet nothing would help. He considered suicide. The loss of olfactory function is famous now.

When I finally caught Delta I had a resting heart rate of over 140 for 2 days. Not to mention you could’ve poured me a glass of gasoline and told me it was apple juice and I wouldn’t have been able to tell. Had O2 in the 80s yet felt fine.

Anyway, these are common threads that I’ve noticed are largely overlooked or written off with a shrug as though it’s a curious unexplainable symptom. Things like myocarditis take the spotlight.

But, is it? Or, are these experiences the ACTUAL disease that everything else springs from?

I’m not saying I’m certain. I’m saying perhaps it’s an avenue worth considering and exploring.

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I agree that the neurological symptoms are mostly overlooked. FLCCC is probably the group most in tune with them b/c they treat so many vax injured and long-covid people. My worst long-covid symptoms have been GI (almost constant nausea and no appetite - no loss of smell or taste, just no desire for food) and neurological b/c I have dysautonomia already. So even though my Vit D was in the upper 70s, we did early treatment and then more early treatment via an FLCCC affiliated provider, I still have long-covid. It has been a nightmare 10 months. Your experience with autonomic nervous system dysregulation during infection, again supports the idea that the target is not respiratory as much as it is neurological. A dear friend who survived a vent experience b/c she didn't get appropriate treatment at the hospital (and her husband saved her life by sneaking her more IVM - and LOTS of people praying) has a relative who took her life due to insomnia from a covid infection for which she received no treatment from the medical "professionals." I experienced the same insomnia problems after infection and my clueless NP prescribed a benzo - no informed consent or information - and it took me 3.5 months to get off of it after only 13 days on 2 mg. Like I said, it's been a nightmare and we got sick during Omicron - the "mild" variant. I've been taking McCullough's Mito Support (TWC) for just over a month now and am finally having more than one good day at a time.

I had an appt with a new physician yesterday and based on his non-response to my long-covid symptoms, not sure he even believes it exists.

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Aug 24, 2023·edited Aug 24, 2023

I took IVM 12mg for a week after symptoms, along with my usual regimen of C, D, K2, Zinc, and NAC. 10 days later the at-home antigen test indicated I was covid free. I never experienced shortness of breath nor did I feel particularly congested throughout. Still, nerve damage was lingering.

My olfactory function took a year to return and while I’m largely back to normal there are still a few things I used to enjoy eating that I know I’m not tasting with the same acuity as before. There’s a “bandwidth” to sensory nerve function that while in acceptable range isn’t quite what it used to be.

Doctors have no answers. They work in a top down hierarchy. They rely on being told what to do from above. They cannot treat patients based on their personal theories or opinions without risking losing their license.

How many docs were upset because they saw Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies work wonders only to face severe blowback. They could do nothing except administer the accepted protocol and hope for the best.

In Ohio pharmacists received a directive from governor DeWine ordering them to stop filling prescriptions for Hydroxychloroquine. Yet Ohioans love this guy. He puts on a helluva show. Thankfully the Republican assembly clipped his wings so he cannot wield power with impunity anymore.

Clinicians in all fields that stepped out of line got a good hard smackdown during the plandemonium. Obviously the entire plandemic was staged and controlled by the forces of evil.

Look around, The Monster From the Petri Dish, Part2 is scheduled to play in every town soon. Tickets will cost our freedom, liberty and personal sovereignty.

If the sequel turns out to be a blockbuster America is over. Captured and destroyed.

So here’s to hoping it’s a flop. We will see.

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You are exactly right about Plandemic #2 (not the documentary) being just around the corner and our country destroyed. Our only hope is limited destruction by the Four Horsemen who are already riding before God says ENOUGH!

Yes, DeWine is a huge disappointment as is our own RINO governor in IN - Holcomb. At least he can't run again and I'm hoping Curtis Hill will be our next governor.

Our house looks like a supplements store and I have to spread out what I take to keep the nausea under control. We took the FLCCC prophy protocol except for IVM (which we had on hand) as soon as we learned of it. My husband recovered from his infection with only a lingering cough, but when I got a URI in March, it started in my chest and I had bronchitis. My provider at TWC asked me if URIs always go to my chest...since covid. Those last two words got my attention b/c URIs never end up in my chest - unlike my husband. So I have to pay attention and be more aggressive about nasal rinsing.

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I suspect (although I can’t prove it) the Ivermectin kept infection out of my lungs. Not a doctor so not telling you what to do, if I were in your shoes I’d take it now for 7-days figuring it couldn’t hurt. See what happens. But, again, that’s me. Do what you feel is best. God bless and heal you soon.

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I watched the full interview with Dr. McCullough, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and Del Bigtree. Three COURAGEOUS, SACRIFICIAL Heroes that have and continue to speak TRUTH respectfully, humbly and eloquently while being subjected to VILE attacks and persecution personally and professionally.

May ALMIGHTY GOD continue to guard their hearts, minds and bodies through Christ Jesus....

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Peter your commitment to continued proof of facts in all these case studies will one day soon be the undeniable driving force to dispose forever the 1986 "0" liability that these agencies operate under an assumption of correctness that all Vaccines are "safe and effective". Which in turn is absolutely nothing more than cheap trick marketing slogans. A warm fuzzy Pfizer TV fluffy cake.

And still today the factoring rule for personal choice is clear, unavoidably unsafe is clarion call.

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How to stop mandates and coersion

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I don’t think it is fair to say the vaccine “targets the heart” but, rather that the immune compromised vaccinee has become vulnerable to blood clots in the heart ... and elsewhere ... among other symptoms of immune compromise.

Jessica Rose has discussed this to a degree with images of platelets sticking together like Velcro in folks who got the shots or who had spike proteins in the blood from a severe infection coupled with immune and others health compromises that exacerbated this reaction.

I will return to a comment from a prior post where I asked about the connection between the partially decimated gut flora (microbiome) and symptoms of immune compromise.

This is a topic of hypothesis at this point but solidly supported by observations, as far as I can tell. The fact that ivermectin has restored the blood oxygen concentration in patients ... in short order ... who had the SARS2 flu a week or two earlier points to this connection per interviews with Dr. Hazan.

Just as the compromised gut flora and hosting pathogens in the gut apparently connect to cognitive dysfunction in over vaccinated children (I presume “vaccinated AT ALL”) a mechanism that causes blood clotting issues in COVID vaccine injected young people similarly warrants discussion and investigation.

Moreover, the combination of over vaccination in childhood followed by COVID vaccination collide like a train wreck to all appearances. Once again the “Silent Vietnam War” suffered by millennials in Q3’21 reveals there is something going on.

There isn’t any data on running a microwave oven with your head stuck in there, but we don’t do it. I think there is enough animal testing (hamsters) to draw valid conclusions. It is part of the depopulation agenda to use millennials instead of hamsters for the extended vaccine schedule.

More to the point, as much as I don’t ordinarily care much about detailed biochemical models that count the ways shots kill us ... especially the garbage sourced from DOD contractors ... the relationship between the bifidobacteria colony, broad immune response and problems like the tendency for spike proteins to facilitate blood clots is a question that begs an answer. When the immune system is in better shape the potential is reduced. Is there any doubt about that? Reaction the shots is a matter of degree per individual and contents of the vial. Tough to navigate this engineered con fusion.

Answering these questions is the path to universal philosophical exemption, breaking the stranglehold of medical authoritarianism.

Just as the blood steam is a vestige of the primordial oceans our common ancestors crawled out of, the microbiome is a vestige of the soil from which we all emerged as well. It is a fascinating relationship of seminal importance.

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Oh, so let me see it’s a vaccine, but it targets the heart, so if the injection, it’s a vein it will go directly to the heart I guess then it becomes a bio weapon. Could that be what they wanted all along?

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The Good News Is:

We Are Not Fighting To Save Anyone - Any More.

We Were Fighting To Save People From The Shots.

We Don't Have To Do That Any More.

We Saved More Than We Needed To. We Saved Plenty.

Now We Are All Fighting Against Those Dumb Enough

To Have Believed The Lie:

The Dead - The Dumb- And The Suffering -

Are Now The Enemies Of The Majority.

So - Keep Beating The Living Shit Out Of Them.

'Like Your Intuition Tells You To.

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autopsies and other evidence have shown the experimental covid injections spread to all areas of the body, and damage the blood vessels as well as all other organs and tissues, not just the heart. Please be clear about that when you discuss the damage done by the shots.

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