I started using this OTC product this summer after an 11 day, symptomatic C19 infection. No problems since, and very easy to use. I wonder if spicy, mucous generating food would have a similar effect if taken daily? Just one anecdotal data point and one crazy thought. Carry on.

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Cool. I mean hot. I love curry.

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The active ingredient mainly is curcuma, and this is not resorbed easily.

Trick: eat this (10-15g/day) or herbs together with a ml of high quality glycerine produced from (bio) plant seeds like linseed.

(I will DIY solve Grape Seed Extract (powder) in glycerine of good quality, as manufacturers of ready liquid GSE, which is always solved in glycerine, can not state the source of their glycerine.)

Even French “herbs from provence” or italian herbal mixtures (all kitchen herbs) are all antiviral.

But nearly all have 3-CL-protease inhibitor “amentoflavone” as their mechanism of action. Bit mono. :)

But you should not underdose, so avoid clinical trial dosing. Rather 10x :)

(We have a state-paid fraunhofer trial using rock rose extract some 200mg. No-one would be eating 1-20g of broccoli per day and expect results, no one would expect results from the imaginary silver bullet, as their is none.

(As Ioannides puts it: most researched findjngs are wrong….)

Her you have 4 mainly “orthogonal” principles of action, all antiviral, working differently:

We used 10-15g in sum per day, grinded (mixer) and bound to yoghurt etc or water, or from leafs cooked to a strong tea.

- one yeared mugwort

- walnut leafs (dried)

- rockrose

- moringa leaf powder (prolonging serum level of amentoflavone, so dose carefully if having liver problems. Still very benign compared to meds having a list of 60 cross reactions:)

Together with comusav and inhalation, and parts of I-CARE (FLCCC), flu gave in after 2 days without getting nasty.

Others coughed 6 weeks later, still.

Sorry I posted the story of inhaling already.

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A word of caution to anyone with dogs ... xylitol is highly toxic to them, so be sure to keep anything in your home containing xylitol out of pupper's reach. It's in lots of stuff today, including certain peanut butters. And you probably shouldn't give or get puppy kisses right after using your xylitol nasal spray, either!

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Wow! What’s the dose for no observable side-effects, like NOAEL, for dogs?

1 puff of spray has 0.2ml.

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I have no idea, and wouldn't chance it at any dose. At no point in my reading have I come across a "safe" dose. Feel free to do a search for xylitol and dogs.

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Andi Hofmann: This looks to be a good place to start: https://www.preventivevet.com/dogs/my-dog-ate-xylitol-what-should-i-do.

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>=75mg/kg : hypoglycemia.

1 puff spray would equal to ca. 23mg xylitol. So spraying a dog is a bad idea and kids must be trained not to do it. As ultimately, all is swallowed.

Perhaps buying carragelose.com spray or diy 0.15% iota-carrageenan spray from good quality (double refined food grade we use) iota-carrageenan is better for a dog household, with kids at least.

The fear to intoxicate a dog when taking the spray myself is a bit .. cautious, but ok. (That is a question of personal risk assertion.)

Pathogenesis of Xylitol Toxicosis in Dogs:


For a pity, they did not state NOAEL.

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Just to think that something as simple as a sugar could have prevented all this chaos and misery. I use a nasal Iodine spray.

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I’ve been using this nasal spray for years! What a fantastic discovery. So happy you shared this.

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Here’s the study.


Want to bet how long it takes for W.HO., or NIH to have a study that tries to debunk it?

We need to share this & start being a little louder. And call out their faulty studies, like the High Dose Ivermectin JAMA Study, that had participants start no more than 7 days of initial positive Covid test Jan. 20, 2023. That’s not really “ early” intervention.


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I haven't seen the rebuttals to the JAMA study, but noted zinc was not used. Any insights?

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Where do I start? They are sponsored by “ shareholders” and NIH & FDA are participating in the charade. Have you noticed when something comes out that goes against the narrative, the Great powers pounce on it with fake and fraudulent studies and headlines? Even Alex Berenson was fooled by this one.

So many headline readers, granted this is a looooong study. First, why high dose??!! The CDC and FDA, NIH are very clear that high dose Ivermectin has horrible side effects and can cause death. Ack!! Why on earth would they do a study on this then?! Isn’t there ethical or legal parameters relating to this?

Another is the dosing for the Covid positive participants. Up to 7 days from initial positive result, they can be admitted into study. So much for early intervention.

Third, is that they use a WHO pharmaceutical Ivermectin from India. I don’t know about you but WHO is affiliated with this entire genocide scheme, it would be a bit of conflict of interest. Actually, the entire study is filled so full of conflicts of interests, they had to write an entire page, not exaggerating, about this. And this was only for the 2 scientists from Duke . They are directly benefitting from pharmaceutical companies or patents on this or that. The ethical water in their vials is too dirty for them to not be biased.

I’d go on but that’s enough. Fauci and NIH should be all you need to hear to begin to debunk this one. Oh, it looks pretty but go to page 59, I think. The diagram of agencies helping with this “ study”, will make your head spin. It makes me angry because they are still fighting one of the only meds that works against Covid . And boy, does it work well.

Early treatment, within 2-3 days of initial symptoms and follow FLCCC protocol. This study may even be criminal if checked carefully. There was at least one death and bottom line, trust has been an issue with FDA & NIH. Duke scientists should have dosed at normal kg range by weight. Instead, they used 600 mg I believe? That’s outrageous and would love Dr. McCullough’s thoughts on that.

Honestly, the entire study made me nauseous because I know the intent to devalue Ivermectin is their goal. The way they went about it was pure overkill and so obvious. It made me physically ill to read. ( hoping the participants wouldn’t be permanently harmed by such a ridiculous dose for the study)

Unless the India meds are/ were purposely a placebo med. too? See? Trust is a big issue in science and I don’t trust any of these people.

You may have to get a more neutral observer. FDA, CDC, NIH & Fauci lied & lied, but now we are suppose to believe a study sponsored by then? Not even openly sponsored. You have to get to page 59 of a 100 + page study. ( to find that info.)

Stockholders have no place in a science study/ trial that’s suppose to be unbiased before results. How can a study be unbiased with stockholders waiting in the wings for the results. I’m almost embarrassed for them. I’m no scientist but even I know that’s messed up.

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Continues https://pierrekory.substack.com/p/the-global-disinformation-campaign-a3c.

The 600mg/kg dose is the upper limit advised by FLCCC taken with or after a meal.

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I didn’t see that and read it through pretty thoroughly. I saw 300 mg in a trial/ study.

Maybe you can take a screen shot or refer me to the exact page? Are you sure it’s not kg?

Are you a fan of Ivermectin?

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I have been using Xlear for a number of years, more related to my sinus issues than to deter covid. It is interesting that Xlear was prohibited from indicating that it had any effect against covid (even though it does). But interestingly, I recall reading that a good portion of its efficacy was not necessarily the xylitol, but rather the grapefruit seed extract that is also in it. Whatever the reason, I highly recommend it.

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Mar 18, 2023·edited Mar 19, 2023

Edit: read the comment by it’s inventor

Dr.J at Common Sense Medicine

It starts with “as the developer of this spray”.

After reading this, I got the urge to delete my humble attempts to contribute from a poor father’s perspective to end any plaque we could be confronted with.

Well, I’m no deleter, and sometimes get red ears if editing.

So I leave the comment below.

Xylitol in itself is antiviral, pre-biotic.

It prevents viruses from coming near cells.

It also cares for mucosa, and I think it prevents aerosol production, which are indeed infectious - to your own alveoli.

To others, they mostly train, and if you prevent, for sure.

GSE is very interesting stuff.

Antifungal, antiviral, whatnot, and immune system down-regulation for overactive Monocytes: it has a anti-CCR5-property.

A friend cured his stinking nose he got after hne physician has “etched” his (tending to bleeding parts of) mucosa.

He discovered “oh, I’m cured’ after caring and preventing covid some time by xlear, which is Xylimed in DE/EU :)

Some also said it prevents nasal allergies to worsen or broaden.

I’m very allergic, got cured with neural therapy (bit like accupuncture with procaine), but after CoV shots had a bad allergic season.

I spray also xlear or carragelose sprays to eyes as well.

Also inorganic antiseptics, that make allergens non-allergic, calm for 1/2 hour able to bike, after 1/2hr I spray again, or kn return home: great effect I could not gain by allergy medication (2x levocetericine and azelastine and chrimolynium topically) alone.

So I combined it :)


But so much more benign than real masks.

(While masks seem to not curb on infectiousness, 0 in “everyday life”, which proofs most transmissions are done by droplets, shooting by 10,000ths from soft NOSE-BLOW, cough or sneeze 3m ballistically, getting reflected ~70% from tissue, elbow or hand and still fly 3m, hover 40secs in air and follow the least paths of resistance, the slit between mask and skin, where contact pressure is lowest, and ONE DROPLET is infectious - if no-one prevents.

So sprays do not vastly prevent pre-training of mucosa by antigens, which is good and which we must MEASURE, while offering protection.

(And masks seem to have cost/benefit 100/1.

That’s why the WHO insisted on masks: no pandemic is possible without masks.

And totally distorted “hygiene rules”.

And nK reducing “vaccines”.

And infecting efficiently all at home during lockdown, more efficient than if people would distribute in daily business.

Show me ONE measure that dies not “HELP THE VIRUS SPREAD”.

See 7 good reasons to end mask mandates for good.

Help people still adhering to masks and ckntribute the idea of using a “virtual mask”. First they are shocked by the prospect of freedomn. Then they deny your papers because of lcofnitive dissonance”.

I have not encountered the 3rd pahse so far — breaking free

Need stronger words.

Then again, I’m not Jesus, who had words to mirror people, and break them free from mass formation psychosis. :)


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Wow, great news! Thank you!

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As the developer of this spray let me lend a voice to how it works. It’s marketed as a nose wash because the FDA has no interest in hygiene—thanks to the soap industry back when the FDA was started not wanting anything to do with drugs.

At the same time I like to think of Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, telling us that our foods should be our drugs. I call foods like xylitol “Hippocratic Drugs”.

There are two ways xylitol works in the nose: it optimizes our normal nasal washing, and; it interferes with microbial adherence. Many call it a nose wash, but that’s misleading. The combination of mucus, which holds on to all the garbage—including microbes, and the microscopic hairs—called cilia—that sweep it all out, are what make up our primary nasal defenses.

We developed this defense when we grew up in the tropics, where the humidity is normally higher than 50%, and when it’s that high respiratory infections are far less—one of the reasons Africa has had less problems with COVID. But we moved to temperate zones, and indoors where we could warm the air and be comfortable. But warming the air reduces the humidity and in our comfortable homes the optimal humidity is usually seen as in the 30% range—which handicaps the defense. A crippled defense means people get sick. Xylitol works osmotically to pull water into the nose so the optimal level is restored. It doesn’t wash your nose; it helps the nose wash itself. And a clean nose, as many of you who are users witness, means less respiratory illness, both infectious and allergenic—and that includes asthma.

The interference with how microbes hold on is important. Long ago Bill Costerton, who is know as the father of slime due to his interest in the microbial families at the bottom of stream beds, showed us that all natural microbes, both bacteria and viruses, are normally covered with a network of sugars and sugar complexes—they’re called glycans—and one fo the things they do is provide a means for the microbe to dock on the glycans of the host. Costerton wrote in a 1977 issue of Scientific American that the sugars provided several ways to cope with the infection—and he was right—and xylitol is a flexible sugar/glycan-like that can look like many of those target glycans.

The important thing to remember is that xylitol doesn’t kill microbes; it negotiates—it says, ‘shape up or ship out.’ When we threaten microbes we push them to mutate more often to deal with the threat, so they learn to resist—and now we have many die from antimicrobial resistant organisms. Negotiating pushes them in the other direction; it’s called commensalism, it’s where the microbe learns to live with us in a helpful way.

So why haven’t we followed this path?

Because there’s no money in it. When I found out how nit picking the FDA was and realized I did not have pharmaceutical grade funding to jump through their hoops I called the pharmaceutical industry. Their initial interest evaporated when they found that they could not patent the active substance since it was a food. It costs over a million dollars to jump through the FDA hoops and they need a secure profit so they can price it high enough to recoup the expense. With a food people would mix it up in their kitchens if it was priced as a drug.

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I would like to give you 100❤️ for this.

My back neck hair tingled while reading!

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Amazing how our Big Pharma - Political - Administration system is so corrupt and third world leaning. This entire complex must be destroyed and those in it as well. As to the politicians, one could argue they are traitors to their oath of office and should face the consequences of their actions. True also for the administration lackeys. #NoAmnesty #NoQuarter #NeverForget #resist #DoNotComply

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Mar 31, 2023·edited Mar 31, 2023

We have a FDP politician and lawyer that proposes to alter the basic law to include "all politicians are liable to their actions in 5x their annual salary". He just copied and adopted the § of limited company liability of board members of AG's. This is a real good idea, and ideas are born to this world, then they live their own happy live. ;))

Meaning they are entities we think, and this makes them more real ;)

("Was ist der "Great Reset"? Die beste Erklärung, die ich je gehört habe. Nichts für schwache Nerven" on yt, Reitschuster, ca. minute 50min..)

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I believe it was you, Dr. McC, who recommended this a couple years ago. Between this and ivermectin when I finally got covid (slacked off on the xclear), I had no significant symptoms. Also noticed my allergy symptoms were way less intense when using xclear. I've shared these experiences repeatedly but so far no minds changed. Their loss but still heartbreaking to see people suffering from heart issues who had none pre-vax. What will it take?

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Indeed the one time I think I got (unconfirmed) covid since I began using Xlear daily, was likely when I slacked off a bit for a day or two. Even then, it was pretty mild. I have had hangovers worse than that, lol.

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Woke and I have been using for almost two years now.

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I recently used 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide nasal irrigation and gargled with with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 4 or 5 times per day. I assume that the the Xylitol nasal spray is more convenient and better tolerated than 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide nasal irrigation. Is it equally effective aborting Covid 19 infection? Povidone Iodine a bit messy.

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Mar 18, 2023·edited Apr 2, 2023

If you have an infection, you can also combine.

If using Xlear, please use it time delayed, as inorganic antiseptics are oxidants, they use-up the antioxidative power of grape seed extract. Which is a waste :)

We do inhalation / spray solution

- 9% xylitol

- 0.15% iota-carrageenan

- 0.9% salt (vary to your liking or need to astringent property); we use dead sea or stone salt, or NaCl and add a bit CaCl2.

This is our base for „organic nasal sprays“.

We also add

- Hyalurone and panthenole (from eye drops). Like 10 droplets (from squeeze-flask with backdrip prevention in Bebanth* eye drops 10ml flask), the “singer’s spray”.


- Cineol (1/2 drop/24ml) from a cough pill (eucalyptus oil distilled)

For added antiviral and a bit of fresh scent.

AND up to here you can add some inorganic antiseptic like

H2O2 (0.1-2%) Or:

NaHClO (200-800ppm) Or:

CIO2 (20-750ppm all tolerable). Or:

PVP-I (0.1-3%)

^—> If you feel you want to decimate the "pathogens" a bit there.

So prevention: for / to vulnerables, or only 1x/day necessary.

Or treatment: on symptoms, as often as you like.

Or need for additional antiallergic effect for strong allergies.

Just leave you biome alone from inorganic antiseptics from time to time, give it enough time to re-grow, recover, regularly. This is important especially if you use it preventively. Where 1x/day or 2x is enough, as all inorganic antiseptics diffuse into the dead mucosal cells that could carry enclosed load of 60k virions, if produced them while living, waiting for the cell to dissolve upon top layer: time to travel = incubation time.

So you do a RESET on incubation time. Very efficient.

If you spray 1x/day, do it like gargling, we emulate it by

“4 rounds in ca. 1 min:

Breathing in, spray to nose and mouth to throat, and 1 puff under tongue.”

As for the little friends of your biome:

They are part of you, in an immunological and philosophical way.

Always think of them. They don’t like to be hacked upon too heavily without pause.

Worse is distortion, of different species, which inorganic antiseptics do not cause, but many organic antispetics like CHX, even leading to paradontitis etc.

Inkrganic antiseptics do not reach the small intestine. They are resorbed ore used up way before. So only biome of upper aurways could be affected, which we did not observe in 2 years now using them, like inhaling 1.5ml 800ppm Hypochlorite per session against coughs. Or preventively if it circles in family.

We do both sprays, with oxidans (inorganic a tiseltics, I use CIO2), and a ti-oxidants (Grape Seed Extract is a quite strong anti-oxidant).

And I offer the kids both paths, and they choose.

When left to their devices, they normally avoid the strong antiseptic (“pool”) taste of the inorganic antiseptics.

I read a paper claiming H2O2 is not so efficient for Sars-CoV-2, but I think it was bogus.

Another paper measured efficacy similar to NaHClO.

ClO2 seems to be 10x more efficient, while being the most tolerable to our cells. That seems to be the reason why the EU wants to ban it to lrevent people curing caring interrupting pandemics themselves.

They ordered Hungaria to try out how to do it. Poor Prof. Noszticzius lives there, price-winner for producing it very purely.



In days my kids want to really prevent, like 1 week before and while travelling, especially if wanting to visit ill granny, they accept it.

The ANTI-oxidative path:

Since I also have to include something preserving in the spray _not_ containing antiseptics, I also put in GSE (in glycerin). Which is bitter and they do not like it.

Some compromise is using a spray having backdrip prevention valve in the tip, that spray only after built-up of some pressure, cooking the solution before filling, cooling down before with a lid on, then adding a tiny bit of CIO2(aq), eg. 1 drop of 100ppm per 24ml spray filling (ours can take, nominally 20ml:)

Effecting to 3ppm ca.., which is evaporating through the venting hole in 1-2 weeks. On a warm place more quickly.

So you have done a sterile spray.

Even DMSO would be beneficial, to drag-in the antiseptic (up to 2cm into tissue). But you have to use a readily bought DMSO spray. Others get dissolved or at least brittle, depleted from plasticisers you brought under your skin.

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Sorry, the links to the studies of Balmforth and Soler don‘t work!

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(was a local one drive link). So ecosia.com says:

Evaluating the efficacy and safety of a novel prophylactic nasal spray in the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection: A multi-centre, double blind, placebo-controlled, randomised trial

Damian Balmforth

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9313533/ or directly the PDF:


Intranasal Xylitol for the Treatment of COVID-19 in the Outpatient Setting: A Pilot Study

Evangelina Soler et al.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9395150/ or directly the PDF:


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I have been using Xlear nearly every day since I first learned about such benefits in late 2020. (Yes, it was already known back then, but of course the MSM swept it under the rug.) And I have rarely got sick since, maybe one or two colds, and what I think was one brief and mild case of unconfirmed Omicron BA.1 that felt like a cross between a cold and flu. That's it. And now the RCT confirms its benefits.

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Dumb question maybe, is this the saline type or decongestant? I could find the study myself & read it. 🙈 Thanks!

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Xlear is not a saline type spray. It contains xylitol and grapefruit seed extract, which not only is an excellent decongestant, but apparently ‘washes’ your nasal passages so that inhaled viruses cannot adhere to them. Even though it works in this fashion, the US government refused to allow Xlear to indicate that it had any effect on covid….which it does.

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Yes, and from what I understood 2 1/2 years ago from I think an Epoch Times interview, was the FDA paid X-clear to DO the study, and when happily X-clear found that it “kills” the COVID19 virus right there where it enters the body, the FDA sued X-clear into not being able to label their product as such, and won. I immediately went out and bought several bottles of it and have used ever since. Almost exactly what they did to hydroxychloriquine and ivermectin- not allowing people the medications that worked!

Strangely, when I went to the local Walgreens to buy the spray bottles, there were none to be found in the area where all other sprays are found. Assumed “they” took them off the market. I was so relieved to find them in an area that seemed strange for them to be - about 10 feet down from the other sprays all by themselves.

So happy their product is finally getting acknowledgment. So unfortunate that it’s taken way too long, and the massive consequential deaths following. I, on the other hand, let everyone I know about the product and what the FDA did, obviously not knowing results of whether or not my friends and family purchased. High hopes, at least some used!

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Annette, I do not know where you got this info...but let me correct it. The FDA at no point had agreed to pay for a study. Physicians working with us submitted the protocol to do the study, the FDA assigned someone to work with us on getting everything done, boxes checked, t's crossed, etc. the FDA & FTC had a phone call and after that questions like...what field & what time of day were the grapefruits harvested...questions that have no bearing on the research and of course could never be answered honestly. At this point we knew something was wrong and abandoned our conversations with the FDA and continued trying to do research that we were allowed to do.

The FDA has never sued Xlear, in fact the FDA declined to join the FTC in their suit against me and my company.

in my humble opinion I do believe that the faceless bureaucrat lawyers at the FTC are complicit in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths around the world...they sent warning letters and litigation out to most of the nasal hygiene companies that did and shared research studies. These warning letters chilled the studies being done, and made it less likely for the media to pick up on them.

Nathan Jones


Xlear Inc.

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Hi Nathan - so very nice to hear from you sort of directly. But now I am really concerned as I distinctly remember an interview with someone who said the company was paid to actually do the work- and in a time (early in covid era) that people / researchers would seemingly be looking for cures and or therapeutic management of the disease. So, the interview and especially the outcome was very disturbing.

Thank you very much for the clarity. At the time, the only place I found what I would consider honest news on the pandemic was Epoch Times and Reiner Fuellmich’s German zoom calls at times in English, at times translated. And then Brownstone. Then Substack. Then many podcasts finally. That’s why I said I think it was The Epoch Times - as they were doing interviews even that far back regarding the now Freedom Fighters, etc. Not sure I could find it again, but obviously, it made an impression on me.

I appreciate your contacting me,again sort of directly - and bringing out more detail and clarity. Knowledge is important. Thanks again and sincerely- Annette

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Attached is the article I read. Wasn’t as long ago as I thought. And is an article, not a video. There may be a video too. Just don’t have time to look for it now. But it is what made the impression. I’m not a lawyer so I may have misinterpreted something here. Thought I was going crazy there for a minute.

Company Stands Ground Over Claim That Nasal Spray Treats, Prevents COVID-19


I do appreciate everything all of you have done to help in trying to end COVID19.

Please let me know if I have completely or even somewhat misunderstood.

Thanks again!!

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Mar 18, 2023·edited Mar 19, 2023

If you need the full article, pm me.

Also, would you like to improve the spray by 2x charged metal ions like Mg++ or Ca++?

Could add CaCl2.



The ++ ions work by enhancing surface tension for 6 hrs - less aerosols (nearly none), and better barrier function.

We measure aerosol content by Sensirion.ch SPS30 fine dust sensor. (Probably any fine dust sensor will do.)

You can find a readily built firmware to communicate with esp32 based wlan microcontrollers.

One day before infecting us all, the base value of my daugther shot up 7-FOLD.

So it seems like a rough estimate on mucosal, well, integrity, how low your aerosol content is.

Not specific for covid of course, thus was just coincidence (2 days after vaccination by pfi* she could not control some incubation she before the shot had perfectly under control).

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Mar 31, 2023·edited Mar 31, 2023

O, there is no pm on substack. Sorry. Just answer me here. Leave some email or whatever. I try to check the notifications on SubSt

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Well, I am not so sure that it is not a saline type spray. In looking for XLEAR on Amazon, this is the product that I found, and it is labeled as a saline spray that contains Xylitol: https://www.amazon.com/Xlear-Nasal-Spray-Sinus-Relief/dp/B000M4W2E6

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The ingredients are Purified water, xylitol, USP sodium chloride, grapefruit seed extract. While there is sodium chloride, this is not the ingredient that is the important ingredient with regard to covid (or respiratory viruses). Xlear works differently than what one would consider a ‘saline spray’, which basically is meant to dry up nasal passages. Xlear is more of a wash and moisturizer for nasal passages, which wash out and coat those passages apparently, so that viral particles won’t stick and be inhaled.

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I think it also contains grapefruit seed extract. In fact, I am reading ingredients now:

Purified water, xylitol, USP sodium chloride, grapefruit seed extract

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The front of the X-clear box does say “Natural Saline Nasal Spray”.

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Xlear is the name of the product.

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And Xylimed in DE or EU. :))

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Also helps with stinking nose and anosmia (post-* or LHCS).

Add some anti-allergy spray.

Alternating, also one inorganic antiseptic spray. Of course all have also systemic therapeutic range limited by NOAEL. NO observeable events (level of dosing).

Using this triangle or 2 of 3 yields quite perfect protection each intervention alone can not if R-value of pathogens is rising due to immune pressure (not necessary while “not fighting” it, like deliberately NOT doing magic, I learned from Dr. J:)

Ever heard a med showing this properties? Except glycans ie Xylitol or DMSO perhaps?

We should do a list!

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