Dr Mc cullough. Can you please do a substack for your subscribers on what tests should be done to look for subclinical myocarditis? We just got word last night that my brother in law “died suddenly”. I’ve urged his wife to have an autopsy done because his grown children took the shot as did some of my children and family that are healthcare professionals. As you know we can’t trust our own doctors because they deny the connection. So what tests should be done as a precaution? Thanks in advance. We are all in shock. I fear it was that shot.

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Jun 11, 2023·edited Jun 11, 2023

I appreciate how you've pointed out that no endpoint assessment was done on all recipients of the genetic "therapy" injection, ergo it is impossible to assume that issues were confined to those who reported problems. This very likely skews the statistics (which are already horrific, compared to historical records for the other vaccines). And the regular vaccines are no "walk in the park" themselves, as the timeline for rocketing autism rates suggest a correlation to bloated childhood vaccine schedules. We already know from one CDC whistleblower that the agencies have colluded with industry to cover up harm in the past, so it leaves one wondering what else did they do that hasn't yet come to light?

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Dr. McCullough - thank-you for your brilliant assessment of the dangers associated with the covid injections at the PA Senate on the 9th. Steve Kirsch's foray into the Amish community & what he learned there was very telling, but not at all surprising. Their community is actually serving as a control group. I'm sure he'll have more to report soon.

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It seems the best we can wish for is that this crisis timeline won't be another ten years before the narrative "safe and effective" is admitted from the global health perspective as bogus mistakes that the NIH/CDC/WHO indeed had pegged the populace to establish the Data on death and injury.

They changed all the safety rules while increasingly denying the causation of spike proteins harm.

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Thank you. And thanks to Turtles... I actually know what a prospective cohort study is.

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I Am Vaccine Injured.

And I Waffle Between:

1. "I Just Can't Imagine That The Vaccine Caused My Injuries." And

2. "It's Fucking Obvious."

I Am Leaning Heavilly On #1. ( 90% )

But Why ?

-Because I Was Afraid Of Being Shamed By Others For Not Taking It. So I Shamed Myself Into Taking It.

And Now, I Am Afraid Of Being Shamed For Blaming The Vaccine.

I Am A Fucking Idiot. I Really Hate The Unvaccinated.

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The old adage rings a bell "they are cooking the books". Two , three, or more sets of reporting studies. Symptomatic of "treading the microscopic truth line". Elitist intellectuals employing their schooling to "not tell it like it is". The medical world inherited this from the government and corporate world.

This double speak psychobabble, started out in the late 1960s' with corporations formed for the purposes of buying out local family manufacturing industries.

CEOs' of these national and subsequent multi-national entities, directed their underlings to start the snow job on Joe Public, and this rubbed off on government, and the medical community.

Of course Forked-tongued Politicians gave birth to " stirring the bulls...t ", which in many situations causes Civil Wars.

In actuality the so called civil wars, are really politician wars.

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